A Lesbian Love Story of Sorts

(Part 4 from 7)

“I thought he was giving my chest area a little more attention,” she responded somewhat confidently.

“Want to freak him out completely?” I asked.

“How?” she inquired.

“Pretend to be a lesbian,” I devilishly put forward.

“How would I do that?” she asked considering the idea.

At that moment the waiter came to the table and asked, “So how is everything tonight?” His eyes, moved slightly lower to check out Gwen’s cleavage.

“Oh good,” I said, “The food is excellent.”

Gwen, now suddenly shy, said, “Yes, it is very delicious.”

I got up then and decided to take a small risk and moved to Gwen and leaned in and gave her a three second tender kiss. I then stood back up and said, “I am going to the ladies room lover, be right back.”

The look on both Gwen’s and the waiter’s eyes was one of complete shock. Gwen’s look was one of bewildered surprise, while the waiter’s was more of a ‘wow, did I just see what I thought I saw’ look.

When I returned, Gwen was on a second glass of wine. I sat down and said, “Sorry if that was awkward, but the look on his face was way worth it, don’t you think?”

Gwen responded too quickly, “Oh yeah, that was hilarious.” I could tell that she was still trying to process what had occurred. But in my mind it was clear, she enjoyed it.

Our waiter checked back on us every couple minutes, each time lingering a couple seconds longer than necessary.

When he gave us the bill I saw that his phone number was on it. I smirked. I looked at the waiter and said, “Neither of us swing that way, but do you like to watch?”

The guy, who probably seemed confident when he put his number down, now was way out of his league. He babbled, “Um, yeah, I.”

Gwen, surprising me, stood up, moved towards him, and whispered just loud enough for him and me to hear, “Ever seen two women fuck?”

I coughed, almost choking on the mint I had just popped in my mouth; but I recovered quickly as I added, “Maybe we could add a real cock honey?”

Gwen playing along said, “Yeah, think you could handle us both?”

The guy was as red as an apple and he barely was able to answer, “Yeah, I, could.”

Finally I broke the awkward situation by saying, “Well we got your number.” I kissed his cheek and Gwen and I left laughing so hard tears came down her face.

As we drove to the movie I said, “You know, you played lesbian pretty well, girlfriend.”

She retorted, “Well I have watched you seduce quite a few women the last couple years.”

“Are you calling me a slut?” I asked acting all sarcastically insulted.

“No, no,” she said all apologetic, not catching my sarcasm, “It’s just watching your seductions has always been rather entertaining.”

“Really?” I asked, “I thought that repulsed you. I have often been tamer than I usually am.”

“I am not repulsed by it. I accept you for who you are and if you are interested in women, then so be it. Actually,” she continued, “watching you play the seduction game with girls has been fun to watch and kind of hot.”

I decided not to pursue this now as we didn’t have enough time to discuss this the way I wanted to. So I said with a purr, as the movie theatre came into view, “Well I will try to really entertain you tonight.”

Gwen did not respond and I could not read her face. Either she was jealous of my relations with other women or she was just a supportive friend. Which was it? Or maybe it was both. I decided right then as I parked the car that tonight I would try to make her jealous. Try to get her to play all her cards. If I played mine correctly, I may be able to play her bluff. But first I had to raise the stakes.

At the movie we split up as I got the tickets and she got the popcorn. It was our usual routine, almost like an old married couple I reflected.

By the time we got to our seats the previews, all seven of them (why are there so many fucking previews), were under way. We watched the movie in silence sharing popcorn, and Swedish berries. I made sure to time my popcorn reaches for when she did, so we would often brush hands, both of us lingering in the popcorn container longer than we ever had as I pretended to reach for popcorn. I really felt like a teenager in high school when a boy would take me to a movie and he would make slight moves to see how far he could get. I wanted to push it further, but I didn’t.

The movie ended, it was like all Angelina Jolie movies, not bad, but not as good as it could have been. The movie was longer than expected and we headed to the club at 9:35, already five minutes late. We drove talking about the movie and its relative lameness as we headed to the club and I embarked on the next step of the seduction plan.

By the time we arrived at the club I was worried about a couple things and I never worried. I was usually confident and sure of myself, but this uncertainty of how Gwen felt for me, I certainly didn’t want to harm our friendship, was overwhelming me with self doubt. My first worry was how Gwen would react to the club and its surroundings, although I felt she would be fine; my second worry was would Emma still be there when I was already twenty-five minutes late? That said, I would eventually learn that both worries were nothing more than that.

As we got to the club entrance I saw Emma, waiting, in a classic red dress, with black nylons, and matching red three inch pumps. As soon as she saw me she smiled, but when she saw Gwen the smile disappeared. I said, “So sorry I’m late, the movie was longer than we thought it would be and traffic was brutal.”

She put on her fake smile and said, “No worries. I was late myself.”

I ignored that, I didn’t like disobedience, (I told her 9:30) but she was in an awkward situation. She clearly usually was the seductress and not the prey. She was trying to play the game, but truthfully she did not know how to play it from this perspective.

As we entered, not carded of course, I asked the security guard, “What time did my young slut in the red arrive?”

He answered with a sly smile, “About 9:15.”

“Thanks stud,” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I smiled to myself, she had not disobeyed, and actually she was eagerly early.

We walked into the heart of the club and found the last unoccupied table. We sat down and ordered our drinks. It was still a bit early, the place usually didn’t get crazy until11, but some action was already under way. I said nothing as both the young dyke and my hopefully future dyke became immersed in the sexuality of the scene. The dance floor was only about a third full, but entertainment was still available. While most of the women were dancing as though it was any other club, a couple couples were not. Two women were kissing passionately, each with the other’s ass in their hands, while in the corner, a woman, at least 40, had her dressed raised and a girl, probably in her mid-twenties, had her hand under the dress and was clearly fingering her.

When Gwen saw this she had a look of complete surprise, yet she did not look away. Emma was looking everywhere trying to take it all in.

I said to Gwen, “It is rude to stare.”

Gwen looked away and to me and said, “I just can’t believe anyone would do something so intimate in such a public place.”

I smiled and said, “Oh that is nothing. In here everything goes. See over there, the woman in the gold cocktail dress. That is Megan, she is a friend of mine. Look closer, can you see the shoes from under the table?” (Author’s note: If you want to learn more about Megan and her seduction of her 18 year old babysitter read my Bedding the Babysitter series...the last half of part 2 occurs at the exact same time as this chapter.)

Gwen did and it took her a while to process what was clearly occurring. “Is she?”

Emma answered for me as she said, “She is being serviced isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is. And you see that younger girl who just returned to the table?”

“Yes,” Emma said.

“This is her first time here.”

“How do you know,” Emma inquired.

“Look at her. She is constantly looking around, but not making eye contact. She keeps fidgeting with her hands. Her face clearly displays both nervousness and insecurity. I bet she has only come out in the past month, maybe even the past week. Actually knowing Megan, that young ripe girl just lost her lesbian cherry last night.”

“Wow,” said Emma starstruck.

All three of us watched as two other girls joined Megan at the table and then saw the girl crawl back up from underneath. After a minute or two, a second girl crawled under the table. Finally, Gwen shot her second drink since getting here as she said, “Really?”

I turned to her and said, “Everyone feels safe here. You can let out any sexual inhibitions and what happens at the club, stays at the club. For example, watching all this has made me pretty horny and I have a cute little dyke craving my pussy don’t I?”

Gwen briefly thinking I was referring to her began to protest, weakly I may add, “I, um, am getting married.”

But she caught on when I said, “Emma, on your knees.”

Emma looked at Gwen, smiled and said, “If she won’t please you, I will.” She got on her knees and crawled under the table. I opened my legs, making sure my knee touched Gwen’s. I felt my thong moved slightly and then a tongue began lightly lapping my already very wet pussy.

As Emma tenderly licked my cunt, I explained to Gwen, who was well on her way to being drunk, “Gwen, I love the power of submission. For example, the little dyke under the table right now, is not someone I will love, but she is someone to have fun with. If I told her to, she would lick your cunt after she got me off. She will do everything I say tonight.” I paused and moaned when Emma slid a finger inside me, before continuing, I looked Gwen right in the eye, hinting at my true feelings, and said, “That said, I want to fall in love. Unconditional, honest, heart-stopping love. I want to share everything I am with the one I love.”

Gwen responded sincerely, “Oh honey, you will find that love.” Her hand rested on my leg.

I looked her straight in the eye and responded, “I already found it, she just doesn’t know it yet.”

Gwen contemplated this, I think unaware at my implication, and said, “Well you have to tell her, show her, love is worth the risk.”

I reflected on this said, “You think so?”

“I know so,” she said, “No one would resist your charm.”

“You did?” I teased, my moaning get louder, “Hmmm, yes, I’m cumming, don’t stop slut.” I squeezed my legs around my little dyke’s head as my orgasm sent shivers throughout my whole body.

As Emma returned to the table, I realized this was a perfect chance to seduce Gwen, I may never get a better chance, but she was drunk and I wanted our love, if it was to happen, it had to be built on a stronger platform. So I changed the subject as I said to Emma, “You are a damn fine pussy pleaser.”

She blushed slightly and said, “I aim to please.”

Showing my dominance to Gwen, who seemed annoyed that Emma now had my attention, I asked, “So Emma, if I asked you to crawl back under this table and please Gwen here would you?”

“Of course,” she said obviously, “I would turn this straight girl into a dyke overnight.”

I laughed, Gwen blushed and looked around, avoiding eye contact of either of us.

I asked, “Gwen, do you need to get off?”

Gwen shook her head no, still not looking at us.

Emma shrugged, “Her loss.”

I then said, “Indeed it is. So Emma, you are free to go mingle.”

Gwen and I sat in silence as Emma disappeared into the growing crowd until Daphne Green, the governor of our state, and her daughter sat down with us.

The purple haired daughter said, “Hi coach.”

I responded, “Hi Brittany. How are you doing?”

“Much better now that I know you are a dyke,” she said aggressively.

I teased, “And why exactly does that make today so much better for you?”

“Because I have wanted to fuck you forever,” she said.

“I see,” I responded not really surprised, “Well we will see how tonight plays out. But first, introductions are in order.” Gwen was speechless as she tried to comprehend seeing such a powerful person at such a club. I said, “Gwen, this is Daphne and her daughter Brittany. You probably know that Daphne here is our governor, while her rather blunt daughter is one of my volleyball players on the college team I coach.”

The governor said, “Nice to meet you Gwen.”

Gwen managed to respond barely, “Nice to meet you to governor.”

The governor quickly corrected her, “Oh no, here I am not the governor, I am just another woman, just like you.”

I corrected her, “Not like us Daphne, Gwen is not on our team.”

“Oh that is a shame. Gwen looks like she would make a very good little submissive.” Gwen blushed as the governor put her hand on Gwen’s leg and added, “Wouldn’t you?”

“Um, I,” Gwen stuttered.

The governor laughed and said, “I am just kidding. All kinds are welcome here.” She then turned to me, her hand still on Gwen’s leg, and asked, “So who is the fresh meat you brought?”

“Emma,” I responded, “She is a tricky one. I think she is use to being the master, but has adapted pretty well to being the slave.”

“I see,” Daphne responded, reflecting on what I had just said.

Brittany had moved to right beside me, “So coach, I am not leaving here without fucking you.”

“What do you propose,” I asked coyly.

“We have a private room,” she answered, “Bring your friend, she can watch.”

Daphne said, “Brittany behave yourself, if Julia wants to go upstairs later she will; so back to Emma, do you own her or is she free to play?”

Gwen’s eyes went big as Daphne asked the possession question.

I laughed, “Oh goodness no, she is just someone I thought I could toy with for a while; why, do you want her?”

“Well, I have my eye on her and that young girl Megan has tonight.”

“Yes, she is a cutie. Way more innocent than Emma I am guessing.”

“The two together would make a good threesome for me tonight,” Daphne said rather casually, as if she did this every weekend, which she did.

Emma returned to the table at this moment and said slightly taken aback by seeing the governor, “Hi Mrs. Greene.”

The governor smiled and said, “It is Daphne, hi Emma.”

Emma looked surprised she knew her name and said to me, “This place is amazing. Over in the other corner is Mrs. Wilson, my old grade 12 teacher and someone said Candice Carter is here, although I can’t find her.”

I smiled and said, “She is probably with Big Rosie, she always sees Big Rosie when she is here.”

Emma queried, “Who is Big Rosie?”

“She is a permanent staple to the club. She has her own stall in the bathroom. She is a very large black woman who has truthfully the best tasting pussy I have ever had. There is often a line in the bathroom of girls waiting to kneel down and please her.”(Author’s Note 2: If you want to read more about Big Rosie, read the last half of Bedding the Babysitter 2)

“Fuck no,” Emma said not believing.

“Fuck yes,” I sarcastically responded.

“This I got to see,” she said and began to leave.

The governor said with some authority, “Emma, come back here.”

Emma quickly spun around, realizing what the governor wanted, and said, “Yes. What can I do for you governor.”

The governor looked her in the eye and said, “For the rest of the night you will call me mistress. You are coming home with me.”

Emma looked at me and I gave her a nod of approval. Emma submissively responded, “Yes mistress.”

The governor then said, “I will be leaving in half an hour. Be by the door at exactly 11:30. Until then go have fun. If you want to go and dominate your old teacher till then go do so. She is quite submissive. If she gives you any attitude or reluctance tell her the governor sent you. She will behave.” The governor opened her purse and handed her a slim anal stick. “Here, she likes it in the ass.”

Emma took the toy and said, “Thanks mistress, I am so going to dominate that slut.” She then looked at me and said, “Thanks for bringing me here Julia.”

I smiled and said, “No problem darling.”

The governor stood up and said, “Brittany, come with me. You can continue your seduction of Julia later.”

Brittany sighed, leaned into my ear and said, “Do not leave. You are mine.” She then bit my ear slightly rough before getting up to follow her mother.

Gwen, who had remained silent this whole time, said, “That was surreal.”

“Wasn’t it?” I agreed.

“That girl was so aggressive,” Gwen commented.

“Yeah, it made me wet,” I agreed. “I never knew she was a lesbian. The governor has never brought her here before.”

“And is that Big Rosie thing true?”

“Very,” I confirmed, “If we go in the bathroom right now, I bet there will be a line in there not to go pee, but to please.”

“I just can’t fathom, someone waiting in line to do that.”

“I have,” I said.


“Oh yeah, just talking about it makes me want to do again. Her pussy is so delicious, plus the dirty submission gets me off.”

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