A Football Sunday to Remember for Vicky!!

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Like every Sunday it's a day of NFL Football at Vicky's house, My husband Paul watches it every Sunday and I too love the game but I wanted to to go and do something 1 sunday so I bugged him all week let's do something this Sunday...So Friday he said we are going to a party this Sunday as a compromise...He said it'll be fun..not exactly what I wanted but why not...So Sunday came, Paul told me to dress in my short plad skirt and my raider halter top and heels, I'm like isn't this abit riskee for a sunday people I don't know..he said the other wives are dressing to impress so he wants me to stand out..So what the heck I'm game..So we went to the house where the party was happening it was very nice..

As I entered i seen pictures of the host's family on the wall and I could hear the cheering of guys in the other room so it's sounding like fun, as I enterd there were 5 guys suddenly they stopped and just gazed at me..I looked around the room and there were no other girls...I looked at Paul then we sat down at the counter the guys watched the game but I could tell they were stilll checking me out when ever the could...I was served a Margaritta very quickly with extra Tequila! I leaned over and asked Paul what the hell is going on where's the wives/GF etc..and I thought this was more people? Paul said nope these are guy he met online who were looking for a girl to gangbang at half time . I am a very curious girl and yes we have talked about doing this but til now it was only a fantasy.. Me and Paul stepped out of the room I asked him are you serious? why didn't you tell me...he said I would go back and fourth all week if he had now I'm relaxed and here so either I put up or shut up...I was already moist with the idea so I said ok lets go for it...So we went back in and I sat back down..the host asked Paul if I'm still into doing this and I answered for him yes!!

He said great well you can start by losing the clothes but keep the thigh highs and heels on so I did..as I stripped the guys began to rub their cocks and then by the time I was down to my bare kitty they had them in there hands...a twin size matteress was brought into the room and put down on the floor..the guys were sitting on a sectional couch..I was instructed to service the guys so I began going from 1 cock to the next sucking and likeing it like a lolly pop the guys loved watching me..I could already taste the precum...umm 5 guys plus paul this was hot after I made my round I was them motioned to bend over and give each guy a taste of my wet kitty I loved it each guy tounged me for about 3-5mins by the 3rd guy I had my first O then halftime came..each guy layed down on the mattress and I was instructed to get on and ride...now it was getting intesence!

The 1st cock I took felt so good entering me I quickly began to ride his cock like i was at a Rodeo I was turned backwards my ass facing him the penetration was the best this way...he was getting so big I could feel him getting close to busting then he said that's enough not ready yet so so I was so bothered by that point..that guy got up and the next guy laid down and i jumped on him like fast i was sopping wet there I go again O ahh it felt so good. I was feeling like such a slut but loving it i looked over at Paul and he was so hard watching me...I went through each guy the same they were teasing me...but now was the finisher i was put in a missionary position 1 guy in front and 1 guy in back then it was on I was getting pounded and sucking a hard cock I could taste my own juices on each of them the switched off periodically taking turns on me watching the game in between...finally 1 guy says i can't take much more where to you want my cumm? Before i could answer paul says cum inside the whore...I looked up at paul in surprise but before I could say anything I could feel the guy fucking me get really hard ahh the feeling of another O was cumming and I wanted it...there it went his cock built up to a fever pitch and then exploded I felt the cum sooth my hot pussy..he pulled out cum dripping out of my kitty he said next...i thought then well I'll be giving bj's to get the rest off ...but no, the next guy slid his cock in and began pounding me..the guy who had cum had me lick his cock clean the 2nd guy went for about 3min then he blew his load inside me too I felt like such a cumm slut I cleaned each guy up as I was getting fucked...

Paul declined to fuck me but did have me suck him dry..at the end I was full of cum just oozing out of me!! I thought I was done and wanted to clean up but the guys wanted pics of my kitty OOzing they they all snapped pics with their phones..This was the greatest sexual experience I had ever had! I took a quick shower and got dressed hugged everybody...the host asked me and Paul if we want to do this again? This time before Paul could say anything I said hell yes!! We went over 2 more times that season not everytime the same...I took the guys in 1 to 2 at a time having them fuck me and I told them I want a reload by the 4th quarter...

Now I love Football more than ever and I can't wait for the season to begin!!!

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