A Nephew's Fantasy Fulfilled

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chris had just graduated college, and he went to spend a couple days living at his aunt's house. When Chris first pulled up to his aunt Jackie's house, she was not there, but she had left a key, so he let himself in. As Chris looked outside, he saw a beautiful woman jogging up the road, her large breasts bouncing up and down. As Chris tried to see get a look at her face, he said, "Man, I want to smash that open!"

As the woman turned her face towards the house, Chris quickly realized that the woman was his aunt coming home from her morning jog. Chris was astonished that he had that lustful thought of his aunt, and as she came up onto the porch, he tried to get rid of his boner. As his aunt came in, she immedeately ran to Chris and gave him a big hug, just barely missing Chris's massive boner by seconds.

They both sat on the couch, and talked about how everything was going with each other, and Chris discovered that Jackie had broken up with her boyfriend about a month ago. This sent lustful thoughts rushing through Chris's brain, thinking of how he could have sex with his aunt.
After talking for about a half hour, they both went to take showers. Jackie allowed Chris to use the bathroom that is connected to her room and the guest room, and she would take one in the basement bathroom. Chris took a long time in the shower, and Jackie finished quickly and headed to her room.

When Chris finished his shower, he stepped out, dried off, and put his towel in the hamper. He turned to the right and opened the door, to what he thought was his bedroom, but was in actuality, his aunt's room. As he entered in the nude, his aunt turned only wearing a garter, black thigh high stockings, and 4" black high heels.

Chris saw his aunt and began to get hard, but realized that he should leave. He apologized, but by that time, his penis had erected into a 9" thick rod that Jackie couldn't help but noticing.
When he turned to leave, she called him back in and asked, "Why is your penis popping out of its socket?"
Chris had no response, and Jackie asked, "Do you think I look good?"
Chris said, "Yes, auntie, you look nice," as he shuffled his eyes between her neatly trimmed pussy and her beautiful 38DD breasts.
When Jackie noticed that he was staring at her breasts, she asked, "Would you like to touch them?"

Chris nodded his head, and Jackie took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Chris became extremely horny and began to get the largest boner he had ever had, his penis pushing 11" in length.
Soon, Jackie began groping his penis, and dropped to her knees. Jackie began to rapidly grope and suck Chris shaft, while playing with his sac. Chris soon moved his hands to the back of his aunt's head forcing it back and forth, deepthroating her, and giving his penis an amazing sensation.

After ten minutes, Jackie ordered Chris onto his back on the bed, and Jackie cliimbed over him, coming down on his hard erect penis, forcing it into her extremely wet pussy. She began to hop up and down on his penis, groaning everytime she came down.
Chris began to get more confident with himself, and brought his aunt to the desk in her room where she placed one leg onto the desk, and allowed Chris to rapidly hump her pussy rapidly for twenty minutes. During this time, Jackie reached her highest point of orgasm ever, and screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear. When Chris felt the his semen rising to the top of his penis, he pulled out, and Jackie went onto her knees.

Jackie began to go at his rod vigorously, pumping until Chris began to shoot a gigantic load on her face, it continued, and she put his squirting cock in her mouth and began to swallow all of the cum that was squirting out of Chris's penis like a broken pipe.
When Chris finished his massive load, Jackie wiped her face with her hands, and ate all of the cum off of them.

When she finished, they both lied down on the bed, Jackie's head at the bottom of Chris's stomach about a half an inch from his still fairly erect penis. After a minute, Chris's penis became fully flacid, his penis lying on his aunt's face.

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