A Hot Day in Dallas

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Gynne is 35, and still quite sexy when she wants to be. Short, but very very shapely, she was a mom of 3, 17 year old Mandy, and 2 little brothers. Raising 3 kids, especially 2little ones has significantly marred her social life, and of course her sex life.

I met her on a messaging system and we struck up a friendship. We talked about sex from time to time and often she was quite frank about her sexlife, or lack there of. She once told me she hadn' t had sex with someone in over 9 months. I asked if she masturbated, she said "oh hell no haven't done that since I was a teenager" When asked why, she said she really didn't know, just never thought about it, sher figured she could have sex whenever she really wanted, there were a couple of guys who wanted in her pants, and if she got too horney, she would call one of them. She just never seems to have the time

A few weeks later we were online again, and she said, "oh by the way, I took your advice last week." She then went on to tell me about being very aroused in the bath tub and before she new it she was fingering herself. She said "I came almost right away, but I didn't want to quit so I relaxed a little and did it again, and again, and again....you were right, it was great." I asked if it was a one time thing, she said hell no, been doing it about every other day since then, "see what you started?" I brought up a photo she had sent me, she was wearing shorts and a tight top with no bra, so as she told me about her new found hobby, I was stroking my cock. She musy have sensed something was going on. She asked, "Is this getting you all hot and aroused?" I said "well?????, how about 
you?" She then surprised me when she said, "well I am finding how tough it is to play with myself sitting in a chair, and watching to make sure my kids don't come barging in here." 

With that I started to cum, spewing cum all over my hand and cock. I told her just what had happened. She told me to go get cleaned up and she would retire to her bed and get off herself.

It was several months after this that I found myself traveling to the Dallas area where she lived. I was to arrive mid day Friday. I told her about my trip and where I would be staying. She said it was too bad but she had to work Friday and had all sorts of things to take the kids to over the weekend. I landed in Dallas where the temperature had not been below 97 in over a week. I was 3 hours late in landing, it took me forever to get baggage and a car so by the time I arrived at my hotel I was beat, sweaty and miserable. I went to my room, started a shower and unpacked my suitcase. As I got out of the shower the phone rang, it was Gwynne, she asked how I was doing. As I talked to her I noticed the hotel had brought a case of bottled water and a bucket of ice, just as they had promised. 

I poured a big glass and sat down on the couch, completely nude and drank the water and talked to her, getting harder by the minute, whishing she was right there. After a few minutes I asked was she at work, she said, "well, no." Just then I heard a knock on the door. I still didn't put 2 & 2 together. I pulled on some shorts and opened the door. 

"Right here", she said. She smiled and walked in the door. As she went over to the window and the sun backlit her, I could easily see through her top and her nipples were quite visible. We chit chatted for a bit and I told her about my miserable day. She said I looked very tense and maybe I needed a massage. She got up and got her purse and got out some oils and things. "ok buddy, over here, (motioning to the bed) time to get rid of some of that stress. I obeyed and she went to work on my back and shoulders, then my 
legs. It felt so good I said she could do this for a living. She said she had a license but that most people, men and women came expecting more than just a massage so she got tired of it and quit. As she was doing my upper legs, she ran her hand under my shorts and the more she did, the more I got hard. I kept looking in the mirror as she rubbed my aching body and she would catch me watching her and smile. Then she leaned back and pulled her blouse over her head and smiled again. "Like that better?" oh yeah I said. 

"OK turn over, time to get the front." I guess I looked a bit scared so she said, "Come on, over, over." So I did and my erection was obvious. She went to my feet and leaned over and slid my shorts off. "Oh lots of stress there". She smiled and got out of her shorts and stood before me, then went back to work. I don't know how but I got harder and harder, my cock leaping back & forth. She would brush it with arm, her breast then a hand. She knelt next to me and said, "Ok, how do I relieve this stress?" She took my cock in her hand and smiled. "Well whatever you do, it will happen quick, I know that, its been a number of days since the stress was relieved." She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. She started slow licking up and down the shaft, then licking my balls, then back up my cock and licked the head of my cock. She pulled off and said, "oh I forgot how much I loved the feel of a hard cock in my mouth." Back down she went and I closed my eyes and enjoyed. I don't know how long it took, but I grabbed the bed covers and started to go rigid as I started to cum. She kept her mouth on my cock and sucked without stopping as I pushed up 2 or 3 times as cum spewed out onto her mouth. As I relaxed she kept me in her mouth. When I was relaxed she slowly moved her mouth away and some of my cum dripped from her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked it all up. 

I started to soften, (just a little), and Gwynne asked, " that good?" I just laughed out loud and said, "nah, nothing much". she grabbed my cock harder and pulled it. I pullded her down to me and rolled over on top of her. I moved my head down to her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She moaned and then cried out and held my head to her breast. She pushed her pussy into my cock, grinding it there as I sucked one nipple then the next. I leaned back and took my now stiff cock in my hand and put it at the opening of her pussy. She pushed forward and took an inch or so of my cock. I smiled and eased into her until I was all the way in. She rolled her head back and moaned and sighed. "Ok, fuck me, please fuck me." I obliged and slammed my cock in and out of her wet pussy. I went like that for a bit, driving my cock harder and harder into her. She was all but tearing the sheets off the bed then I pushed as deep as I could go and stayed there deep in her wet pussy. She 
grinned and squeezed her pussy muscles to hold me, then wrapped her legs around my waist. I leaned back and pulled her to me, then fell on my back, my cock still inside her. She then started to pump up and down on my cock, taking me as deep as I could go. 

"Oh this feels so good, damn I like this. Look what you have done to me." She laughed and slowed down her movement. Then she leaned back and started to play with her pussy as she fucked my cock. That was all it took and she began to cum. She shook and squeezed my cock with her pussy, then relaxed. She colapsed on top of me, my stiff cock still in her. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes when she started again, I held her still and said, "wait", I then pushed her over and crawled between her legs. I began to eat her sweet pussy. She came again almost immediately, but I did not quit. I stopped couning her orgasms after 3 or 4. After a little while she was begging me to quit and let her rest. We laid next to each other, my head at her feet. The bed was a wreck and even in the air conditioned room we were sweaty, but the cool air began to cool us both. I rolled over and said, "I thought you were working today." She replied, "It was very slow at work today so I asked my boss if I could have the afternoon, she said yes, so I ran home, changed and came here. I got here about 2 hours ago, thought about leaving when you didn't get here but I am sure glad I stayed. I left a note for my daughter telling her I was meeting a friend for dinner & drinks and that she was to take care of her brothers." Just then her cell phone rang. She crawled on the floor and found her shorts and answered the phone. "hi honey", she said, "did you get my note? Good! Yes but he was very late so we just hooked up. (I almost laughed out loud). Yeah sure Mandy, we just had 2 hours of mind blowing sex." She laughed out loud and told her daughter she would be home before midnight. "She asked if I was getting any sex, so I told her, think she believed me?"

I began to laugh and I went to her and said, "we need a shower before dinner". She said, "how about room service". Then she smiled.

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