A Night At Dave's

(Part 1 from 1)

I don't actually know the category this will go into and can only say that while it has parts of bisexuality it's mostly a drunken gay sax story. It was great fun to write and I only wish I had the right situation to test it, but oh well.

There were 4 of us, me, my girlfriend Mary, her brother Harold, and his close friend Dave, at Dave’s house slowly getting drunk and having a good time when things turned a little awkward. 

Mary and I were sitting at the kitchen table with a couple of her favorite mixed drinks mostly just listening to them talk about religion, outdoing each other on bullshit stories, women they’ve been with, and so on. Then the subject came around to what I though about country music. I was pretty drunk by that time and, though I usually even smashed drunk have great control of my words and can understand whatever I see going on, I always try to keep the fact that I’m actually bisexual between me and her. I let it slip out by accident. “Well, some people would rather save a horse to ride a cowboy, but I’d rather ride the horse to save the cowboy for later”. I only registered what I’d said by the time I was done. As I watched I noticed that they were giving me a mixture of comically shocked looks. 

Harold got bent down to face level with me. “Did you just imply that you either have rode cowboys or have wanted to ride cowboys?” he asked me. “No, I meant that I just don’t care much for country music and that I think they have the notion all wrong” I explained. I was trying to save myself, and what little reputation I’d built up here, before they got the wrong opinion of me and tried to kick my ass for nothing. They seemed a little more like the hard working hick types and I didn’t need any trouble early on. 

What didn’t help was the more we opened up the more I got used to and got a crush on Dave. He was no handsome hunk being 6 foot something and 50 or 60 pounds overweight, but he was intelligent, open minded, and pleasant to be around. Everyone in the room knew somehow that he was straight, but it never would have crossed our minds how curious he was. As Harold sat down to talk closely to his sister I was motioned to stand up, against a counter if needed, and have a chat with Dave. He rubbed my kneecaps at first, which made me giggle, then lustily huff with anticipation. “Are you boy crazy” he asked. “I’m so boy crazy. Oh my god I need a good dirty boy” I told him with glossed over eyes panting. “So give it to me straight, are you straight or gay or what” he asked and at first I needed to look down and away from his eyes, but then I wanted to look into those large pupils he had. As I looked, or rather stared, back at him in kindness and need he had the clue.

“Do you mind if I do a few things because I’m curious about a couple of things?” he asked politely and I gave him the go ahead being already kind of horny. Dave raised his hand and caressed my cheek, then moved from there to my neck and under my chin while I moved with his hand like a dog trying to follow what was giving it attention. He was so soft and sensitive even as he quickly went up and pushed his hands through my hair. “Do you ever like to be called pretty?” he asked me I just hummed a yes. “You are a pretty thing, a very beautiful man looking so young. You have such a sexy ass and a pretty mouth and your cheeks are soft as silk. When was the last time you were with a man?” he asked and I told him it had been several years. 

Surprisingly next he reached in to kiss me, feeling his tongue go all over my mouth. I swear it was almost like he was experienced as he even rubbed my pants to keep my cock nice and hard and warm. 
Now unfortunately for him he was not the kind I would normally get this intimate with, but as drunk as I was it wouldn’t matter who I was with at the time. eIf some piece of trailer trash straight from ghetto had come in and wanted dibs on flat-out fucking my ass and nothing else from the second he walked in the door I would have let him never having met him. As it was the guy I was with was far more attractive than that, but still mostly not my kind. 

Still he was safe if he asked for a piece of my ass to experiment, as long as he said it wasn’t good or what he wanted no one would have second thoughts. I on the other hand was probably known by everyone in the room to be past that step or else I would be tarnished by word alone for what we both wanted to do next. Again I was drunk enough that I almost lost conscious of that. He was to some extent toying with me and, again because of the position we were in, I knew what he wanted but wasn’t totally sure how safe it would be for me. He wasn’t, at least up until that point, gay but I knew that I had turned him on a little not so much by playing around with him but by going along with it because I thought he was cute. In a way I was kind of like the gay construction worker who no one is impressed with because of it and couldn’t say anything. When someone who really did have a crush on me got too close and treated it like they were trying to get a rise out of me because the rise he should have been trying to get and the one he was trying for were 2 different kinds. He should have been trying to make fun of me flat out, but he was interested himself and therefore more concerned with looking good to everyone else while full well knowing he was turning me on. 

Finally I got tired of just going with it being so horny and took advantage. He kissed me and, assuming my favorite female part of the act, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him in a deep kiss while also using the leverage to push our pelvises together, sort of going for broke as I had lost anything I’d had to lose. “There you go, Dave, taunt and tease him. That’s right, sonny, make yourself believe he wants you” Harold taunted both of us playing right into Dave’s hopes. He was taunting me like some retard or animal that should have known better but didn’t and just letting his friend go to work to see how far he’d take it. To let them all play into my hands so that I came out on top I fully made out with Dave by taking his shirt off and began rubbing, kissing, licking, and nibbling everything I was impressed with. I was going to make sure that he wanted and fucked me by doing the best I could, as I knew he was into me anyway. I figured I could get laid and, while not completely salvaging my own rep here I could make them both pay for any insults they gave me. I'd just tarnishing his in the process by making this guy so addicted to me he’d want nothing other than to cum in me and me alone for weeks. I had done it before and was a master at it.

I licked his ears, taking delicate time and care to slowly lick his crescents, suck and nibble his earlobes until both he moaned a little and they were red. I kissed and sucked his neck all the way around his neck leaving a couple of large hickeys to which he held my head there until I stopped. Then I stopped for a moment and looked at the other guy. “I bet you I can not only make him crave me, but that rather than women I will make him want, need, me alone for a few weeks at least” I told Harold. He took it as bullshit and I was happy, I like to prove others wrong if it’s in my favor and I know I can. 

Dave started trying to jack me off putting his hand under my pants, but then I started to tease him by rubbing our crotches together some more and suddenly he had to start jacking himself off to relieve some pressure. “Oh, my God, you pretty thing. What would you say to me taking you to the back porch and fucking you?” he asked. “Not yet, honey. First I have to blow you some” I told him and got on my knees to unzip and start sucking his cock. “You all know that I’m straight and never do this” he asked our audience and me. “After tonight you will a lot more” sounding as if I was promising something but actually meaning that if things went right he be looking for a fuck as good as I was, and I knew it. He moaned a deep and lengthy one and everyone, including myself, thought he was going to cum but he didn’t. The attitude in the room changed quickly. Now they had a better idea of what might be going on, but were still hoping against it. 

Finally, not wanting him to cum in my mouth this time I got up and led him to his backyard. It was wet and lights were on, but I didn’t mind. The neighbors would probably be watching from inside and not saying anything. I didn’t know them and it didn’t bother me. I was almost perfectly comfortable stripping completely and bending down on all fours, which was what I did, and letting him into me from behind. “Now you know this is just a testy experiment” he told the others, trying to convince himself and I gave a deeply sarcastic uh-huh while bouncing back onto his cock and making him sigh deeply. Outside of slapping my ass first thing, which I like anyway, he showed me every bit of need and tenderness he had inside as he pounded my sweet ass closer and closer to his orgasm. He wouldn’t pull out and I’d make sure of it. If he wanted to I’d first have to remind him how much more control I had of the situation and, if that didn’t work, I’d grab his hips and force him to cum in me. Either way afterward he’d have no excuse or ability to say he was in any way gay as, supposedly up until now, to save face, he’d just been fucking with me and faking everything. 

He kissed me along my back, reached under and rubbed my cock well and hard, got enough balance to use both hands for brief moments and rub me from my chest to my torso and down my legs while fucking me hard. The few times he started to slow down for being drunk I pressed and banged myself against him and he kept going. I could feel every bit of his 7 inches, myself being able to take and wishing he had 9 inches on his. 

Then he tried to pull out slowly and I let him most of the way before slamming my ass back down on his and controlling him to make his thrust and re-thrust again and again. He was a good piece of meat and I wasn’t done yet. He tried again and I bounced off him faster and harder, torturing him and his cock to the brink of explosion feeling his fat cock twitching in me and knowing it wouldn’t take much more. “I’m done” he announced, lying about what he wanted and probably hoping I wouldn’t persist. Problem was he’d started it and I was going to finish it, proving that any man he was attracted to could have him anytime. Well, if he was done then there was no problem with me testing it. He pulled out being so drunk, and me sobering up, that he didn’t realize when he was out and only had it tip to my ass hole. I fully impaled myself on his cock and as it was heading to bounce out a little more slowly he came with a thunder. “UUUUUHHHH, OOOOHHHHOOooohh” he cried out as he came in my ass, the sweet thing he’d tried making fun of only less than a half hour ago. 

I reveled in the lust and joy that followed savoring him filling up may ass with shot after powerful shot, load after giant load and no need or reason for him to pull out anymore. He virtually praised and worshipped my ass, even bending down to kiss it once, while Mary and Harold watched in astonished amazement. I cooed and gasped too thankful for what I had made happen. I hadn’t needed to use the bathroom the whole time and none of it had felt like he was hurting me or forcing any internal physical pressure in any way, so I reached behind me, still horny and delirious from the gratuitous sex. I rubbed my finger around my asshole, and got some of his cum to taste. It was only a little salty and really sweet, which meant that I should have teased him from then on and not done that again, but I was going to miss that sweet cum. 

After all of it again our friends were shocked and surprised because he never was supposed to cum in me. Fuck with and fuck me, yes. Tease me, taunt me, flirt with me, and maybe even fake his ecstasy, yes. But he was never supposed to be in enough lust with me to have an orgasm, which was the whole reason he’d tried to pull out before embarrassing himself. All I could say to them was “I told you so” and they knew what I meant. Afterward I should have stayed away, but I just couldn’t do it and that, after what had happened and what I had tried to do and keep way from, was my only mistake although I don’t really regret doing it. I’m every bit the fag as I try to be the bad girl sometimes, hehe.

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