A perfect arrangement

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Donald came home early and caught his eighteen year old daughter sucking her boyfriend's prick. He took her to get birth control pills immediately. A week later as soon as he was sure they were in effect he ask her to try them out.

"With my boyfriend?"

"With me" said her father.

"You're joking" said Krista.

"No I'm not, I want to fuck you"

"I won't let you, that's sick and disgusting"

"I don't think so" replied her dad.

Krista stomped out of the house and drove to see her friend Francine. They had been friends since grade school. Krista rang the doorbell.

"Hi Miss Douglas, is Francine home?"

"She's in her bedroom" said her mother.

Krista went up stairs and found her friend.

"I was hoping you would come over, I've got something to tell you" said Francine.

"What is it?" ask Krista.

"I got a job as a secretary" she gushed.

"I need a job to get out of the house so I can live on my own" sighed Krista.

"Did you have another fight with your dad?"

Krista told her Francine about the birth control pills and what her dad said.

"I think he's lonely" said her friend.

"That doesn't give him the right to hit on me" she said angrily.

"I wish he was my dad, I would let him do me" laughed Francine. "You're nasty" giggled Krista.

"Is that why you like me?" ask Francine.


"I've read that divorced men miss their wives and turn to their daughters for sex" said Francine.

"Mom said dad was a sex fiend and now I know it's true"

"I don't believe he thinks incest is wrong Krista"

"Oh poo, my dad is a pervert" snarled Krista.

The subject changed to jobs. Krista wanted to find one. When Krista went home her father was waiting for her.

"Forgive me for asking you for sex honey"

She smiled at him and said.

"I forgive you, I know you miss sleeping with my Mom"

She gave her dad a hug before he went to bed. Krista sat on the couch thinking. Her father needed to get married again. She thought of Miss Douglas. She got pregnant and didn't know who the father was. Miss Douglas said her drink was spiked at a party and she couldn't remember a thing. Men often do bad things to women. She was sure her boyfriend wasn't like that. Krista got up after her dad went to work. She put on her best clothes. Her car was old but it still ran. She liked the Buick because it was a convertible. Krista went to an insurance company. The manager said they would hire her next week and he would give her a call. Then Krista went to see her boyfriend and tell him the good news. Larry opened the door.

"I got a job" she gushed.

"Doing what?" he ask.


"Good for you" said Larry.

"My dad made me get birth control pills"

"Can I screw you?"

"Yes silly, why do you think I'm here" she giggled.

Krista went to his bedroom and removed her clothes. Larry couldn't believe his luck. He stared at her naked body until his prick got hard.

"Take your clothes off Larry, don't just stand there." she teased.

Larry undressed in a hurry while Krista flopped on his bed. He stuck his prick in her and fucked like mad. Krista had her first big climax. Larry screwed her for half an hour before he was done.

"Are you finished?"

"I have to rest"

"Then I have to go home" she laughed.

Krista smothered Larry with kisses and got dressed. Her dad was waiting for her when she got home. She told him about happy she was about the job offer.

"Does that mean you will be moving out?" he said sadly.

"I told you I forgave you silly" she said.

"Good, I don't want to live alone"

"Why don't you ask Miss Douglas out"

"What's her first name?"


Donald thought for a moment and said.

"I'll call her tomorrow"

Krista was delighted. She hoped Miss Douglas and her dad would become lovers. That would make Francine happy. Krista was horny so she went to her boyfriend's house. She undressed and lay on the couch. She closed her eyes and let Larry have his way with her. When he was done she told him about Miss Douglas and her dad.

"She's a good looking woman for her age" said Larry.

"I hope they get married" said Krista.

"Does that mean you and Francine will be sisters?"

"Sort of" she laughed.

Larry got another hard on and Krista gave him a blow job, then she went home. It was late.

When Krista got home she ask her dad.

"Have you ask Miss Douglas out?"

"She invited me for drinks tomorrow night" he said proudly.

"Tomorrow is Sunday, don't get too drunk" warned Krista.

Her dad said he wouldn't and Krista fixed dinner. They watched television until bed time. Donald jacked off and went to sleep. The next morning Donald showered and shaved. He could hardly wait until evening. Krista peeked into the bathroom and said.

"You shouldn't worry about your looks dad, you're a handsome man" said his daughter.

"I hope she likes me"

"She will, I bet she is horny as you are" giggled Krista.

Donald rang the doorbell and Francine opened it.

"Your mom ask me here for drinks" he stammered.

Karen Douglas smiled at him and said.

"I hope you like vodka and orange juice"

"That's ok with me" said Donald.

He sat on the couch and drank vodka and orange juice with Karen and her daughter. He was surprised when Karen and Francine got tipsy.

"You're going to get drunk mom" giggled Francine.

"Why don't you visit Krista and leave us alone"

"I want to watch" laughed her daughter.

Karen moved closer to Donald.

"Why don't you kiss him?" urged Francine.

Karen blushed and said.

"If he wants me to"

Karen gulped down another drink and Kissed Donald. He kissed her back sticking his tongue in her mouth. Francine smiled at them and said.

"Have fun mom"

Then she went to her room. Donald put his trembling hand on her leg. Karen made sure her daughter was gone and unbuttoned her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. Donald felt her breasts and kissed her again.

"Let's go to my bedroom" she whispered.

Francine heard the sounds of sex coming from her mothers bedroom. She knew her mom was getting the shit fucked out of her. Francine played with her clit until she climaxed. Then she took her nightgown off and went her mom's bedroom.

"What are you doing here" growled Karen.

"Can I fuck him too?" she ask

"You horny slut" gasp Karen.

"Please mom, let him do me" she begged.

Karen was drunk so she didn't care if Donald did her daughter.

"Do you want to fuck Karen?"

"Yes" he stammered.

Karen went to the living room and fixed herself a drink. She wanted to marry Donald. If he wanted to have sex with Francine it was ok with her. She finished her drink and got another. She gulped that down and staggered to her bedroom. Her daughter was on top of Donald and riding his prick. She grabbed Francine's tit and squeezed.

"Ouch mom, that hurts"

"Save some for me" warned Karen.

Francine got up and said she would leave them alone. She was going to Krista's house to stay the night. Krista heard Francine banging on the door. She let her in and ask.

"What are you doing here?"

"Your dad is fucking my mom and I left"

"Great!" said Krista.

"My mom let your dad fuck me" said Francine.

"Oh my god, what's wrong with her?" gasp Krista.

"Too much vodka" giggled the girl.

"No shit, you reek of it" said Krista.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"If you stay on your side of the bed you drunken slut" laughed Krista.

Francine followed Krista to her bedroom where they both went to sleep. Francine woke up with a hangover. She looked at her sleeping friend and reached under her nightgown and felt her breasts. Krista woke up with a start.

"What are you doing?" she ask.

"Something I have always wanted to do"

"Feel my tits?" laughed Krista.

"I want to feel your pussy too"

"I thought you liked boys?"

"I do, but I want to have sex with you"

"Oh my god, you're bisexual!"

"When I'm horny I'll let a dog fuck me"

"You perverted slut" giggled Krista.

Francine planted a kiss on Krista's mouth. Krista took her panties off and let Francine feel her cunt.

"Stick your fingers in my pussy Francine" she moaned.

Francine finger fucked the trembling girl to climax.

"My god, I didn't know a girl could make me feel this way" gasp Krista.

Francine got between Krista's legs and licked her wet pussy. Krista closed her eyes and enjoyed it. When Francine was done with her girlfriend she ask.

"Want to go and see your dad""

"Yes" she replied.

They went inside the house and saw Karen drinking a large glass of vodka.

"Haven't you had enough to drink mom?"

"Not yet, Frank is going to fuck my asshole"

"Oh my god" gasp Krista.

"Go for it mom and we'll watch"

Karen got on her hands and knees. Frank greased up his prick and rammed it up her rectum.

"JESUS CHRIST THAT HURTS!" cried the woman.

"Shut the fuck up and take it bitch" growled Frank.

Francine smiled to herself. She took pleasure knowing Frank was hurting her mother.

"Make that bitch suffer" laughed the girl. Frank couldn't hold back his sperm and filled her shit hole with cum. Francine cleaned his prick with her tongue. Krista kissed her dad and said.

"She must love you to let you do that"

Karen and I are going to live together honey"

Frank gave Krista and Donald his house and moved in with Karen and Francine. It was a perfect arrangement.

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