A trip to big bend

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A friend of mine called and said, "Judy and Bertha need some help with one of their water wells. I told them to wait till Monday and call the water well people but they said it is the one that furnishes water to their house. Can you look at it and maybe give them some options?"
I said, "Sure. I'll drive down there now."

Judy and Bertha were two old maids that had lived on the farm they inherited from their father and mother after the couple had died in a car crash. When I got there they greeted me and said, "It must have quit pumping during the early morning. We had to go to town to pick up feed before six this morning so we did not take time to shower or even make coffee. We returned just after noon and were unloading for about three hours before we came back to the house so we did not notice it until about an hour ago. Do you think you can help us?"
I went over to the control box and checked for voltage to the box. There was none so I hunted around and found the breaker panel and there was a tripped breaker there which I reset and then went back to the control and closed the disconnect. The well came up and began to pump water. I went back to the house and explained to them that during last nights storm there had probably been a lightning strike down the line and that had caused the breaker to trip. They got busy and made coffee and insisted that I stay for coffee and rolls. As we sat around their kitchen table they began to tell me about their life together.

Judy said, "Many people think we are sisters but we are not. Bertha was my friend when we were small. Her parents died of the flu when she was ten and we were raised as sisters by my parents who died in a car crash with my brother when we were both seventeen. The farm was paid off and it was left to me, free and clear. The banker tried to steal it from me but our high school teacher was also a lawyer and he and his attorney wife sued the bank and stopped the takeover. He and his wife got themselves made trustees until we were twenty one and then they moved off to California. We have farmed it for the past thirty eight years and made it pay."
"Did either of you ever marry?" I asked.

Bertha said, "No we have been afraid of sex. For a week before the car crash her father raped both of us and her brother Jimmy and we have been afraid ever since. We believe that was what caused the crash. He was driving very fast and her mother, we think, hit him as they argued and he lost control and hit the bridge. It was a terrible crash and their bodies were torn up something awfull the undertaker said. we were seventeen and had been left at home."
"So that is why you wanted me and not the well people to come out on the weekend. You are lonely and afraid and know that I will not hurt you."
"Partly that. You are a widower and will understand discretion and also you are older where as all those well people are barely above teenagers, at least as far as we are concerned. We are still scared to death of being raped. We are not pretty any more, and yes we are terribly lonely and sad."

"Do you have someone who will tend your stock for a week or so?"
"Oh yes. The Gunderson family has said for years we should take a vacation and let them and their ten children take care of our place for a couple of weeks. They think it will do us good and Mrs. Gunderson says her children need to learn about helping others.They are all quite capable of caring for our farm."
"I have been needing to get away myself for a while. Let's do a camping trip to Big Bend. It is late in the year and there won't be any large crowds down there and up in the basin it will be cool, just right for snuggling."

Despite what they said about not being pretty they are both actually rather attractive.Both are just under sixty with slim fortyish figures and rather large breasts. The hard work of farming has kept them in excellent physical shape and their health is good. Both have long dark hair with some gray. Judy has gray eyes while Bertha has brilliant green eyes. I went and got all the camping gear we would need and they made a couple of calls and had their farm business taken care of and we drove out heading for Big Bend the following morning. At the ranger station where we were checking in the ranger asked,with a twinkle in his eyes, "Do you want a more secluded spot for your camp?"

I told him that would be great. He said, "You may not remember me but I know who you are. You were here back in the sixties and stayed for about eight or nine weeks. You can have the spot you stayed in then if you want. Do you remember where it was?"
I looked at him and said, "I do remember you. And I do remember the location. Barton Garwood isn't it?"
"It is. Did those Mexicans ever bring your rifle back?"

"Naw. I told them to keep it and showed them how to care for it and be safe with it. I left them three hundred rounds of ammo with it as well. Sometimes that is the only way they can get meat, by killing a deer. They promised they would use it for meat hunting only."
"Well that is all they use it for. I see it now and again when I go over there to confer with the Federales about something. Those are good people though none of them are there that were there when you were there. There is a guy with a boat that will take you over if you want to go. I can get you the proper papers. It is more restricted now."

"We'll see. We have some relaxing to do for at least a day or two. See you around."
We drove on down to where I had camped years earlier. "We'll stay here a week or so and then go up into the basin. You girls will love it."
After I got the camp set up I let them cook us some steaks whle I drank a couple of beers. They both wanted to try a screw driver so I made them a couple of mild ones. We ate and watched the stars while they had a couple more drinks and I another beer.
"You are being very patient with us, aren't you?"
"After thirty eight years without sex you are going to be nervous. Take your time. There is no rush and it will be sweeter when we do it."
"Will we all sleep together?"
"If that is the way you want it. It might be best so that you will not feel alone with your fears."
"We've masturbated some. We are not very good at it."
"We'll fix that. Everyone should be good at masturbating. Then with your imagination you are never alone. I am going in now. Join me when you are ready."

As I stood to go in to the tent Bertha asked, "Would you fix us one more drink. I think I am getting some kind of feeling that I have never had. Do you want us nude when we come in?""
"If you wish. I will not rush you. I myself always sleep nude, whatever." I fixed them another drink each and went in and stripped off my clothes. I was almost asleep when I felt a nude body slip in on each side of me. They both began to kiss me in turn and rub their bodies on mine. They were getting anxious.
Judy said, "When my father r-aped us he took us out to the barn and in the full moon light he stripped us and himself naked. How far to another camp?"

"This is the only cmap on this end. It is at least five miles to another, though sometimes people camp along the river over there but I looked and there are none now. If you want to go out nude, we can."
Bertha said, "I am anxious to see you in the moon light. I think what I am feeling is what some of those shows call horny. We have watched some pornography. I am trembling to think what you may do to us. I think I want you!"
We rose and slipped on mocassins and I stepped into the moonlight. Judy said, "My father made us touch him an put our mouths on his penis. Can I touch you?"
"Of course."

She moved close as did Bertha. Both were rubbing their bodies on mine. I moved my hands slowly along their bodies and carressed their breasts. Both women were breathing heavily. As Bertha dropped to her knees and began to explore my dick with her mouth I turned Judy with her back to me and began to massage her vagina and clitoris with my fingers and thumb. She was clinging tightly to my arm while I guided Berthas head to where we both wanted it to be. In a moment or two she stood and her and Judy exchanged places. After Judy had sucked me for a bit she stood and again placed her back to me. I began to vigorously masturbate both of them. "OH MY GOD!MASTURBATING OUSELVES NEVER FELT LIKE THIS!"
My throbbing dick was standing up like a soldier. "Take turns putting your hand on me. You are getting me very close."
"We saw one movie where the man ejaculated into the faces of two women. Would you do that? Could we taste your sperm?"

I turned them both and they knelt in front of me. "Masturbate yourselves and take turns sucking me. When I ejaculate I will shoot into your faces."
When I got close I put my hand on my dick and began to stroke it. "OH GOD!" they said together. "LET US HAVE IT IN OUR FACE.!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!LATER TONIGHT PLEASE PROMISE THAT YOU WILL FUCK US!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!"
"Don't worry I will," I said and fired a huge load in their faces.

More to come!

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