A brand new April : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

April stumbled quickly into the room. She went straight for the bathroom. The waiter looked at me, "You brought the escort?" He asked.

"That's my wife", I replied. "We have an open relationship."

"Do you have any condoms, because I don't" he asked worried.

"We're both clean and we're both fixed", I said lying through my teeth. "She wants you to cum inside her, she loves the heat."

With that I could hear her finishing up, the door opened and April was standing there completely naked and completely hairless. But still wearing her heels. She wasted no time, she walked over to the waiter, Sean (as I finally read his name tag) and grabbed him through his pants.

"I want every last fucking drop", April ordered. Then she kissed him hard. His hands traveling down her neck over her breasts and rock hard nipples. One hand reached around to her beautiful white ass as he sunk two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. Her head tilted back enjoying his eagerness. He pusher her onto the bed and undid his belt, pulling his pants and boxers off revealing his fully erect cock. She looked and smiled in my direction both knowing he wasn't all the man that I was. But his big heavy balls had everything she wanted. He started to kiss and tease her body but April wouldn't have it. "Fuck me now!", she yelled.

He grabbed his cock with one hand and lined it up with her glistening pussy. He seemed shocked there was no resistance as he plunged balls deep into my beautiful wife. Once again he tried to make love to her, he was attempting to pace himself but April took control. She was thrusting her hips faster and faster, milking his cock with each thrust.

"Slow down I'm going to lose it", Sean stuttered. April fucked harder. She looked deep into his eyes and continued to pump. "Cum in me, I want your baby", April whispered into the young man's ear. With that he lost it. His balls tensed and he thrust as hard and deep as he could. "Yes baby, yes! Fill me baby! April screamed.

They both slowed down, he laid on top of her catching his breath.
"I thought you were fixed?" Sean asked.
"Get the fuck out" was all April replied.

Sean got dressed and quickly left the room, I locked the door behind him. I stripped in the hallway, my perfect wife still catching her breath on the bed. I started kissing her feet, over her ankle and up her long thin leg. I could see a small trail of Sean's cum running down her ass. I kissed her beautiful flat stomach, she placed her hands on either side of my face and said "Good luck little guys". Talking to the millions of semen dumped into her fertile womb. "Why don't you give them a push? She said with a smile. "I need I fat cock inside me"

I pressed the head of my cock up against her wetness. As I pushed my way inside Sean's cum was pouring out of my wife. So warm, so wet, so wrong and yet so right. I reached balls deep and my wife squirmed. The tip of my head bumping against her cervix. "fuck me hard" was all she said. She placed her legs on my shoulders, I bent her in half pounding her pussy with everything I had. It always hits her just right. "Fffffuck" she yelled into my neck as she came hard. Her body tense, I could feel the rush of fluid on my balls. "Cum with me" she said softly. It didn't take long, I emptied my load deep inside her. She rolled onto her side and I started to clean up.

"I'm sorry" April said "I don't know what's wrong with me, what if I'm pregnant?"
"Then we have a baby", I replied. "But you know what happens if you're not pregnant right?
"What?" April said confused

"Well then next month we'll have to find to young men to cum inside you", I said with a smile.
"I love you baby" she said softly
"I love you both" I said touching her stomach.

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