A Surprise for Dad at the New Summer House

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It had been seven years since my divorce and things were going quite well for me. My career had really taken off and, despite alimony and child support, I was able to afford things that I previously hadn’t. One thing that I had always dreamed about was a summer home on a lake. My ex wife and I had spent hours talking about it, even going so far as to pick up resort area newspapers and talk half seriously about the time we would actually be able to afford one. Unfortunately our marriage didn’t last long enough to see it, but I hadn’t let go of the idea and finally it was a reality. Now, I wasn’t quite in a position to buy a summer palace, so I bought what one might call a “unique fixer upper opportunity” and proceeded to work at making my dream finally come true. I closed on the place in February and immediately began taking the four hour drive north every other weekend to work on the restoration.

The weekends I wasn’t working on the place I was spending time with my two wonderful teenaged daughters. I was only seeing them every other weekend due to their hectic school schedules. Amanda, my oldest was 19 and the original social butterfly, senior class president, cheerleader, and seemingly more activities than I could keep up with. She was a petite blonde, blue eyes, light skin and a beautiful body that even a father couldn’t quite ignore. The difficult thing for me was the reality that no man could ignore it. Her sister Jenny, at 18 only a year younger, was in many ways her complete opposite. Not to say that Jenny wasn’t beautiful as well, she was, but in a completely different way. Jenny had inherited her looks from my side of the family which was Greek and Italian so she had long dark hair, brown eyes and gorgeous olive skin. Only their cute little noses and dimpled chins could identify them as sisters. Jenny was different in other ways as well, she was the more studious of the two, although both girls got good grades, and was far more reserved with a small group of friends. She dated from time to time, but was nowhere near the boy magnet her sister was.

Every weekend the girls would ask question after question about the progress of the summer house. I loved telling them of my accomplishments promising that when they finally saw it it would be well worth the wait. After long months of work the day they were waiting for arrived. I had put the finishing touches on the place the week before and was ready to share it with my daughters. It was what I had been waiting for as well of course; the place was as much for them as it was for me. I made a few calls to make sure everything was in place and drove over to my ex’s house to pick up the girls. We were had a week together and I wanted to enjoy every minute.

“Hi daddy!” Amanda said as she climbed into the front seat bending over enough to kiss me on the cheek. “I can’t believe we’re finally going to see this mystery house!”
As always Jenny was the quieter one offering a quick greeting. “Hi dad” she said softly while climbing into the back seat.
The most excitement in the car though, came from me because beside the house I had one other surprise I hadn’t told them about. I was so anxious to tell them I almost blurted it out several times during our long drive up to the lake. I managed to contain myself, however, and four hours later we were pulling into the long dirt road leading to the house. 
“Wow” Jenny said first when we arrived. “I can’t believe you dad, it’s awesome!” She exclaimed bolting out of the car with more enthusiasm then I had ever seen her exhibit. 
“She’s not kidding daddy” Amanda agreed “It’s incredible you have to show us everything.”
We all gathered at the front door and I unlocked the door motioning my girls to go inside. I could tell by their dropped jaws that my work had the desired effect. The entranceway looked onto the living room which in turn looked out onto the lake with a view that was breathtaking. It was the culmination of everything I had worked for and it seemed the girls agreed. I still hadn’t shown them the surprise though.
“Hey girls” I said opening up the sliding glass doors to the back of the house, “Come with me down to the dock”
The girls followed still looking around them seemingly amazed that their dad had managed to pull off such a feat. We got to the dock and I unveiled my surprise, a brand new red speedboat. The girls loved to water ski and I knew this would be the highlight for them so I made it a surprise. 
Amanda was the first to speak, “Daddy it so awesome I can’t believe it!” She exclaimed giving me a hug. “This is the best thing ever!”
“Yeah dad” Jenny echoed “It really is I can’t wait to go skiing!” Then she walked down the dock eyeing every inch of our new toy.
I was so glad the girls were so happy, and the only thing that curbed our enthusiasm was the fact that the sun was quickly setting and we would have to wait for the following day to go skiing.
The rest of the evening went quickly; we drove to town to do some grocery shopping then came back and had dinner. After dinner I settled in the living room and turned on the TV to watch some news and the girls started settling in themselves. At one point they each came in and said goodnight, and went off to bed. About an hour later I decided to head to bed myself and walked towards my room. As I passed Amanda’s room I happened to look in on her partially closed door and saw she still had a light on. I was completely unprepared for what I saw next. Amanda was lying on her back on the bed, legs spread wide with her fingers busily working on her pussy. I immediately turned away and headed for my room. I walked in and closed the door pausing to catch my breath. I suppose that realistically I could have guessed my 17 year old daughter would masturbate, but seeing it was another matter entirely. The next surprise was that I had a raging hard on brought on by my own child. I found it vaguely disturbing but realized that the only thing to do now was to pound my pud and relieve this unexpected sexual stress.
The next day the girls were up at nearly the crack of dawn and had breakfast fixed before I even walked into the kitchen. I dutifully kissed theme ach on the cheek, pausing for a moment with Amanda “What is it daddy” she asked.
“Oh nothing sweetheart” I lied unable to banish what I had seen the previous night from my mind “I’m just so glad to see you girls so happy, what do you say we try out that new boat?”
They both agreed and hurried to their rooms to change. I was already in my trunks so I walked down to the dock to wait for them. They both came bounding down the path to the dock at the same time, and if I had thought I could get rid of my lingering sexual feelings, I was proven wrong. Here were my 16 and 17 year old daughters both wearing skimpy bikinis, Amanda’s even being a thong. I did everything I could not to ok, but I couldn’t help staring. Jenny’s innate shyness took it as a criticism.
“I told you dad would get mad if we wore these suits” Jenny exclaimed to her sister, then turning to me “Sorry dad, it was her idea”
Amanda didn’t even allow me to speak, but instead looked at me and said “Oh come on dad don’t be a prude, jenny and I look good”
I stammered to find the words and ultimately said, “Um no girls I’m not mad, you look great”
Amanda grinned and Jenny looked relieved. I was just doing everything I could to make sure my daughters didn’t see how hard they made me. I guessed I succeeded but thought I saw each of them throw a glance or two towards my crotch. Chalking it up to paranoia I took my place at the helm of our new boat and we set off to have fun. 
It turned out to be a nearly perfect day, the girls took turns skiing and we anchored for a while to go swimming. Amanda even managed to flirt with a few boys on another boat, while her sister looked on in mock disgust. By the end of the day we were all bushed and headed back to the house. 
After dinner I said goodnight to the girls and headed to bed. Lying in bed all I could think about was my gorgeous daughters looking so good in their bikinis, and the vision of my oldest fingers deep in her pussy enjoying her own personal sexual ecstasy. I had some guilt but couldn’t help thinking of those sights of the past day while I stroked my cock. I had my eyes closed and was happily stroking away when I felt a hand pushing mine off my member. I looked up to see a smiling Amanda who had now taken over the task of working on my tool.
I should have said something but I didn’t instead just enjoying the taboo when she broke the silence “Guess you like that huh daddy?” she grinned “I saw how you looked at me today, and I saw you peeking in my room last night, you saw something you liked didn’t you dad?” laughing softly.
I was shocked to say the least, I had never considered that she could have seen me but apparently she did. Beyond that Amanda sure didn’t seem to mind. In fact by this point she had gone fro stroking to sucking, her soft teen lips wrapped tightly around my hard cock. It took all my will power to keep from filling her mouth up right then. I had an angel and devil routine playing out in my head, and with little convincing the devil won. Now with all hesitation gone I knew one thing for certain, I had to taste my daughter’s sweet little pussy that I had seen the night before. I gently moved her off my cock and turned her over on her back and quickly went to work on her sweet little cunt, which, I noticed was completely shaved. It was about the sweetest thing I had ever tasted and I told her so. 
The more I lapped at her sweet, young, hairless cunt, the more I knew I had to fuck her, daughter or not. As I started thinking about doing that I realized I had no condoms with me, I had come up to spend time with my daughters, and fucking one wasn’t on the agenda. Amanda seemed to read my mind, “fuck me daddy” she pleaded “and don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”
Those were the magic words I had been waiting for; in one quick motion I got up from between her sweet legs, and positioned myself above her resting the head of my cock against her young pussy. I bent down to kiss her, and amazingly our first real non father/daughter kiss given the fact I had been eating her pussy for twenty minutes. As our tongues moved in a hot dance of lust, I slowly began to push into my daughter’s cunt. She clearly knew what she was doing and began moving against me trying to get more of my nine and one half inch cock in her sweet teen puss. God she was tight! Although I was certain that she had been royally fucked many many times, she still felt like a warm fist around my throbbing prick. Then I was all the way inside her, and started fucking her in long slow strokes. My little blonde daughter was nearly delirious from what I was doing to her and began to softly moan. This turned me on immensely and I began to fuck her harder hoping to hear more of this chorus of ecstasy. What I had forgotten in my bliss was that I had another daughter in the next room.
I continued fucking Amanda harder and harder “Fuck me daddy! fuck me hard, your cock feels so awesome inside me God I can’t believe my daddy is fucking me so good!” She cried in between moans of joy. I was really slamming her and sucking on a tit at the same time, we were both in heaven.
Then a voice broke through the silence. “DAD! AMANDA! Holy shit! Oh my God!”
Hearing my younger daughter’s voice should have made stop fucking and jump up in embarrassment, but instead it turned me on enough that I began to explode wave after wave of hot cum deep inside Amanda’s little pussy. As I did she exploded in a tremendous orgasm of her own. When we recovered a few moments later we saw that Jenny was still standing there wearing nothing but a t shirt and panties.
“What’s the matter sis?” Amanda asked with a grin “jealous?”
Jenny stood there with a look on her face somewhere between curiosity and horror. “I can’t believe you guys! I can’t believe you were doing that!” Her words belied her curiosity; however, as she hadn’t taken her eyes off of our joined genitals since she had walked in on us.
My cock pulled out of her sister with a wet slurp. “Jenny honey” I said as I stood up to face her “I don’t know what to say”
“I do” Amanda laughed “You should fuck him too Jen, he’s awesome! Beside I know you’re not the virgin priss you pretend to be!”
Jenny looked surprised by her sister’s revelation, but she made no effort to deny it. “I didn’t know you knew” she said softly.
“I didn’t” Amanda said in a matter of fact way “Until I fucked the Thompson brothers last week and found out you had been with them before me! Way to go little sister!” She laughed.
Thompson BROTHERS! I thought as I looked back and forth at my teen daughters. Amanda I had expected to be a little slut, but Jenny? I realized that I had barely spoken a word and regardless of the situation I was till the parent. “Well” I said “It seems we have some talking to do.”
Amanda went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and said she would join is in a few minutes. Jenny and I left the bedroom and went to the living room, and sat down next to each other on our big couch.
Neither of us really knew where to start, but eventually I took the lead “Jenny I’m sorry you walked in on us like that, it must have been quite a shock, but” I continued “It’s just something that happened and even if I wanted to I couldn’t take it back.”
“I know that dad!” she laughed “You can’t un-fuck someone, but seeing your dad fucking your sister isn’t something you see every day!”
We both laughed uncontrollably then, a hearty tension relieving laugh that seemed to knock us out of the awkward state we had been in. “Now young lady” I said still chuckling “it seems that you have some explaining to do too!”
“Yeah” Jenny said smiling “I guess I do. I like sex just as much as Amanda, it’s just that I try to do it with guys who don’t tell much, and even if they do I deny it. And,” she continued “because most people think I’m this real straight prissy chick, people believe me” Then she laughed “Amanda doesn’t care who knows, she’s done guys at parties in front of everyone!”
As if on cue Amanda walked in then. “So what” she said totally naked drying herself off with a towel “It’s not like I care, I like to have fun and I don’t care if people know it. That’s their problem.” She concluded joining us on the couch.
I took a moment to reflect. Her I was in my long dreamed of new summer home with my 16 and 17 year old daughters, one naked, one barely dressed talking about sex! Add that to the fact that I had already thoroughly fucked one of them and I was living out the wildest fantasy imaginable. And it was about to get better.
“Well,” Amanda exclaimed excitedly “now that everything’s out in the open we should all have fun, you want to suck daddy’s cock with me Jenny” she grinned at her sister.
Jenny gave quick look of shock that instantly morphed into a smile; “Why not?” she said “I have one more confession to make anyway” she giggled then looked at me “I’ve always wanted you anyway dad!”
That actually did shock me but I didn’t have much time to think about it as my two girls got down on the floor in front of me. Jenny was the first to go down on my nearly hard again member”
“MM Dad, this is a nice one” she said “Did it feel good inside you Amanda?” she asked her sister.
“Oh god yes” Amanda replied taking a long lick up from my balls all the way to the head of my cock.
“Then I really can’t wait to find out” Jenny replied and then took all of my cock in her pretty little mouth.
The talking stopped then and the only noises in the room were sexual grunts and moans. I had managed to reach my hand around and was fingering jenny as she participated in the best blow h=job of my life. It was picture perfect a dark haired beauty down in front of me on my left and a cute little blond down there on the right, and both were taking turns on my cock and balls. The fact they were my daughters sent the whole thing into overdrive. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. I told the girls this and watched them fight over whose mouth was going to collect their old man’s seed. Jenny was the winner.
“Here it comes Jen!” I cried blowing my load in her sweet little mouth. She took it all in her mouth swallowing like a pro with just a small amount dribbling out of her mouth.
“You missed some sis” Amanda giggled and licked up the excess from her sister’s face. Was that ever erotic!
I lay down on the couch completely spent. “That’s about all your old dad has girls,” I admitted knowing that I hadn’t had three hard ons in a night in years “Let’s call it a night”
“Oh no you don’t dad” Jenny scolded “You haven’t fucked me yet, and I know I can get this thing hard again!” With hat she climbed on top of me and we engaged in a deep kiss. I noticed Amanda was lying on the floor legs spread fingering herself. Unbelievably I felt my spent prick returning to life.
Jenny broke our kiss and whispered to me “I knew it would get hard again dad!”
“Yes” I replied “you girls have me hotter than I have been in years.” It was true too, and though I wouldn’t admit it to Amanda, especially Jenny. I’m sure it was partly because of her innocent looks, and partly because of before that evening I had never even imagined that she was sexually active. Amanda was the type and having fucked many of her type in high school I had no illusions. But Jenny was different, my dark haired 16 year old innocent beauty. I was so deep in thought I barely noticed as she stayed on top of me and guided my now rigid prick into her tight teen cunt. She was tighter than her sister, but just as experienced I found out as she bounced up and down on my cock.
“God dad! Yours is the biggest that’s ever been in me!” She cooed “You were right Amanda” she hissed grinning at her sister “He does feel awesome!”
“Told ya!” Amanda replied working fast and furious on her pussy “He was my best fuck ever!”
This was all too much for me and I felt I had to take control, so I eased Jenny off my cock, turned her over facing the couch and crouched behind her entering her cunt from behind in one slow stroke.
“Oh Daddy” she cried “you’re so deep in my pussy! Ooooo it feels so good”
It was then that I found another difference between my two slutty little girls. Where Amanda was a loud moaner, Jenny was a screamer and was she ever loud! She nearly broke our eardrums as I continued pummeling her teen pussy from behind. I reached under and began fingering her clit as I fucked her, and that really set her off on an intense orgasm. She nearly collapsed as she came as I continued to pound her, he weight being held up entirely by the couch.
I noticed Amanda had managed to finger herself to a good cum herself and with all the cumming in the room who was I to argue? I blasted Jenny’s pussy with my third load of the night.
“Wow dad!” Jenny smiled at me as I helped her to her feet “That was the best ever!” she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I can’t wait to do it some more”
“Me too!” Amanda chimed in “But don’t forget it’s my turn next Jen!” she mock scolded her sister. 
I looked at my girls and laughed. “it's nobodies turn tonight girls,” I said “It’s time for me to go to bed and recover! But,” I smiled at them “There’s always tomorrow”
We all laughed and joined hands as we all went to my room where the three of us all slept in the same bed. As I drifted off to sleep feeling two naked bodies along side of me, I realized my life was going to be very different from that point on….

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