A desi fantasy

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I came to a small town in US as a software engineer. I was trying to settle down with a rented apartment, spending time with porn movies and masturbation and life was like that. Everything changed on one night when I was accidentally caught in a dark alley between two groups of thugs fighting each other and in order to escape from there I apparently pushed a guy to a open sewer hole and the guy got drowned!

Next two days I was running around and hiding from Police and the worst thing was my US visa got expired on the second day. So now I was there in the US being chased by the cops, my visa being expired, charges of murder in my name. It was a hopeless situation and I had to resort to the only person I could trust under the circumstances: Ms. Burnes.

After I briefed her about my situation, she actually gave me shelter for another couple of days. Then next day morning she told me that one friend of her maid actually knew a couple of Indians and perhaps I should meet them and take their help to get myself deported secretly. Next course of events involving meticulous planning and secretly contacting the Indians eventually took me to a small pub to meet a lady who seemed to be in her thirties, clad in a black dress who took me inside a black sedan and drove me to some unknown villa on the outside of the town. In fact I was not sure which town it was as it almost took 3 hours' drive.

I was then taken inside and there I met the owner of the villa Ms. Cook. She was actually an indian by origin and probably a widow of a very wealthy person. She spoke to me in a very matter-of-fact tone that my situation was very miserable and the only suggestion she could give me is to be her servant, and be confined to her house, serve her and thats it.

I was so desperate at that time that I readily agreed and when the lady asked me to sign a few agreements, I actually signed them without even reading! Then she took my passport, wallet, all other materials in her custody and I was taken to a dark corner of the house and given instructions, about house rules, by the lady in black. Her name was Ms. Shila.

Next one week was my introduction to the darkest of degradation imaginable. Surprisingly I got accustomed pretty soon, perhaps that had something to do with my personal desires and fetish. Nevertheless, as I am writing this, it has been almost one year since then, and now I have no complains.

I still live in US (somewhere), have not gone outside Ms. Cook's villa for past one year, I also did not wear any decent cloth over this time; I do cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing, sweeping etc. I am also allowed now to use a computer once in a week for one hour and I use it as a window! For most of the day (and night) I worship the ladies of the house. A few scenes would be sufficient to describe my present life.

Scene 1:

Ms. Shila's ass was a heavenly art-work; such round melony brown cheeks, each carrying at least 6-7 pounds of raw meat with a deep dark moist crevice in between them. It was a pure delight to kiss it, lick it, bite it and sniff it. So, like a filthy pig I burrowed my face within those gorgeous ass chicks and was sniffing aloud at the dark crevice the smell that became the standard source of energy for me these days.

The smell was exquisitely pungent and had every ingredient to make one feel disgusted and repulsed. My nose was touching the dark hole within the crevice, waiting for the precious loads of smelly gas that was occasionally coming out from there as she was shamelessly farting aloud. With each of the farts I was sniffing audibly to catch all the filthy smells within my lungs! Prrrrrrrrrr...ffffffffth...phhhhhhhok...fffrrrrrrrrshhhh...so much different farting music was coming out from the rear mouth of this sexy lady....

She was urging me with dirty words like "Sniff loudly you dirty pig! You bastard! Don't let any of the gas go out in air!"

Scene 2: I lay on my back with a open mouth with two gorgeous masses of ass on top of my face. Ms Shila was facing my legs and Ms. Cook was facing opposite to Ms. Shila. A healthy competition was going on between them. It may sound very miserable for me, but I was in fact enjoying the clash of ego of these two sexy bitches...each trying to prove that her stomach can contain the maximum amount of shit!

So they are now trying to bring out the loads of shits through their dark butt holes to stuff my mouth with a relentless dropping of turds vigorously with occasional farts and piss. Yellow, brown, slightly greenish turds, sometimes coated with a slimy layer filled my mouth and although I tried my best to chew them and gulp as rapidly as I could, the flow was sufficient to flood my face, chest and head.

They were almost angrily exchanging dirty talks with each other in their native tongue. After Ms. Shila gave out a small turd which rolled over my face to my head, Ms. Cook spat out ('you have shitted so less, see how big I am about to drop on this pig's mouth') and with that she gave out a medium size turd with accompanying series of soft farts to which, Ms. Shila replied back ('You bitch, all you could give are farts...now see how much filthy smelly turds I am about to drop on his face')...I suffered under their aggressive shitting with absolute joy and had several orgasms during the two hours of this game!

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