A Treasure Found

(Part 1 from 3)

Part One

Officer Schroeder stepped into a cubicle and approached his friend and colleague, detective Davidson. Schroeder had been on the force for a dozen years and grown a large belly in the last few years. His size didn’t temper his interest in helping people, and he was still a formidable force in his dress blues. Despite his age, he still had a full head of black hair. He placed a picture and miniature tape recorder on the desk in front of Davidson.

“Have a few minutes to spare?” the officer asked.

“Well, I’m working a robbery, but I can always spare time for a friend in need,” the detective responded. He was dressed in a cheap brown suit, white shirt, and tie. “What’s up?”

“It’s eerie. The strangest account I’ve ever heard. Legally it might sound like consensual sex, but the girl claims it was rape, and I’m not sure she’s wrong. The DA won’t touch it.”

“And what do you expect from me?” Davidson inquired, now growing irritated by the intrusion.

Schroeder didn’t answer. He dropped an 8x10 color picture of the victim on his desk and reached down, pressing the play button on the mini-cassette recorder.

The hissing sound of the cassette tape leader gave Davidson time to observe the girl in the picture. It was two years old, but even at sixteen the girl was what he classified as a babe. The full-body shot showed a happy-go-lucky female dressed in a tennis outfit, replete with white tennis shoes and sports socks, brand-name white shorts, and a short-sleeved pullover top to match. Her slender body was tanned to a deep golden tone. He was captivated by the long blonde hair which framed a beautiful face, and couldn’t help but notice the perky breasts and large nipples poking against the pullover top.

Davidson was still looking as Schroeder’s voice announced the day, date, and time of the interview. The only thing Davidson caught was her first name, Angela. When her voice sounded through the tinny speaker, Davidson placed the picture down and listened intently.

“Like Amy and me always meet on the corner and take the subway into the city. We’re close friends and are freshmen at SUNY. Amy didn’t show, so I went without her. This one guy seemed like he was totally following me, but I’m not totally sure or anything. So I got on the train. Amy and me, we always like sitting on the last car so we can watch the tunnel racing past through the rear door window.

“The guy that was following me shows up and sits next to me. I look over at him to get a good look at his face, just in case, you know. A girl can’t be too careful. There were lots of seats, but he sat right next to me. I gave him a dirty look to scare him away but he just smiled at me. And then the absolutely weirdest thing happened. When he smiled I got all warm and tingly inside. All of a sudden I wanted him sitting next to me. That never happened to me before, and hasn’t happened since. It sounds crazy, but…I don’t know.

”My legs were crossed right over left and he reached a hand over and placed it on my right knee. His hand and fingers felt so nice. He never asked me to do anything but I knew he wanted me to uncross my legs and part them a little, so I did. His fingers caressed my inner thighs and I felt this incredible warmth in my belly. This is so totally embarrassing to say, but like I was really getting wet and my nipples were so hard. It felt like they were about to explode. My heart starting beating real fast and my hands got all clammy.

“There were other people in the car and I could have asked for help, or just walked away, but I didn’t want to. It was like I was trapped by…something I can’t even describe. You’d think he would want my skirt pulled up, but I knew he wanted me to lift up the front of my skirt and panties, so I did, and just looked over and smiled at him. I was like totally inviting him to touch me down there. He slipped a hand down between my legs and like nobody even knew what was going on. It was really creepy but…I was totally hot. I never let anyone touch me there before, and nobody on the train had a clue he was doing this to me.

“I felt his fingertips sifting through my curls of hair, and that made my whole body tingle. When his hand reached down further and rubbed on my pussy lips, I was a complete mess. My body shuddered in forbidden pleasure and oozed with creamy wetness. My hands reached down and grabbed the edge of my seat and I leaned against him and just started groaning. There was so much noise nobody could hear, luckily. My eyes closed and all I wanted to do was him to keep touching my pussy. When the train screeched to a stop at one of the stations his hand pulled away. I could hear the hissing of the hydraulics and the doors sliding open, but I didn’t want to leave. I was actually scared he might leave me.

“After the doors closed and the train started again, I lifted the front of my skirt up a second time and looked at him with a sexy smile on my face, as if I needed to convince him to continue feeling me up. His hand slid between my thighs again and I melted against him. He worked a finger into my creamy slit and started rubbing around my clit. Then it’s like all my excitement came to a crescendo and my entire body began quivering wildly. There are no words that can describe what I felt. I had this totally intense orgasm that curled my toes, arched my back, and soaked my panties.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I never wanted him to do this to me. And it didn’t end there, either. When the train stopped at the next station and the hydraulic doors hissed open, I followed him out. I swear I didn’t want to, but I did. I followed a few feet behind. He walked up to some type of maintenance door, opened it, and waved me inside. How it was left unlocked, I’ll never know. I could’ve sworn there was a padlock on it.

“At first I couldn’t see anything, and then an overhead light illuminated. The room wasn’t much larger than a walk-in closet. Shelves lined two walls and offered paint cans and tools. At the back was a cluttered work bench. I saw that and walked to it and turned around. I placed both my hands on the edge and lifted myself up into a sitting position on the bench. I looked at the man and he smiled back. In some way he communicated to me his desire. I slipped my panties off and placed both of my feet on the edge of the workbench, leaving my pussy completely open to him. As if I was seducing him, and believe me I so totally wasn’t, my fingers popped my blouse buttons open and I revealed my breasts to him as well.

“He just looked at me for several moments. I must have appeared crazy, my small bare boobs exposed and my spread legs exposing my fur-fringed pussy so temptingly. By all rights I should’ve been scared, but all I wanted was for him to fuck me, as if he was the one I’d been saving myself for. I didn’t have to beg, I’ll give him that. I watched as he loosened his pants and popped out a really big cock. I mean, I know I haven’t seen any except in dirty magazines, but it looked bigger than I was expecting, and that was the only time I actually felt scared. I really didn’t think I could take that thing inside me. 

“He closed the distance between us and we started tongue kissing. It was hard and fast, and I loved it. His thick, wet tongue filled my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of it. We just kissed for several minutes before he even touched me, and by the time he did I was so hot. His hands cupped and fondled my breasts and nipples, pinching and twisting on the rubbery nubs. I groaned and shuddered in delight. Any noise I made was blocked by the door and drowned out by the noises produced by the trains. A fire flared in my belly and my virgin pussy was creamy wet. The guy wasn’t in any rush at all. It seemed like he wanted to enjoy every second and wasn’t afraid of anything.

“It was me that wanted to take things further. My hands blindly groped for him, and found his large, erect prick. I stroked the shaft and caressed his balls. It was my first time to touch one, and it was so totally wild. It felt so wonderful to touch a guy. His cock pulsated against my fingers, and I giggled childishly as I felt him. Just touching him got me hotter, and I had to feel him inside me.

“He pulled his hands from my boobs and started touching my pussy. Oh my God, it felt so incredible. Like if I’d known how good it would feel, I never would’ve been an 18 year old virgin, believe me! His probing fingers sent electric-like jolts through my body, and I absolutely melted in his hands. I gasped and groaned as his fingertips pushed through my outer folds and explored my creamy slit, smearing wetness all over my pussy. When a fingertip pressed at my virgin opening my entire body tensed and writhed in these powerful spasms. I guess I climaxed because the whole room was spinning as my body felt this incredible tingling warmth. My back arched, my head moved from side to side, and my pussy creamed up even more.

“I was breathless when the feeling passed, and I wanted him more than ever. I felt the head of his cock as it pressed against my wet pussy, and my hands reached down and eagerly guided the tip of him into position. His hands reached around under my skirt and grabbed onto both ass cheeks and gripped them hard. When he thrust forward I felt him popping inside my pussy and I felt a jolt of pain. I braced myself with my hands, clutching the edge of the workbench for support. His hips thrust and more of his cock entered me. There was more sharp pain as he tore through my cherry, and it took my breath away. His cock pumped back and forth and I could feel it getting deeper and deeper. Just when I thought my pussy couldn’t take any more, it stretched around his cock and it did. It hurt really badly, but it felt so totally great at the same time. It was such a confusing time for me.

“He kept pushing into me over and over, and I closed my eyes and leaned back and loved every second of it. When his full length was in me, it almost seemed like I could feel him at the back of my throat. I could hear voices and laughter just a few feet away, and here this stranger was fucking me behind the door. I don’t know how long his cock fucked my pussy, but I felt his body tense up and heard him grunting. It was pretty obvious to me he was climaxing. Maybe I imagined this, I’m not sure, but I think I could totally feel his cum squirting inside of me. It was scary because of all the talk about STDs and all, but it was nice at the same time.”

“After he finished, he closed his pants and walked off. Luckily I always keep a spare pair of panties in my book bag in case my cycle starts early, so I changed into them and threw the old ones into a trash bin at the station.

“It’s been three days and I’m still real shaky. Every time I think about it, I get wet all over again, and then I get scared. I didn’t even want to report it, and I never would have if I wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant. On the morning of the third day I told my mom. She was so absolutely livid. She kept screaming that I was a selfish whore, and that I needed to be thinking of my younger sisters. She pushed me up to my bedroom, slapping on my head the whole time. Then she leaned me over the side of my bed, pulled down my panties, lifted up my skirt, and whipped me with her favorite leather strap until her arm got tired. My ass hurt so badly and it hasn’t let up much.”

Schroeder reached down and clicked the recorder off. “That’s pretty much where it ends. Weird, wouldn’t you say? I was especially surprised by the reaction of her mom. What a loving and supporting parent.”

“Sounds like a confused young woman who got what she really wanted,” Davidson responded. “I can see why the DA backed off. Was there any physical evidence recovered?”

“No, there was nothing. This guy did something to get her into that condition. A new drug, maybe.” Schroeder seemed convinced that something terribly wrong had happened.

Davidson relented. “Look, have her do a composite sketch and we can track him down.”

“That’s where it gets weird. She can’t remember anything about the guy. Not a hair color, not an approximate age, not what he was wearing. About all she can tell us is that he was a white guy.” Schroeder spoke in a frustrated voice.

“Let’s put an APB out for a white guy with a larger than average penis. I don’t know about you, but that would even make me a possible suspect,” Davidson joked. “Look, I know it’s serious, but I’m not sure what I can do.”

Schroeder sighed, realizing the hopelessness of Angela’s plight. “I don’t suppose it would help if I told you her mother knows you.”

“Who is she?”

“Becky Weathers.” Schroeder held out his last remaining hope that an old high school friend might aid his cause.

“Oh yeah, I know the name and vaguely recall a face, but we ran around in different circles.” Davidson’s heartbeat spiked as he lied. Her name reopened an old wound that seeped with hatred.

Schroeder glanced at several pictures attached to the cubicle. He saw one of Davidson on a boat in scuba gear, floating on crystal clear water. “Hey, are these from your vacation last month?”

“It’s the same place, but a different time. I love to dive the Greek Isles and hunt for whatever I can find.”

“Ever find anything?”

Davidson felt his pants pocket for reassurance. The heavy, ancient gold ring was still there. “Not much, just the odd coin. It just gives me a reason to dive, that’s all. It puts a sense of adventure into it for me and makes it fun.”

Schroeder leaned close to Davidson, as if about to reveal a secret. “That Becky woman is the worst bitch I’ve ever dealt with. She is just as mean as a junkyard dog. You heard what she did to Angela. Was she always like that?”

Davidson wanted to tell him the truth, wanted to tell him that she was an evil woman that took pleasure in the misery and betrayal of others. “I really wouldn’t know.”

Schroeder backed off and hesitated. He appeared reluctant to leave.

“Come on, Schroeder, spit it out,” Davidson encouraged.

“Look, Angela didn’t come in and spill her guts for her own good. Like you heard, she actually enjoyed it. She’s scared for her sisters. She’s afraid this guy might be getting back at the family for some reason. If I think she’s a bitch, I’m sure plenty of other people feel the same way. It is a possible motive.”

“I don’t mean to sound controversial, but Angela didn’t spill her guts out of concern for her sisters. She’s here because her mom wanted her to be here. The woman whipped her eighteen year old daughter like she’s twelve. She is extremely manipulative and controlling, and you don’t have to be a senior detective to figure that out.”

Schroeder couldn’t disagree with the assessment, but was still concerned after speaking with Angela. She had won his heart. In an effort to sway Davidson to his side, he placed another 8x10 on Davidson’s desk. It showed two teenaged girls on the beach, wearing the same type and color string bikini. They were identical twins. Both had a nice bronze tan, long silky black hair, adorable faces, small perky breasts, and smooth bellies and legs. They couldn’t have been much younger than Angela. As much as he hated Becky, he had to admit that she bred very well.

“Look, they ride the subway to get to an upscale private school. If this guy has a comfort level down there, he may go for them too,” Schroeder pleaded for help. 

“Well, this robbery can wait, I guess,” Davidson finally agreed as he pushed away from his desk and stood up. He popped the mini-cassette from the player and slipped it into his pocket with the ring, and picked up both pictures.

“Where are you going?” Schroeder asked.

“Hey, you said the twins ride the subway. It seems like the best place to start.” 

Schroeder watched as Davidson left the area, hoping that the detective could do some good for that suffering family.

Part Two

It began as a personal favor to a fellow officer and evolved into a time-consuming hobby. It wasn’t hard to track the twins. They kept a schedule and deviated very little. They rode the subway to and from their private school, and twice a week attended after-school piano lessons. Oddly neither of them dated. Davidson suspected their controlling mother wouldn’t allow it. Becky loved her high social position and any potential scandal had to be avoided. Keeping her daughters from the guys helped to keep her name clean.

About six months elapsed when Davidson grabbed the same train as the twins and observed them from a distance. It was something he did several times a week. As he looked over at them a woman suddenly appeared, challenging him. When Davidson looked up, it was Becky.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said in relief as she held her chest and sat down beside him. “Oh, Brian, I’m so relieved. When the girls said they were being followed, I simply freaked out. I asked Schroeder but he was tied up, so I followed them to see if I could help. I had no idea you’re still on the case.”

Becky was dressed in a smart black business suit, blending in with the crowd of professionals. Her blonde hair was tied back in a bun, and her face looked older but just as beautiful as he remembered from high school. He had to admit she still looked great, and his cock stiffened just the slightest bit.

“There is no case,” he announced. “I’m just doing this for Schroeder, that’s all. I told him I’d keep an eye out for them as a personal favor.”

“Look, we haven’t talked since…” her voice started but tapered off, and she looked away in shame.

“Go ahead, say it. We haven’t talked until you made me think you liked me. We started hanging out together like you were my girlfriend. You led me on. And then you invited me on a weekend trip upstate to do some rock climbing with three of your other friends. I was scared as hell up on that cliff but you all encouraged me to be brave…to trust you. And when I was halfway down, scared shitless, you peered over the cliff and laughed and cut the rope. I broke my right leg, fractured three ribs, and had a concussion. And you left me there. When I came to, I had to limp almost two miles to reach the main road to get help.” The anger and hatred was still evident, and time hadn’t softened any of it.

“When my friends heard we were dating, I had no choice but to go along with their plan. It was the only way to preserve my reputation. I really liked you, Brian, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

“You could’ve said that before cutting the rope.” Davidson looked away. Talking about it angered him more than he wanted to be. He wasn’t any good this way to anyone.

“I can pay you for watching them,” she offered.

Davidson laughed. “I can see the headlines now…’High society woman paying off police…film at eleven.’ This isn’t about you, and it’s not about us. It’s about them. And please, if you want me here, don’t confront me again.”

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