A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure : Chapter 4

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It was Saturday. However, this wasn't just an ordinary Saturday. It was my 22nd birthday.

As it turned out, my girlfriend, Becca, had something big planned for me early that morning.

I was sleeping in my bed when she woke me up at just past Midnight.

As I opened my eyes, I immediately noticed that something was different. Everything was black.

I reached for my face and felt it.

Becca had wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, blocking my vision entirely. I heard her giggle as I struggled to peek underneath the blindfold that was wrapped tightly around my eyes.

"Becca, what's going on?" I asked. "Why am I..."

"Happy birthday, baby," Becca said. "Do keep that blindfold on for me, please."

"But why am I wearing this..."

"I have a big surprise for you," she replied. "Now come on. It's time for you to get up and get dressed. It's your birthday. And the fun is about to begin."

I climbed out of my bed and started to search for some clothes that I could put on. Suddenly, Becca grabbed my right hand and guided me over to my desk chair.

"Don't worry, I put some clothes on the chair for you," she said.

"Anything sensual?" I asked.

"Nope, just your normal everyday clothes," she stated. "Don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm about to reveal the big... surprise."

I slowly put on the clothes that were resting on the chair. Then I slipped on my tennis shoes.

"All good?" I asked Becca. "I didn't put my shirt on backwards or something weird like that?"

"You're good to go," she replied.

Becca took my left hand and held it. My heart beat rapidly as she led me out of my bedroom, down the stairs, and out of my apartment.

She helped me climb into her car. I slid my seatbelt on as I sat in the passenger seat.

"This is crazy," I told her.

"I know," she said. "But that's what makes this surprise so exciting."

At that moment, Becca started the car and drove off.

I had no idea where we were going or what Becca had in store for me. I just hoped that I would have a great Saturday birthday.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination. Becca opened my door, unbuckled my seatbelt, and helped me climb out of the car.

Becca held my left hand as led me across the parking lot and towards a building. She opened a door and led me into the building.

"We're nearly there," she whispered. "Just two more minutes, and we'll be right at our destination."

I could hear the excitement in her voice as she guided me.

I could tell that we were in some type of hallway. However, I couldn't think of any place that was open or accessible at this hour.

I didn't know what Becca had planned for me, but I hoped that it would be amazing.

She opened a door to the right of me and led me into a room. I could hear heavy breathing around me.

Becca and I were not alone. There were other people in the room. However, I couldn't tell who they were or where we all were.

"Alright, baby, we're here," she announced.

At that moment, Becca stepped behind me, pressed her hands against the back of my head, and removed the blindfold from around my eyes.

I gasped when I saw who surrounded me.

Twelve sexy college cheerleaders surrounded me. They all had huge smiles on their faces.

Every cheerleader that I filmed from the stands on gamedays was in that locker room.

I immediately noticed that Becca was wearing her cheerleader uniform too.

The cheerleaders on the squad were Amber Goodman, Sheila Jokansky, Trisha Odanick, Holly Raymon, Katie Lorrance, Riley Preston, Kristen Torman, Lauren Bocher, Julie Crawford, Valerie Cranshaw, Nicole Dalemort, and, of course, Emma, Becca's best friend.

We were in the women's locker room of the campus university. The locker door that led out into the hallway had been bolted shut and secured by Becca.

"Why are we here?" I asked Becca.

"Because it's your birthday, silly," she answered. "And I know that this is your ultimate fantasy. So here it is. Your fantasy... come to life."

My heart beat rapidly as I realized what was about to happen. This was really happening. I was about to have amazing sex with thirteen beautiful college cheerleaders.

"We're cheerleaders," Amber declared. "We know how to remain excited while maintaining control and staying disciplined. And we know how to make cute men like you smile."

"Now let's get these clothes off of you so we can help you relax," Valerie said.

The cheerleaders led me over to a bench and made me sit down on it.

"You just sit back, cutie," Emma said. "Your cheerleaders will do all the work for you."

Amber and Nicole removed my shoes and socks from my feet while Julie removed the tie from around my neck.

Emma unbuckled my belt and removed it from my pants.

Trisha, Katie, Riley, and Holly pressed their fingernails into my red shirt as they ripped the shirt right off of me. Multiple buttons on my shirt flew across the locker room as the sexy cheerleaders removed it from my body.

Valerie unbuttoned and unzipped my black pants. Then Kristen and Lauren grabbed my pants and slowly pulled them off of my legs.

I stared down at my legs, noting that my green boxers were the only piece of clothing that had yet to be removed.

Sheila gathered all of my clothes and tossed them across the locker room.

Then Becca got on her knees. She smiled as she ripped my boxers right off of me and freed my cock.

The cheerleaders smiled as they stared at my naked body, focusing largely on my fully erect cock.

"Wow!" Amber exclaimed. "It really is that big!"

She reached for my cock with her right hand, but Becca slapped her hand away.

"What the hell?" Amber cried.

"Look, I know you all want to play with it, but I don't want you to rush anything," Becca declared. "You'll all get to play with it soon. Now listen. His cock is off limits for the time being. Everything else... is fair game. You got it?"

All of the cheerleaders nodded in agreement.

"Alright, now let's warmup," Becca declared.

The cheerleaders teased me as they gathered around me. Then they kissed, touched, and stimulated every part of my body that wasn't my cock.

I tried to touch my cock, but the cheerleaders refused to let me do so.

Nicole sucked on the fingers on my left hand while Valerie sucked on the fingers on my right hand.

Amber and Sheila licked and kissed my arms, slowly massaging the skin with their mouths.

Trisha sucked on the toes on my left foot while Riley sucked on the toes on my right foot.

Katie and Holly pressed their teeth into my neck and began to bite it. They were determined to leave hickey marks all over my neck.

Lauren and Julie rubbed my back, rubbing their fingers across my spine as they moved their warm fingers up and down.

Kristen nibbled on my ears, moving back and forth as she attempted to seduce me.

I moaned as Emma stroked my thighs. She moved her hands quickly as she rubbed them.

Becca smiled as she placed her tongue and warm lips onto my balls, licking and sucking them as she aroused me.

I gasped as my body reacted to the hotness that was occurring all around me.

At that moment, a small amount of fluid appeared right at the tip of my cock. Becca noticed it too.

She motioned for the cheerleaders to stop kissing and touching me, and they all complied. She pointed to the fluid that was on the tip of my cock.

"I think it's fair to say that he's fully aroused now," Becca declared.

"Oh, very," I answered.

"Oh, my God, I want to taste it," Amber cried. "Let me taste it. It looks so good."

"Ladies, there's nothing that I enjoy more than being aroused by all of you," I confessed.

"And we love arousing you," Emma replied, as she climbed to her feet. "But now it's your turn to arouse us."

At that moment, she lifted her miniskirt up and showed me her light blue cheerleader panties.

Emma slowly pulled her panties down her legs as she exposed her crotch. Then she kicked the panties off of her feet and onto the floor. As usual, she decided to leave her shoes and socks on.

She let out a loud sigh as she sat down on the bench and spread her legs.

Emma's miniskirt rose up as she showed me her shaven pussy. She patted her pink lips with her fingers as she waited for me to make a move.

I moved towards her. Then I pushed my lips and tongue against Emma's cooch and began to eat her out.

Emma moaned as my upper lip rubbed against her clitoris, gingerly stroking it.

I planted kisses all over Emma's twat as I made it warm and moist.

She moaned as her cooch absorbed my wet kisses.

Then I pushed my tongue past the pink lips of her pussy and entered her.

Emma cried out as I licked the walls of her pleasure center with my tongue.

I moved my warm lips around her pink lips as I flicked my tongue around, increasing the intensity as I attempted to make her cum.

I could feel her pussy getting moist as I satisfied her. At that moment, I decided to push Emma over the edge. I sank my teeth into Emma and bit down on her clitoris.

Emma leaned her head back and screamed as the orgasmic bliss overwhelmed her.

The other cheerleaders watched in awe as I gave Emma a mind-blowing orgasm with my mouth.

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