A day in the line shack

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My name is Lance and I am a cowboy working on a large ranch in west Texas. Most of the men on the ranch work from the main ranch but I had accepted the position of line rider becaue I, for one, like to be alone, and two I was trying to get some stories that I was working on ready to send to the publisher. Around the main ranch area when the work day was done there were always a bunch of guys wanting to go drinking and chasing girls so nothing ever got done. The area that I worked from is about thirty miles from the main ranch house and it is my responsibility to watch over the cattle, mend fences, repair holes that the bulls dig as they paw the earth near the fence that separates them from the females, clean the stock tanks, repair the windmills and any other chores that need doing. I have a small line shack to live in and there is a barn there with room for eight or ten horses with a corral. Since the owners do not allow any motorized vehicles on the ranch they use a helicopter to bring in my supplies and fuel for the generator. Every month or so other hands will bring a couple of wagons loaded with hay and feed for the horses. They just leave the loaded wagons and pick up the ones they left before and it is my duty to unload them and place the hay and feed in the barn. Sometimes when range conditions are not too good they will also bring in a couple of wagon loads of alfalfa cubes for the cattle. This time they had brought three loads of hay, one of horse and mule feed, and three more of cubes, so I had spent the better part of the week just getting it all in the barn, so I was not at all pleased to see four riders approaching the shack. Late in the day as it was I knew that I would have to put them up for the night. I was really surprised to see the owner, his wife, and another couple that I did not know.

As they approached Jim, the owner, said,"Hi Lance. We thought that you might put us up for a day or two. We have been very anxious to ride over the ranch and look over this stretch along the line with our neighbor, as we are thinking of buying his ranch and incorporate it with ours. Clinton said you had a spare room and extra beds."
"No problem Jim. I'll get the generator cranked up. It'll be about thirty minutes for the well to build pressure and the water heater to get some hot water for the ladies to bathe with."

As I was unsaddling their horses and pack horses Jim walked in and said, "How do you feel about group sex?"
Now you might think that I would have been surprised at that but I had heard some stories about Jim and his wife, though I was not inclined to believe them until I had seen for myself. It seemed that I was about to see for myself.
I lugged their packs into the shack and went to the refrigerator and got them all a beer. That is when I recalled that the last wagon up had brought in ten cases of Lone Star, a bunch of Bud Light, and a dozen bottles of liquor of various kinds. I told Bart that I did not need any kind of light beer and he knew it. Bart had said that I might have visitors.

The other guy was named Ed something or other and he said,"I am an electrical engineer. If you don't keep the generator running, how do you keep the beer cold and that freezer working?"
"We have a large battery bank with a solar package to charge it.If the charge drops to a certain point the generator cranks automatically. Water is normally gravity fed from an overhead tank fed by a windmill, up on the hill there. I rarely use hot water and I cook with wood in that big old cast iron stove. If I have visitors I can crank the generator and it powers a well pump and a one hundred gallon water heater."

I got a fire going and broiled some steaks and potatoes and made a salad with vegetables from my garden.
After we had eaten the two women washed and dried the dishes and we all retired to the front covered porch to have a beer. Ed's wife sat down next to me and almost immediately began to caress my thigh. I looked at him and he was grinning and kind of nodded his head yes.I asked if anybody wanted another beer and got up and Sue, I think her name was, got up and came in after me.

She took me by the arm and was leading me to the curtained off bedroom and said,"They will get their own beer and join us in a minute or two."

She was removing her blouse, the bra was already gone. She began to unbutton my jeans and shirt and tossed them on a little table I had in there along with her clothes. She was pushing me back on the bed and kissing me. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and I was getting hard as a rock. It was only a moment later that the other three joined us on the bed. Ed was sucking on my dick and Jim was sticking his tongue in his wifes pussy. Ed said,"Stick that big dick in her pussy and roll on your back. I am going to fuck her in the ass."

I did as I was told and suddenly I felt his dick come into her pussy beside mine. She was going wild and screaming that she was cumming and In a few minutes Ed and I came together and she screamed again and was cumming all over us. Jim and Jerelyn were going at it like two snakes and after resting a little I rolled over and Jim said,"I want your dick up my ass!" He was still banging away on her and Ed grabbed some KY and as he greased me up he said,"I'm next!"

I shoved my dick in Jim's ass and he started to scream like a girl but I was too far to stop and when I started to pull out he screamed,"NO, NO, don't pull out! I have to have it!" He was screaming that he was cumming and so was his wife. We fucked like that for a few minutes then I pulled out and grabbed Ed and turned him face down. I rammed my dick in his ass and he was screaming as well. Jim pushed us over and Ed was on top of me and Jim started sucking his dick. Sue was sucking Jim's dick and Jerelyn was eating Sue's pussy.
After we all rested a bit I rolled on top of Jerelyn and started fucking her.Sue was rubbing her big tits all over me and hunching against my leg. Suddenly I felt Jim start to shove his dick in my ass and it was my turn to scream but I found that I liked it as they did.

After a while we all got up and went out side of the house where the big galvanized tub was that I used for a bath tub. Normally I don't use any hot water but we ran it full of hot water and we all got in and the women were soaping us up and washing us all over. I usually don't use a towel, I just walk around until I am dry but one of the women brought out a towel and dried us all off. We had a beer and then went back into the bedroom. Jim and Ed came and embraced me and started to kiss me. The two women were on the bed kissing and using a big old dildo on each other. We all got on the bed and were sucking each other off and then french kissing and tasting each others cum. Finally after cumming for a number of times, we all fell asleep.

Just before daylight I got up and got a cook fire going and started making coffee and breakfast.
Before they left Jim said, "That was really good. We'll try to get back before September"

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