A brand new April

(Part 1 from 1)

It's been two months since my beautiful April was taken by my friend Marc and our sex life has never been better. It's like a switch was flipped inside her. She practically begs for it now. To be honest I was worried she'd be craving black cock because of that old expression, but once I told her Marc was sterile too she couldn't get enough of my fat cock.

She'd often fantasize about me putting another baby in her, when she'd fuck me from on top I would see her rubbing her perfectly flat stomach, dreaming of the baby I couldn't give her. But like I said all was well. April, being happy now, actually put on a few pounds. Her breasts were a full C, and her beautiful ass was firm and round. Her hair now a dark black that contrasted beautifully off of her pale skin.

"I'm almost ready", said April as she ran up and down the hallway. She was putting on the final touches because we were leaving for a friend of mine's wedding. "Take your time baby", I replied.

When I turned around I couldn't believe what I saw, April was planning on wearing the same slutty dress she wore for her blackening. "Fuck...wow" Was all I could muster. "Oh I almost forgot", April said.

She reached behind her to unhook her bra, throwing it on the floor. She then turned around and slowly started to slide her white lace panties down her perfect long smooth legs. I could see her puffy soft lips begging me to stuff my dick inside. She then quickly stood up and said "let's go". I stared at her body the whole ride there. She looked so sexy and for some reason a bigger turn on was how cheap she looked, like a whore... my whore.

The wedding was awful, we barely knew the couple. We also didn't know anyone else there. So we drank, and we drank some more. All eyes were on April, men kept asking her to dance then they'd disappear into the crowd. I watched from my seat when a young waiter came over to clear my table. "Any prospects?" he asked "Oh nice, you're checking out the escort? She's so fucking hot, and I've heard she's not wearing any underwear. Two of my Buddies just had a finger or two in her out on the dance floor, I think she's had a few too many drinks". I scanned the crowd again looking for my lovely wife. What I saw was a face I'd seen many times before, she was cumming hard, on the dance floor.

Quickly she walked up and grabbed me by my arm. "Bedroom now" was all she said. I quickly followed her down the hallway, her heels in one hand. We turned to go down the hallway to our room when April walked right into my waiter from earlier, dropping her hotel key. He bent down to pick up the card and got a full up close view of April's shaved pussy. He froze like a deer in the headlights. She grabbed him by his sleeve and said, "you're coming with us, get the door".

Without hesitation he ran to the door, and threw it open. I shot my wife a look of "are you sure?" "I'm getting my baby tonight, so don't fuck this up" April replied...

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