A Gift for Teacher : Chapter 1

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I have always been small for my age. Even when I finally got my breasts they were smallish, people looked at me like I was younger than I actually was. That has been a curse and a blessing. Today, at eighteen and a half, most people think I am fourteen when they just glance at me.

I stand 5'2" and weigh a mere 98 pounds. My measurements are 32-20-32. When I want to look young I wear my hair in pigtails. But enough about that. This is about losing my virginity.

18 years old. What an age! The world was so exciting. My body was slowly turning into a woman. I actually had breasts. Oh, they were very small, actually tiny, but they were there. I hadn't started wearing a bra yet, I loved the feel of my tee shirts rubbing across the nipples. I had been having oral sex with my father for a long time by then, so here I was entering sixth grade with more knowledge about sex than quite a few adults. I looked at my classmates with a mixture of superiority and disdain. They were still children. If they only knew what I knew!

Enter my teacher. Mister Kendal my first male teacher. Another first for Lea. He was about 40 and a little overweight, not fat, just a little pudgy. Up until then I had only female teachers, which I was not interested in. (That would come later, but then that's another story) I have always been attracted to older men, probably because of my father. Most older men looked at me differently than they seemed to look at adult women.

The first day went smoothly. We didn't have desks as such but sat at three rows of tables. Each table was about five feet long by two feet wide and two students sat at each one. I sat at the first table middle row, right in front of the teachers desk. The first thing I noticed was that the teacher seemed to look in my direction a lot. He wasn't looking at me but was glancing downward somewhat. I was very curious about just what he was looking at so I got up and went forward to ask him a question. I turned and looked at our table and my eyes widened. I was looking at my table mate's legs under the table. Actually I was looking at her entire lower body. She was wearing jeans, so he had to be looking at my legs. I was wearing a cute pleated skirt that showed my legs to great advantage.

I went back to my seat and sat in such a way as to let my skirt ride up a little way, then I waited. Sure enough his eyes swept around and when they got to my table they looked down and stayed there. Slowly I opened my legs, showing my cute little white panties.
His face seemed to get a little red and he stared. Hmmm, very interesting. I moved my legs a little wider as if I was stretching. His eyes were glued to my crotch. I had seen that look before on the face of my father when he looked at my pussy. What to do about this knowledge. I reached down as if
I had a little itch and idly scratched across my panty clad pussy.
He licked his lips. Wow!!

I had him! But how do I reel him in, so to speak. The rest of the day I kept opening my legs, to give him a good look. Casually I got up and walked to his desk, his eyes followed my every movement. I lay my book down on his desk and ask him a stupid question, while pressing my leg against his leg a little. He glanced down at my leg, trying to decide if I was doing it on purpose. Back at my table, I spread my legs even further and kept rubbing. After the bell rang at the end of the day I took my time gathering my stuff and walked out. As I passed his desk I gave him a dazzling smile.
"See you tomorrow Mister Kendal." I said.
Uh...Uh.. Miss Adams, yes uh.... tomorrow." He looked confused.

The next day I waited most of the morning before flashing my panties for the first time. I slid my hand down and played with my pussy, while watching his eyes. They were fixed on my tiny pussy, mouth hanging open, then his eyes flicked up and he saw me watching him. I smiled warmly, still rubbing. He had the look of a cornered rat for a second then glanced down and saw that I was still rubbing my pussy. Then it dawned on him that I was doing it for him.

For the rest of the week we played the game. I would wear a different color panty every day. He would watch as I played with my pussy under the table. Every once in a while I would get up and go to his desk to ask a question. I would put the book down in front of him and ask a stupid question while leaning against him. Then I would go back and play with my panties once more. He took it for most of the week.

On Friday I went into the bathroom, took off the pair of panties I was wearing. I walked by his desk and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "What color were my panties yesterday?" I whispered.

He stared at me for a second or two and then cleared his throat. "Pink," he croaked.
"Do you like pink?" I whispered.
"I love pink." He was sweating and his eyes had a funny look.
"I wore a special pair for you today." I whispered with a smile and a little wave. I felt such power then. I had a forty year old man sweating over the thought of seeing me naked. Probably wanting to fuck me. How far could I take this without getting in trouble? Or did I want to get into trouble? I went back to my seat trying to decide just what I wanted. The feeling of power was a little scary. The thought of having this man kiss me, lick me, even fuck me was intriguing. I knew He wanted me. Did I want him. I was still a virgin, sort of. I hadn't been fucked by anyone, but I wanted to be.

I kept my legs very primly together for nearly an hour. I could see him stealing look after look in my direction. Finally I opened my legs, while lifting my skirt up my legs. I thought he was going to faint dead away as he stared at my shaved little pussy. My fingers wandered down and spread the lips of my vagina open a little, exposing the pink inside, then I touched my tiny clit. I could see him licking his lips hungrily as he watched in total fascination.
When the bell rang I took my time to straighten my table, waiting until all the other students were out the door before I rose and made my way past his desk.
"Miss Adams?"
"Yes, Mister Kendal?" I turned toward him, smiling.
"uh....uh," he stuttered. "I have a problem, Miss Adams."
"Can I help you with your problem, Mister Kendal?" A big smile this time.
"Uh.....Uh, you seem to be my problem, Miss Adams."

I walked over close to him, not really knowing how to solve the problem that he was having between his desire for me and his fear of losing his job. I moved over next to him. I knew he wanted me. He was sweating again. I was right up against him now.
"I would like to help you with your problem, Mister Kendal. I would do anything you wanted me to. Is there anything you would like me to do?" I was sliding my hand up and down his leg, finger tips barely touching. I knew that the contrast of my tiny,delicate hand on his large leg was sexy. My finger tips were coming close to his crotch.
His hand slid under my short, pleated skirt and cupped one bare ass cheek. I moved my finger tips further, until they were scratching
the head of his erection. His hand had slid down between my legs and,
as I opened my legs a little to allow his fingers to slide up to my
shaved pussy.

I moaned as his finger slipped inside my pussy. My fingers were rubbing his cock in earnest.
He seemed to make up his mind. "Would you like to come to my apartment?" he was really sweating now.
"When?" My fingers were squeezing the prize now.
"Tomorrow?" His finger was driving me crazy.
"Yes, Mister Kendal. I want to come to your apartment. What time? I will need your address."
He took his hand away long enough to scribble the address on a note pad. "About noon?"
"Should I wear pink panties Mister Kendal, or none at all?"
He looked like he was going to have a heart attack. "Oh God! I wish you would wear none, or maybe those black lace ones."
When I got home I told my father that I wanted to go visit a friend from school the next day.

A new adventure
Saturday, 11:45

I am standing in the hallway, in front of Mister Kendal's door. I had spent the morning bathing, shaving and dressing. Now that I am here, my mind is in somewhat of a turmoil, there is no question that I want a man to fuck me. Then the fear of the unknown slips into the back of my mind. Am I ready to lose my virginity? What if it hurts? What if it hurts real bad and he won't stop? My father has told me that when
my hymen breaks it will be painful for a little bit, then it will
feel good. How painful? For how long? What if his cock is huge? I turn to go, walk to the end of the hall. A lady comes up the stairs and smiles at me. I start to panic. She opens her apartment door and dissapears inside. I walk back down the hall. Softly I tapped on Mister Kendal's door. I think he must have been standing at the door waiting, because the door opened immediately.

He glanced up and down the hall and pulled me in. He had a scared look in his eyes. I suddenly realize that this 40 year old man is more afraid than I am. The feeling of power returns. I came in and looked around. He was a neat person, the apartment was not dirty or cluttered, I liked that.
Mister Kendal was very nervous, so I tried to put him at ease. "You have a very nice apartment Mister Kendal"
"Thank you," he said, "Won't you call me Greg? I think Mister Kendal is a little too formal."
I move about the living room, touching this and touching that, just marking time. I notice his eyes following my every move. I smile warmly. I don't know what to say that will make him feel comfortable.

" Do you want to kiss me Greg?" I asked as I moved close to him, placing my hand on his arm and looking up at him.
He took me into his arms a kissed me lightly on the lips, very sweet and gentle. I could feel my pussy responding. I snaked my arms around his neck and returned his kiss. His hands were sliding over my butt and he pulled me close. I could feel his cock pressing against my tummy. I could feel the hunger in him.
He led me to his bedroom and turned to me. "I will be gentle Lea," he said.
"I know you will." I slipped my skirt down and stepped out of it. I was wearing a sexy pair of lace panties that my father had bought me and I stood there leting him drink me in. I knew that I looked good. Slowly I raised my tee shirt over my head, exposing my small breasts to his gaze. I could see the lust in his eyes, his hands were trembling as he stood transfixed.

Slowly I hooked my fingers in my lace panties and slid them down. He gave out a gasp
as my virgin pussy came into view.
"Oh my god!" he whispered. "You are so beautiful!" His eyes were fixed on my tiny pussy.

I let my panties fall to the floor, stepping out of them. He had not moved. I moved slowly across the room towards him. I was a little nervous but not about what I wanted, just about the next step in my sex education. My father had told me that it would hurt a little bit when I lost my virginity but that it would go away quickly. I was ready for the pain.
He fell to his knees as I moved to him. His eyes were still fixed on my pussy. Then I felt his mouth on my mound, then his tongue flicked across my little clit. The excitement was more than I could bear. I ran my fingers through his hair as I pulled him into my hungry pussy.

Reluctantly I pulled away from his wonderful tongue and lay down on the bed. I reached up and beckoned him to me, watching as he hurriedly threw off his clothes. I got a fleeting glimpse of his hard cock as he slid in between my waiting legs and buried his tongue in my hot pussy. I could feel my first orgasm starting to build in my loins. His tongue was deep in my pussy as I raised my legs and placed them on his back, opening myself wide open to his probing tongue. Now his hands were under my little ass and he raised me off the bed. Suddenly I felt his tongue flick across my ass hole and my very first orgasm burst forth. Never before had I felt such a feeling. My stomach twisted into a huge knot and I began to climb that mountain of ecstasy. I was clawing at his head, pulling him back to my starving pussy as the orgasm built. Finally, I let out a scream as it burst upon me. My legs were jerking uncontrollably, my stomach heaving as it flowed through my body.

My hands were flaying in the air as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through my young body. My body was shaking uncontrollably as I pulled him.
"Take me, please take me now." I begged. "I want to feel you
inside me." I held out my arms as he scrambled up between my waiting
arms. Then his cock was at the opening to my womanhood. It pressed
against the opening, it was too big, it wouldn't fit in the tiny opening. He pressed harder and the head slipped inside. I felt a tiny bit of pain but it was bearable. Ever so slowly he pressed on. I felt my body recoil a little. I cried out in pain.
He stopped pushing. "I'm hurting you!" He cried, starting to release the pressure.
"No! No!,"I screamed in his ear. "It doesn't hurt. FUCK ME!!" I screamed as I pulled him to me. The pain wasn't as bad as the need to gain my release from this huge knot inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled with all my might.

He gave a mighty thrust and I felt my body being split in too as his cock plunged all the way inside my burning pussy, taking my hymen with it.
I screamed as I was impaled on this huge pole. I was scratching his back as he began to move in and out. The pain was intense. I was crying out from the pain. Then it became bearable, then began to disappear as pleasure began to replace it. Suddenly I was moving in unison with him. The orgasm was building again, larger than before. I was meeting his thrusts with thrusts of my own. I rotated my lower body until my legs were wrapped around his waist and I was urging him on. His cock was thrusting like a mighty piston. Causing the sides of my pussy to stretch and contract
"Fuck me, Fuck me Fuck me," I was whispering into his ear as I pulled and tugged at him. I had never, in all my young life felt such a wonderful feeling, as wave after wave of orgasms rolled over me.

Then I felt his cock pulse and with a mighty groan his cum flooded into my waiting womb. Spurt after spurt of cum was filling me. It brought new waves of ecstasy. Finally, I was a woman, I thought. It was better than I had ever dreamed it would be.
I felt him begin to soften, but still I held him inside me, my legs wrapped around his waist.
He finally pulled out and rolled over beside me. "My God," he muttered. "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced."
"Yes." Was the only thing I could say.

We spent a long time just lying there, getting our breathing back under control. Then he led me into the shower. We spent a great deal of time washing and exploring each other's bodies. I discover why it hadn't hurt any worse than it did, considering how very small I was. My teacher's cock was about six inches long when hard but quite slender, only about one inch in diameter. It fit in my mouth very nicely.

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