A Night we will Never Forget

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a true story of what happened to my wife and I earlier this year. My name is Jon and my wife's name is Pam, we are both in our mid forties and have been married for over Twenty years. We have a Son and daughter who are both grown up and are currently at University.

Pam and I have had a very happy marriage and what you would call a normal but satisfying sex life but after Twenty odd years we wanted to spice things up a little, maybe be as daring as we were in our youth.

My wife came up with the idea of putting a few saucy pictures of her on a website that she came across when a she was on the internet the other day, this is something we have never done before and I instantly thought that it would be fun thing to try.

Pam showed me the website and before we knew it we had filled in the members section and were both getting slightly turned on by the frill of it all. I got my Camera and we took a few snaps of my wife's breasts in different poses. Even at 45 years old my wife has the figure of someone half her age. Soon the pictures were uploaded to the website. The entire process had turned my wife and I on so much we went straight to bed and had the most amazing sex we had had in years.

A few days past and I was on the Computer and I thought I would check the website that we had uploaded my wife's pictures on. We had received an email from a group of men who called themselves 'The Truckers'. I called my wife to the Computer and read out what they had wrote. It said how sexy they thought my wife looked and how they wanted to see a lot more of her. My wife had never mentioned anything before about having a fantasy of group sex with more than one man but I could tell by her face that these men had turned my wife on with what they wrote.

I asked my wife what she thought of the email and she said she was interested in teasing the guys some more, so we sent back a reply and a few more saucy more daring pictures. Again that night we had the most amazing sex but I knew she was thinking about those men as I fucked her.

About a week later my wife was out and I was again on the Computer doing some work, when I had finished I once again checked the website where we had uploaded our pictures, I clicked on the email section and to my amazement my wife had been sending emails to the 'Trucker' guys all week without me knowing. I read every email and they were going into great detail of what they wanted to do with my wife. My wife in turn responding with what she wanted them to do to her. From what I could make out from the 'Trucker' guys emails they all had a Tights fetish and wanted to fuck my wife in nothing but her Tights. My wife had responded by sending them saucy pictures of her in her Tights with her legs spread wide apart. My cock was rock hard at what had been going on behind my back, these emails had turned me on to the point where I wanted to watch these men gangbang my wife.

I didn't mention to my wife that I had been reading her emails but did say that maybe if she was up for it we should arrange to meet up with the 'Truckers' and see what happens. Her face lit up, I told her to email them an try to arrange something with them and see where it takes us, knowing full well it would end with them all fucking my wife's brains out.

A few more days past and the meeting was arranged, Pam was going to met them for Dinner but she promised me that if she did decide to take things further with them she would bring them back to our House.

The Evening finally came and Pam was getting herself ready, I watched her as she put on her new Tan coloured Tights, I also noticed that she didn't put any knickers on underneath her Tights, this is something she has never done before, my cock was rock hard in my pants at the thought of what these guys were going to do with her.

After an hour or so Pam was ready to leave, she looked stunning in her above the knee Skirt, her Tan Tights and low cut top. As soon as she left I knew I had a few hours before she would come back and in the back of my mind I was really hoping it was going to be with the Trucker guys.

I work in Security and own a few Remote Control Wireless Camera 's that are really easy to set up and are tiny, I grabbed 4 of the from the Garage and made my way to our Bedroom hoping that if there was any action it would be in this room. I placed the Camera's in each corner of the room and set them up to work with our Computer. A few clicks on the Computer and I had a perfect picture of every angle of our bedroom. Our computer room was at the other end of the house so I kept myself there for the rest of the evening just in case they came back early.

It got to 11 O'clock and my wife still wasn't home, my mind was racing. I rang her number and she picked up the phone. She sounded drunk and I could hear men in the background. She told me she was on her way home with a Truck load of boys that wanted to fuck her brains out. I thought my cock was going to explode. I put the phone down and waited.

About 15 minutes later I heard a Truck pull up outside our House. I raced to the window and saw two men lifting my drunk wife out of the passenger seat, her skirt was round her waist and it looked like the two guys were groping her Tits through her top as they put her to the floor. Then to my amazement 4 more guys also got out of the Truck. My wife was in for one hell of a fucking!

I went back to the Computer room and waited. I could hear shouting and cheering as my wife and her new fuck buddies entered the front door. I needed to know what was going on so I opened the Computer room door and peered down the stairs to see my wife being held with her legs spread eagled by 4 guys, they started to carry her up the stairs. I ran back into the Computer and put the Camera's on in the bedroom.

I watched on the Computer screen as the 4 guys carried my wife into the bedroom and walking behind them was the another 2 guys. They closed the bedroom door and suddenly started to grope and fondle my wife's body. Hands were everywhere, I watched as Pam's top was pulled down by 2 men and at least 4 hands groped her now exposed tits. Her skirt was still up round her waist as the men tried to finger her through her Tights. Again Pam was picked up by a man either side of her, she was now in mid air with her legs being spread wide apart as one by one the men buried their heads between her legs. Pam was screaming and moaning and had already reached her first Orgasm of the night. I reached down to my cock and started to Wank at the images of my wife's first Gangbang. This was going to be a very special night for everyone.

Soon Pam's clothes were taken off her except for her Tights, I remember reading the emails form the Guys saying how they wanted to fuck her in her Tights. This is something me and Pam have never down before. Pam was now on our bed and surrounded by the 6 men, I clicked to a differnet Camera to get a better view. One of the men seemed to take out of his pocket what looked like 2 sets of Hand Cuffs, I remembered that Pam had told the guys in her emails how she wanted to be tied up by them. My heart was racing at the thought of them fucking my wife while she was locked in Handcuffs.

The man opened one of the cuffs and placed it round Pam's ankle, then did the same on the other ankle with the other hand cuff. I saw Pam looking down the bed at her still spread legs as the man lifted her legs by the Handcuffs and gave them to 2 men groping her tits. They each took one of her wrists and put her left wrist in the left cuff which was around her ankle and the right wrist in the right Handcuff. Pam was now fully spread wide and at the mercy of these men. Again she had an Orgasm. She was going insane as the 6 guys groped and fingered her Pussy through her Tights.

I was flicking between Camera's trying to get the best view of my Spread Eagled Handcuffed wife as the 6 men began to undress around her. These men had massive cocks, some wider than others and some longer than others but each man must have been over 8 inches in length. 2 of the guys were Black and hung like Hoovers, god only knows how my wife would take these cocks inside her. The men again surrounded my wife, one man either side of her grabbed her still Handcuffed ankles and wrists and opened her legs up as wide as they would go to all the other guys. My wife was looking down the bed at these massive cocks while another man got between her legs and ripped a hole where her Pussy was in her Tights.

The other men were cheering as without wasting any more time he started to put the end of his huge cock into my wife's pussy. My wife was moaning like a wounded animal as more and more his cock drove in to her pussy. Soon he was fucking her faster and faster, I changed camera views to see my wife's still spread legs shaking as she cum again and again. Each man took it in turns to fuck my wife in this position and as each man put there cock inside her the other men egged them on to fuck her harder and harder. The only men left to fuck her was the 2 black men, my wife had never had sex with a black man before and they wanted to make sure her first time would be her best.

I heard the guys say that the 2 black men should both fuck her at the same time, my wife looked shocked and slightly worried. My wife was still handcuffed and picked up off the bed by a couple of guys, they held her in mid air as one of the black men got on the bed and laid on his back. His cock was massive, at least 10 inches. While my wife was being held by the men another man had put his hands between her legs and fingered her pussy and Arse hole at the same time. Again my wife had yet another Orgasm. I guessed they were getting her lubed up ready for her first ever DP.

My wife was not a big fan of anal sex, we had tried it a few times before but without success so I was not too sure how she was going to deal with such a massive cock up her Arse . The men carrying Pam lifted her back over the bed with the black man underneath her, slowly the men lowered Pam onto his massive cock. Her face was a picture of pleasure and pain as further and further his cock entered her Arse. The men carried on holding my wife as the black man moved in and out of her Bum. By now she was screaming and shouting for him to fuck her harder. I was shocked that my wife was enjoying it. Here was my wife handcuffed and still in her Tights having her legs spread wide while a black men fucked her arse. I wanked my cock so hard. But it got even better than that.

The man fucking her Arse and built up a rhythm and Pam who was facing away from him was laid back on his chest as he held her in place with his massive hands. She asked the men to uncuff her wrists from her ankles but instead Handcuff her wrists to the bedposts. I was amazed that she wanted this to be done to her. Her ankles were red raw from the rubbing of the Handcuffs but Pam didn't seem to mind as she her wrists were attached to the bedposts. She was groped and sucked by all the men as the black man still pounded her Arse. I lost count of the Orgasms she had.

The man in her Bum shouted over to the other black man to get on the bed and give her the black cock Sandwich. The other men were cheering and I got the impression they had done this many times before. Pam looked horrified at what was going to happen to her but at the same time was shouting at them to fuck her brains out.

The second black man was now on the bed and between Pam's legs, he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy while the other black man was still pumping now red raw Arse hole. Without wasting time he pushed his cock deep inside her Pussy and started giving her full long strokes. The noise from my wife was something that will live with me forever. The other 4 guys were cheering as my wife squirted cum everywhere. For the next 20 minutes my wife was fucked like never before, I changed from camera to camera to watch my wife Handcuffed to our bed getting DP'ed by 2 black men. The other four guys groped her and took it in turns to suck her tits and keep her legs spread.

The men fucking my wife were getting louder and louder and I knew they were going to cum very soon. My wife began to hold on the the man on top of her for dear life as his cock rammed her pussy, her legs fully wrapped round his waist as the man underneath her grabbed hold of each of her tits while he fucked her bum as hard as he could.

The frantic pounding went on for a few minutes more as the men tried to cum inside my wife at the same time. At one point it looked like Pam was passing out from the non stop Orgasms they were giving her. The other 4 guys were cheering them on as finally the men cum. The noise was so loud, the other men were cheering, my wife was screaming and the black guys were groaning as pump after pump they unloaded into my wife. I have never seen so much Cum in my life, Pam was leaking cum from her pussy and Arse as the men pulled out of her.

The men got off the men and left my wife shaking still handcuffed to the bed while the rest of the guys emptied there cum over her body and face. Pam looked a wreck as she was released from the Handcuffs. Everyone looked exhausted, this one one hell of a Gnagbang.

Finally the men got there clothes together and took the cum covered Tights off Pam's legs as she was still recovering on the bed . They said they wanted to hang them in their Truck as a memento of their Gangbang.

When the guys left I went into check on my wife and told her I watched every minute of it on the Camera's. She told me it was the best night of her life and was hoping to do this again.

I look forward to it.....

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