A guitar show hookup

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Once I was in Dallas on business and stayed over the weekend to check out the city. There was a guitar show in a hotel close to where I was staying which I thought would be fun. I am a small time guitar collector and familiar with these weekend shows held all around the country. They often have great deals, especially as a show closes on Sunday afternoon and dealers are looking to unload merchandise.

Usually I quickly scope out all the dealer stands for items I was interested in, then go back and spend time playing and talking about those guitars. There was one dealer from Rhode Island who had something that seemed promising and after a quick chat, took a note or two and said I’d be back soon. He was an interesting guy. Knowledgeable and fun to speak with. “I’m Len, come on back and we can talk some more,” he said and smiled. “That’s good. I’m Andy. See you in a bit.” Something about him, I thought.

A while later I was back and picked up the guitar to play it as Len was busy with a customer. He smiled and nodded that I should go ahead, pointing to an amplifier if I wanted one. As his booth cleared out he came over and we talked some more. He remembered my name, which was impressive given the crowd at the show. I needed to move on to check some other guitars and he watched as I made more notes.

“You’re a lefty,” he observed, “but you play right handed.” “True, but actually I can do it both ways,” I replied. “Both ways?” he asked with emphasis on ‘both’ and a mischievous grin. Immediately catching his drift, I said “yea,” and smiled back. That’s what was different about him I thought. “Cool, I can do it both ways too.” The conversation got very heavy with sexual overtones and we broke it off as a lot of folks walked up to his booth. “Stop by before you leave,” he said. “I will.”

After another hour the place was starting to clear out as dealers were packing up and I headed back over to Len’s stand. He was packing also and talking to customers as he did. He saw me approach and broke off a conversation to come over to me. “Andy, glad you came back. I’m really busy closing up but it would be fun to hang out a bit if you like…” “Sounds like fun,” I said. “Great, meet me in the hotel bar in two hours and I’ll have this all put away.”

Len was my height and age, but thinner, with longish black hair and a darker complexion. He almost looked like a native american I thought. Handsome and a quick smile. A couple hours later I saw him in the bar talking with some other dealers. He waved me over and we all chatted guitars and deals until the other guys left, then Len and I went over to a table.

“I am Indian. The real deal,” he said after some more talk. “Hot” is what I was thinking. And he must have read my mind. “Andy, I was going to head north tonight, but wouldn’t mind checking out in the morning if you want to grab a drink and head up to my room.” In response I went and got a couple fresh drinks and said, “Let’s go!”

In the elevator there was a crowd and we were eying each other, smiling. Everyone got out on one floor and we both moved together, rubbing up against each other. “I’m glad you wanted to come up with me,” he said. “yea, we should be able to entertain each other,” I said. When we got to his room, we put our drinks down and immediately embraced in a long hug. “Mmmm, you smell good,” Len said, his nose buried in my neck.“but I’m all sweaty from moving that stuff around. Would you mind if I took a shower?” “Sure, I’m good.”

He took a few steps back and kicked off his sandals. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and let it slip off his shoulders. He undid his jeans button and zipper and let them slide down, giving them a slight push. He obviously was commando. Stepping out of his jeans he looked at me and my eyes must have been beaming looking at his nude body. “Nice, Len.” He was almost all smooth with a small but very black bush around his cock base. His penis was still soft but kind of long and smooth and uncut. “Now you, Andy”

I pulled off my shirt and slipped off my sneaks, then undid my jeans and let them slide down. I happened to be wearing a smallish pair of bikini underwear. I was about to slide them down and he said, “Wait, I like them. Would you leave them on for now?” They did make my package, that was getting large, stand out. He had me spin around and voiced his approval.

He came over to me and put his hand over my cock. “I knew it would be big,” he said. “and I love seeing it held up like that. I’ll take a shower now but you can enjoy the movies and porno the hotel has. I paid for the whole package so you can look at whatever you like.” And with that he walked off to the shower. “very nice ass,” I said and he smiled as he closed the door.

I grabbed my drink and got on the bed. Flipping through the video, I could see what he had been watching. A couple movies, and some sex movies. One of gay threesomes caught my eye and clicked that. Whao, I thought as I got an instant boner. A short time later, Len came out, towel wrapped around him. “Good choice,” he said, “they all seemed to enjoy each other.” He let his towel slip to the floor as he grabbed some condoms and lube from his bag and put them nearby. Smiling he got on the bed and started crawling toward me, his beautiful cock sticking out. As he got closer I reached out and held his cock, letting it slide through my hand till I was holding his balls and then he kept moving up as my hand slid between his legs and up his cheeks. Which he liked.

He moved back a bit until his cock was sliding between my fingers and he approached my face. Will we kiss and make out, I thought? He looked at me and smiled. Yes, I thought and pulled him to me. “that is so hot, Andy,” he breathed. We continued to make out for a few minutes while I fondled his cock and balls, hanging down as he kneeled over me. He was also reaching down and feeling the outline of my hard cock.

“You’re bigger than me,” he whispered in my ear. “Is that ok?” I asked. “Oh, yea. Very ok. Do you mind my smaller one?” “I wouldn’t say you’re small by a long shot. And your’s is beautiful. It’s so smooth. I love the way it feels. Your bush really turns me on too. And your balls feel so sexy.” As I said this my hand and fingers moved over him while he knelt on all fours, legs spread, feeling me touch him. “I knew this would be good,” he said.

“Yea,” was my response as I pulled him up farther on the bed, his hard cock moving closer to my mouth. He knelt by my face, looking down as I guided his cock into my mouth and listened to him hiss as I took it all in, licked it all over and fondled his balls. I was sucking his cock now, enjoying the feeling of his uncut head and wrapping my tongue all around it, feeling it inside against the cock head, licking it all around.

“Mmmm, I love your cock Len.” I moved down a bit and took each of his testicles in my mouth, then putting that beautiful cock back in my mouth, sucking it and moving my head on it. He started to slowly fuck my mouth. As he did I moved my head so more would go in each time. I was able to get his entire erection in my mouth

While this was going on he had reached down inside my bikinis and was playing with my cock. Then slid them off so we were both nude. “You’re nice and smooth too Andy” he said, feeling my balls. “I shaved them for you this morning.” “God, Andy you are much bigger than me.” “It does feel huge now,” I said, “Bigger than normal. I’m just so turned on. Fuck my mouth Len”

All the hot sex talk really got Len close and just a minute later he said “Oh, Andy I’m going to cum” He gently held my head as I held his ass cheeks in place so he couldn’t pull out. He came and started to squirt in my mouth. Four or five big spasms as he moaned. Some of his cum started to leak out of my lips as I tried to swallow some. He held his cock in my mouth for a minute and told me how good it felt. “ I loved sucking your cock,” I said. “I could tell. I can’t believe how hot I feel now.” And with that he swung his leg over my waist and slid my hard cock along his crack.

“I want you to fuck me, Andy. Just like this. In fact you stay there and I am going to fuck your huge cock.” With that he grabbed my rock hard penis and pushed it against his hole. Balancing it there he took some lotion and rubbed it around his hole and my dick. Then he started to push down on my cock. “Oh, god it’s so big Andy. But it feel so good sliding into me. Ohhhh you’re in my hole now I want more.” And he slid down, taking more and more in. “Len, that feels so good, feeling you want my cock in you. Your hole is so hot and tight around my cock.”

We talked to each other like that as he took my entire cock in and slid up and down moving his hips forward and back in this wildly erotic motion. I was getting very close to cumming and told him so. And this made him move even more erotically. His balls would rub against my stomach and his cock, starting to get stiff again, bounced up and down, tapping my stomach as it came down. We were looking at each other as we spoke and looking at our bodies. I could see my cock sliding into him between his legs as he moved up and down. I noticed his cock hard again and lightly stroked it with my fingertips. This made him tighten his ass and suddenly I shot my cum into him with a huge gasp. “Yea, Andy, that’s it. Cum inside me. Give me that huge cock of yours.”

I thought I would hurt him I came so hard, pushing my cock into him. But he kept riding my cock, slowing down as I did and then collapsing on me as I finished my orgasm, my cock still buried inside him. Now normally, I would have been totally satisfied, but for some reason as I felt his hard cock against my stomach as he lay on top of me, I started to get really turned on. Not like hard turned on, but rather wanted to keep having sex with Len.

“It’s beyond hot, Len. And I’m not a top that often.” “Really?” He asked. “That is one of the most amazing fuck machines I have had. But it’s good you don’t do that often, too.” “Why is that,” I asked. “Because you made my cock hard again,” he said. “Mmm, I noticed. Does that mean you want to fuck me now?” “Are you up for it?” “Actually, I really am. Your cock feels really sexy against me. I want to keep going” “Me too. There was something about riding your cock like that that made me hard again. It felt like you were making it hard from inside me.”

As he was saying this, I reached over and grabbed some lotion and started to rub it on his cock, lying between our stomachs. Then I reached down and put some on my hole, feeling it, thinking how much fun it was going to be to take his gorgeous cock. I spread my legs for him as he moved down and got between them. I could feel the head of his dick slide up and down my crack, brushing against my hole. I moaned and reached down and taking ahold of his cock put it against my pucker. “Mmm, that’s what I want, Len. Fuck me, lover”

Len started to push and I felt his cock push through the ring. I pushed against it a little to help it get through. “Oohhh” we both moaned at the same time as I felt his cock slip in and he felt the warmth and tightness surround his dick. He pulled out a little and pushed in again, each time his cock went farther in. I raised my ass up a bit farther so he had a better angle entering me and I could feel more slide in.

When he had gotten all the way in I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks. “Yea, Len your cock feels so good inside me.” He started to thrust up my ass with his cock. It was like when he was riding my cock but now he was riding my ass and I could feel his hips slide back and forth and that wonderful cock went in and out. I spread my legs more and even wrapped them around his waist. I started to push back against his fucking. He liked that. “Yea Andy, it feels like my whole cock and balls are going inside when you do that. It’s so good.” “I love the feeling of your cock reaching way up inside me while you thrust your hard cock in me.”

We continued to talk to each other about fucking and his cock and my ass and trying different motions and I noticed I could see him pumping into my in the mirror. What a sight that was. I told him how hot it was to see him fucking me and he spread his legs some so that I could see his hard dick slide in and out. I had never seen that before.

All at once he tensed up and held me really tight as he started to cum up my ass. It felt warm and I could feel more moisture around my ass as his cum leaked out. He kept pumping and thrusting as he came and then it was over. He stopped and we just laid there with him covering me, his softening cock still inside. “Wow we have seriously fucked each other,” Len said. His cock slipped out and we cleaned off.

After getting some takeout we got back into bed, stroking and sucking each other’s cock. We both got off again, but were had pretty much finished. I got ready to leave and we made some plans to get together later in the year. Maybe even get together with my girlfriend too. She just might go for it.

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