A bride's tale

(Part 1 from 2)

 I woke up to the sound of our neighbors pulling up into their driveway. The car's headlights briefly penetrated the roman shades, casting shadows on the dark bedroom ceiling. I turned on my side, one hand tucked under my pillow and the other, fondling Ryan's bare chest. I watched it rise and fall in sync with his deep breathing. His handsome face was calm and relaxed. I moved my hand lower to his muscular midsection, tracing the outlines of his athletic abs with my fingers. Ryan is a wonderful lover and my face still had a post orgasm glow to it.

I looked at my hand and saw the sparkle that was emitting from my engagement ring. It's been 3 months since he had proposed to me on a lovely spring evening at Napa Valley. We were dining outside at an elegant restaurant, when suddenly in front of everyone, he got down on one knee, looked at me with his piercing gray eyes and said

"I love you Emma, will you be my wife?”

I can still hear the applause from the other patrons after I tearfully said yes.

Ryan is 25 and I'm 23. He works as an analyst for a bank and I'm a high school history teacher. We met in college and been dating for 3 years now. He saw me at a party and asked a friend of mine for my phone number. Luckily she had too much to drink and didn't think there was anything wrong with giving my phone number to a stranger. He called the next day and we instantly clicked.

I wasn't looking for a serious relationship, a couple of moths earlier, I broke up with my boyfriend because we chose different universities right out of high school that were too far apart. I had many offers from guys who wanted a chance to take me out. I'm very good looking, 5'6” tall 120 lbs, blond hair and hazel nut eyes, big natural breasts on a slim figure and a small yet round butt. Some of the guys got lucky enough to spend the night if I found them desirable enough but I didn't pursue it any further then that.

Our first date was a catastrophe. He picked me up with his car, and five minutes into our evening, someone rear ended us. I had to spend the next two weeks in a neck brace. Ryan was sweet and checked up on me every day. Our attraction for each other grew as time passed. He was funny and charming, not to mention tall dark and handsome which is exactly my type. A year later we moved in together.

We are getting married in one week, so we both feel the pressure of last minute arrangements, making sure we don't have any surprises, like a runaway caterer or a sick photographer. Planning the wedding wasn't easy to say the least. We had to deal with a lot of different odds and ends, solving problems on a daily basis. The biggest one was thinning out our guest list from the royal wedding size his mother wanted to a more modest one we wanted, sorry third cousin Michael.

Even though Ryan was magnificent in the bedroom, tending to my every need, all this wedding planning must have triggered an archaic instinct in me, causing me to be in a constant lascivious state. Yesterday I got so worked up from watching the guy who bagged my groceries at the supermarket, I had to pull over on my way home and pleasure myself at the side of the road. Luckily no one saw me. Thinking about it got me hot again.

I leaned toward him and rested my head on his chest, listening to the beating of his heart and taking in the scent of his cologne. Responsive to my advance, while still half asleep, Ryan reached under my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. Between his strong arms I felt secured and safe.

With my pelvis resting against his warm thigh, I felt the all too familiar tingling sensation between my legs begin to spread. I moved my hand closer to his lower abdomen and rubbed slowly in a circular motion, inching my way closer to the elastic band of his boxers. His heart was beating faster now and his breathing deeper. I looked up to see he was awake, gazing down into my hazel nut eyes, smiling.

"I'm sorry honey, did I wake you?” I faked a surprised look on my face.

As he stroked my light blond hair he replied “a beautiful girl is molesting me in my sleep, off course I'm awake” he greened with excitement.

"Oh you poor thing” I pouted playfully and reached up to kiss his lips.

He pressed his lips to mine in a passionate kiss, I felt his hand rubbing my back and pushing me closer to him. I moved my head to the side and nibbled on his neck, inhaling his masculine scent. He moaned softly with pleasure and I could tell he was getting aroused as well.

I reached down his toned body and felt him under his shorts. He was stiff and eager. I moved to kiss him again, his warm tongue moved faster, swirling against mine. I began to stroke him, gently moving my palm up and down his shaft, teasing him with my fingers. He placed his hand lightly on my shoulder and I knew what he wanted. I planted gentle kisses down his neck and around his nipples, then slowly and methodically made my way down, pausing around his navel and above his boxers. I pulled down his shorts and flickered my tongue around his shaft, taunting him. He moaned with excitement and raised his pelvis, yearning for my full crimson lips and warm mouth. Not yet I thought to myself.

I hovered on all fours between his legs with my voluptuous natural 34D's swinging above and grinding on his manhood. He reached and cupped my left breast, groping and gently tugging on my hard pink nipple. Signals of pleasure concentrated between my legs and my pussy began to flood, lubricating me.

The room filled with the sounds of muffled moaning and heavy breathing. I lowered my head and kissed the tip of his throbbing cock. I could smell his precum that was oozing out, so I reached with the tip of my tongue and lapped the single drop into my mouth. I kissed the rest of his shaft all the way down to his smooth nut sack. I moved my tongue up from his balls to the tip and finished it off with his cock between my lips. I stayed like that with just the tip in my mouth for a few seconds swirling my tongue around it. From his restlessness and rigid body I knew I had him on edge. It was time to step up the action so I took him deeper in my salivating mouth, all the way until it poked me at the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little.

"Oh Christ that feels good baby” He threw his head back with pleasure.

I took it as a signal to pick up the pace and bobbed my head in and out, with a faster rhythm. A few minutes later his body began to shudder , he was close to climax, so I abruptly stopped and squeezed the base of his cock, denying him the orgasmic bliss he was reaching.

“Fuck me” I whispered in lust.

He immediately complied and rolled me on my back, then hovered over me, guiding himself with his hand inside my soaking snatch. He entered me with a primal passion, thrusting in and out, with growing speed and tenacity. We locked eyes with each other, it was so intense I choked up a scream. I wrapped my legs around him pressing him deeper, digging my fingernails in his back. He groaned with pain but continued to drive himself harder. I was ecstatic, seconds away from orgasm I grabbed the sheet with my fists, blood gushing in my veins, I locked my legs behind his back holding him still. My brain exploded with a powerful orgasm while my body trembled uncontrollably.

As I regained my composure I relaxed my hold and soon after, Ryan resumed his thrusts, his breathing became more rapid. He grabbed both sides of my head kissing me with lust. I felt his body tense up, as his ramming slowed down yet more powerful each time. He bit his lower lip, “Ohh fuck yes” he grunted as he shot his juices inside me, I could feel his warm sperm flowing inside my cavity then oozing out and down my thigh. He came hard then collapsed exhausted on top of me. We both giggled all excited and satisfied.

He rolled to his side of the bed and reached for a cigarette.

"That was incredible baby” he said as he took a long drag, exhaling the smoke into the air.

I rested my head on his pecks and cuddled him “yes it was honey” I replied with a green.

He offered me his cigarette, I don't usually smoke but after what just happened I needed it, so I took a long drag and gave it back.

I looked at the clock and it was already 3:00 am.

"We should get some sleep honey, I need to be at work early and after that Jenny is picking me up for my final dress fitting.”

"Yea I have a busy day too, since it's my last day at work before our vacation I need to clear my table. You know how the guys hate it when someone leaves them his work load. I'll probably have to stay late.” and with that he put out his cigarette and kissed me good night.

The alarm clock went off sooner than I cared for, Ryan fumbled to turn it off. He looked great even though he just woke up.

"Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” he said and kissed my forehead.

"Wonderful, let's just call in sick and stay in bed all day” I yawned and stretched my arms.

"I wish we could but we both have a very busy day. Why don't you take your shower while I make us breakfast”

"Sounds great babe, I hope you'll keep spoiling me after we're married” I nudged him.

“Only if you promise to wake me up the way you did last night” he snickered.

"You can count on it” I said as I walked to the shower.

I took my shower, walked out completely naked and checked myself in the mirror. All those hours at the gym really paid off I thought to myself. I picked out my outfit for today and layed it on the bed. I decided to go with thigh high black stockings and matching lacy white bra and thong, a gray pencil skirt and white buttoned up blouse. I looked hot but conservative enough so my male students won't get destructed. With their teenage hormone levels out of control I would often catch them looking down my blouse or staring at my bottom. Although I was flattered it was completely inappropriate.

Ryan took a quick shower and got dressed. We went downstairs and had breakfast.

"So when is Jenny picking you up?” he asked.

"Right after school at around 3:30. I made an appointment at the tailor's at 4, she wanted to go shopping afterwards so I guess I'll be back in the evening” I answered.

Jenny is my best friend and my maid of honor. We have been friends since college, in fact she was the one who gave Ryan my phone number. I like being around her despite the fact we have completely different personalities. Jenny is very outgoing and friendly while I'm more introverted. She can easily strike up a conversation with complete strangers no matter where she is. Knowing her made my college years much more fun then they were supposed to be. With her vibrant social life she knew where the cool parties were and I have met a lot of my friends thanks to her.

We finished breakfast and kissed goodbye.

My day went by uneventful, a part from breaking up a fight in the school yard during lunch, it was just another day. 6th period was an advanced class mostly made up with seniors. One of them was Michael, he is a handsome looking kid, and I knew he had a crush on me. He always sits in the front row and center, ogling me with his blue eyes. The thought of him going back to his house and masturbating to my image always made me hot. Today wasn't any different. As I paced in class I could see his eyes were fixed on my breasts.

I decided to have some harmless fun, so I gave the class an assignment and walked around them while they were doing it. I walked over to Michael's desk and leaned in front of him, faking an interest in what he was writing, as I leaned forward, I made sure he could get a full view of my ample breasts. His gaze was priceless, I asked him a question and he mumbled some incoherent words, it was very cute. I went back, sat on my desk and crossed my legs, letting him have a glimpse of my lacy white thong. I noticed a bulge forming in his pants, He was blushing and tried to hide it by leaning forward. His bashfulness turned me on, I wondered how easy it would be to seduce him, how would I do it? Would I tell him to stay after class and let him fuck me right there on my table? My neck started to blush and I had to stop thinking about it before it's too late.

Finally the bell rang and the day was over. I walked outside and Jenny was already waiting for me. She was talking to one of the male teachers, I have no idea how she met him but I wasn't surprised. She looked great, with a light summer dress, long auburn hair and green eyes. Her hourglass shape always reminded me of a Victoria's secret model. If I was into girls she would be my first choice.

As I got close the teacher left, I gave her a hug and got into her car.

"He is married you know” I said as I buckled my seatbelt.

"So what, he is cute and I can be his second wife” she giggled.

"You slut!” I said and as we both burst into laughter.

On the way we talked about all sort of stuff like my wedding and her love life. She told me she had met a guy and she thinks he can be the one. Off course I didn't tell her she says that about every other guy she meets. Jenny was a free spirit and I liked it about her.

Twenty minutes later we were at the tailor's. She was an elderly woman with an Italian accent, probably in her sixties but energetic. My white dress was already layed out and it was beautiful, I put it on and Jenny gasped.

"You look amazing Emma, I'm so happy for you” she smiled and hugged me.

I stood in front of a mirror and looked like I stepped out of a fairy tail, dressed as a princess.
It was exactly like I had imagined it would be when I was a little girl.

The elderly tailor wasn't a coy woman at all. She mumbled some words in Italian and began to measure and mark places on my dress with pins and needles, she reached with her nimble hands, squeezing and pushing up my breasts. I looked at Jenny wide eyed from the tailor's impetuous behavior. Jenny was cracking up in the corner. After 10 minutes of groping, tugging and squeezing the tailor was done. She said something in Italian but I understood that it's over and I should take off my dress.

I went into the dressing room and put my clothes back on. We said good bye to my tailor and went outside with plenty of time to hang out and shop.

"So what's next?” Jenny asked

"I don't know, what do you want to do?” I replied

"I want to go shopping but before we do, I could really use a drink” Jenny said while playfully placing her arm around me.

I knew I had to be the adult so I said “It's not even 5 o'clock yet”

"come on, live a little, who cares what time it is” She urged me.

"Fine, where do you want to go” I caved and reluctantly agreed with her.

"On our way I've noticed a bar about two blocks from here, we can walk there.” She greened.

We walked back and a few minutes later we were there. I've seen nicer bars in the past, even though there was still light outside it was dark and gloomy inside. The wooden floor have seen better days and creaked under our footsteps, the smell of stale cigarette smoke was in the air. To our left was a long bar with red stools, some were occupied by men hunched over their drinks. It had different liquor bottles on the shelves and beer taps in front. The bartender was a tired looking older man. On the other side were round tables with 15-20 people sitting around them, mostly men. Seated at two of the tables were a group of rough looking middle aged men. They were a rowdy bunch, drinking beer and laughing out loud, occasionally shouting obscenities at the waitresses.

"Do you want to go some place else?” I asked Jenny, hoping she would say yes.

"Nah, let's have one drink and then go” she answered.
We decided to seat at the bar since it was less crowded.

"What will it be ladies?” the worn out bartender asked.

"Two appletinis please” Jenny ordered for the both of us.

As the bartender prepared our drinks, I looked around. There were two pool tables at the far end with some guys playing and drinking beer. The yelling and laughing from the rowdy bunch continued. They appeared to be friends and probably came here after work at a plant or a mill or whatever blue collared job they were doing.

Finally our drinks were ready, Jenny raised her glass and wished for a successful wedding followed by a long and happy marriage. I said thanks and we slowly sipped our drinks. As I looked around the room I noticed some of the men from the rowdy bunch looking at me and Jenny, pointing and laughing, obviously talking about us. I felt uncomfortable but Jenny seemed to like the attention.

Two of them mustered enough courage, stood up to the cheers of their friends and started to walk toward us. They looked to be in their late 30's early 40's , not bad looking, some might say even handsome in a rugged unrefined kind of way.

"Let's play with them, come on it will be hilarious” Jenny whispered to me with an evil grin. “Just follow my lead,” she continued her plan without waiting for my response. I didn't have enough time to stop her because they already reached us. All the confidence they had at the table seemed to vanish into thin air. They stood next to us thinking what to say when finally Jenny broke the ice and said in a seductive voice

"Hi boys, how are you doing? I'm Jenny and this is Emma, what are your names?” I nudged her with my elbow, pleading her to stop.

"Hello Jenny and Emma, I'm Jay and this is Marcus” The taller of the two said. He looked better up close. He had steel blue eyes and grayish hair, about 6' tall. His friend was a little shorter with receding hair line and a flabby gut. Their friends back at the table were cracking up, “go get her lover boy” one of them yelled and the rest burst into loud laughter.

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