A Fun blowbang for the minister's wife

(Part 2 from 4)

“Hghmmmmmm! Hghmmmmmmmmmmm!” she protested. And that’s when the two cocks started pumping back and forth inside her in perfect synchrony, her throat and rectum being pistoned in perfect time.

At some point, she either was pushed down or voluntarily dropped down to her knees. But soon she was on all fours, with Tyrone still working her ass and Darius her mouth.

“Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm...” she said.

“Let’s get André in here,” Tyrone said after several minutes.


And suddenly Darius pulled out of Beth’s mouth only to be replaced, not by André, but by Tyrone. She knew this, even without looking upwards to see the new face towering above her, because of how this new cock smelled.

‘Oh shit!’ she thought to herself. And she was right.

“Hghmmmmmmmmmb!” she squealed, now having her mouth violated by a pronouncedly shit-tasting member. And because the cock was so dark, she couldn’t even tell how MUCH shit was on it. It was all she could do not to puke. It was while she was struggling with this new taste treat that she noticed Darius (she assumed it was Darius, though she’d not seen him before, other than his belly and cock) squatting not far away with a small video camera.

“Hghmmmmmmmmmmmm!” she screamed, looking right into the camera. Having her mouth and asshole simultaneously fucked was one thing... but being filmed too???

After several minutes, Tyrone asked for the camera and André stepped forward to work the minister’s wife’s mouth while Darius enjoyed her shit-chute. Beth was so breathless from having had her throat fucked for 5 straight minutes, she couldn’t have screamed even if she’d wanted to.

Interestingly, Beth hardly even bothered to complain about the taste of this new cock. By now, she’d almost gotten used to it.

“Hghmmmb,” she said. And then “hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm...”

“Go deep, André,” Tyrone said. And Beth felt her head being pulled forcefully onto his cock, further and further and further, and felt this new big black man’s snake-like dick slithering deeper and deeper and deeper down her throat. Now Beth couldn’t even scream. It was more like a cross between gagging and swallowing.

“Hngg... Hngg... Hngg,” was all she could say.

“Smile, Bitch,” Tyrone told her. And she dutifully angled her head as much as she could towards the camera.

“Say ‘chiz’,” he told her.

“Hnggg,” she said, into the video-cam.

“Say ‘Fuck my mouth’.”

“Hngg... hngg... hnggg,” she replied, as best she could.

“Say ‘I’m a black cock-sucking whore who wants you all to fuck my mouth at LEAST every day from now on’.”

She just stared at him, speechless. Luckily, André knew to pull back enough so Beth could now at least mumble.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm... hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm HMM hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmm,” she said.

And the main thought that crossed her mind right now was trying to look as pretty as possible for the video, hoping that her lipstick hadn’t smeared too much and that her hair wasn’t a complete mess.

After another minute or two, Tyrone handed the camera to André and resumed his starting position in Beth’s butt-hole while she got to savor the flavor of Darius’ cock straight from her ass. THIS time, she was actually looking forward to it.

“The good reverend’s wife LIKES shit-flavored dick now,” Tyrone kidded her when he returned to her mouth.

“Hmm hmm,” she said, shrugging. But she’d latched onto him too quickly for him not to be right.

In the end, they fucked this still gorgeous 37-year old mother’s mouth and ass for almost an hour, each guy having about a half dozen times at each ‘station’. Tyrone and Darius both shot three huge loads into her mouth, and Andre four... and she swallowed everything that didn’t leak out the side of her mouth from sheer volume.

“I guess you like cream with your coffee too, eh Mrs. W?” Tyrone kidded her as her mouth filmed up for about the seventh time, his cock still buried inside it.

“Hmm hmmmm,” she nodded.

Once they were done, the three men stepped back, stood there and clapped.

“You done good for a white girl, Mrs. W.” Tyrone said, his tone very complimentary.

Beth was kneeling upright now, having pulled her panties back into place and now leaning her bum back against her shoes... and just smiled.

“You’re probably going to be sore in the ass for awhile though,” the big black man went on. “So we’ll just fuck your mouth for the next few days.”

Huh? What could she say to that?

She showered for the second time today as the men started working on the bathroom, and threw her ‘soiled’ panties to soak in Ivory in the laundry room sink, replacing them with a new pair, still satin but of a more innocent white color. She could have dressed very conservatively, in a baggy sweat suit or something to remove all likelihood of further stares from the men. And who would have blamed her, after having worked so hard, if she just disappeared into her room for the rest of the day? But she didn’t. When she came downstairs to check on the “boys’ progress” (her own words), Tyrone happily noted that she was wearing the same sweater, nice tight 5-pocket stretch blue jeans and black heels, and her make-up had been totally freshened up.

“Here’s the deal, Ms. W.,” Tyrone said at around 4:30 as the crew was packing up. “Wear pants or jeans when you don’t want us up your ass, and skirts when it’s okay. Otherwise, we’ll just fuck your mouth.”

“Oh I don’t know if you’re going to be fucking my...” she started.

“Remember, bitch. We got the video,” were the last words he said, his amicable tone gone.

When her husband got home, Beth pretended nothing had happened. What COULD she tell him? I was washing dishes in heels and panties in the kitchen and... where could she possibly go with that intro? He didn’t seem to suspect a thing. The only thing that was at all suspicious was that his wife didn’t want to sit down much... and for some reason, she’d put a clean pile of laundry back into the washer.

“Didn’t you JUST wash all these jeans?” he asked her. She’d forgotten that it was him who’d transferred them into the dryer. Oops!

That evening, Beth was feeling so guilty she insisted on blowing Keith’s cock as he sat in his chair watching the news. After Tyrone and the others, her husband’s cock seemed like a toy poodle’s; and the amount of cum was far less than half what every load had been that morning. Still, she went to bed that night confident that, next morning, she’d tell Tyrone that she didn’t care about the video. They could finish the work or not. But they weren’t going to be fucking her mouth anymore. Period!

Next morning, however, she somehow pulled on her sexiest jeans (army green 5-pocket jeans that were deliciously tight on her soft round ass) to go with a baby blue blouse and sexy light purple heels, and fixed both her hair and make-up. For some reason, she wanted to look really nice for the workmen when she dissed them. And when Tyrone and the others showed up at 8:30 to begin work, she was already ready with coffee for them.

“We have to talk,” she told Tyrone quietly but sternly as he, Darius and André encircled her in the kitchen.

“YOU do your talkin’ down there,” he pointed to the floor. And that’s when all resolve left her. She stood here for a few seconds with her mouth hanging open, and then slowly sank to her knees as soon as she heard the first, slow zipper.

“Hngg... hngg... hngg” and “hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm...” were the only things she got to say for the next hour or so as the boys shoved their cocks even further down her throat than the day before.

“Hngggghhkxxxx,” she gagged, especially when Tyrone, whose cock was both the longest (at least 8 inches long when soft, and over 12 when hard) and thickest (as thick as Beth’s wrist) forced his monster all the way in. Poor Beth’s nose was partially buried in dark black belly fat and her mouth totally encompassed by his huge black balls when the video camera first came out.

Now... given that Tyrone had seemingly threatened, the day before, to use the video to blackmail her into letting herself be face-fucked again, you’d think she’d have said ‘No Way!’ to the camera. But instead, all she did was pose as prettily as she could with her face half buried in belly and groin, and proudly turned her big blue eyes and cute little bum towards the camera when Tyrone told Andre to get “some nice pix of that sweet, sweet ass we fucked yesterday.” She even repeatedly brushed her long blonde hair from her face so it didn’t hide her.

At one point, Beth’s teenage daughter Sarah, whom Beth had thought had gone to school but had woken up late, wandered into the kitchen and over to the cupboard and fridge to get a glass of orange juice. She even glanced right at her mom. But, like so many her age do early in the morning, somehow she was so zoned out, she seemed to register nothing, and wandered both in and out without appearing to notice Mom on her knees with a huge black cock in her mouth and one more in each hand. Beth froze and just watched her the whole time, petrified, as the boys continued pounding her throat.

“Hmmmmmmm!” she screamed, almost inaudibly, when Sarah had left. They HAD to stop. Her daughter was still at home. What if she came back in, more awake this time?

But still the boys gang-fucked her mouth.

The next day, Beth wore white pants, along with a yellow short-sleeved top and white heels, and made SURE Sarah had left for school before her ‘gang’ arrived. She proudly showed off her bikini panty-line to the boys as she made them coffee, pooching her bum out enticingly toward them; and again later for the video-webcam. One difference to the morning festivities was that André wasn’t there, his place taken by a new guy named Tyrell. Beth was pleased to meet him and happily opened wide to take him inside her mouth too.

The next day, André was back, but so was Tyrell, so Beth (wearing light blue Guess jeans with black heels and a white blouse) blew the four men instead of just three.

Then came Friday and, to Tyrone’s amusement, Beth greeted them at the door wearing a short red plaid skirt and a white blouse, with black heels.

“The pretty schoolgirl wants it up the ass again,” Tyrone said with a big toothy smile, as he hoisted her skirt up to reveal red satin bikini panties.

This time, with four men, her mouth alternated between two while one reamed her ass and the other manned the camera. And she purposefully did NOT poop that morning before coffee, to make sure she got plenty of shit to feast on and enjoy. This session lasted extra long, for almost two hours before Beth herself had had enough. At 11:15, she quickly tidied up before Sarah arrived home for lunch.

The one thing that concerned her most was being caught on her knees by Sarah again with all these cocks in her mouth. Since they lived not far from the school, the teen sometimes DID wander home at lunch... so Tyrone made sure they all fed “Mrs. W.” before then. One thing that Tyrone noticed over that first week was how much strain there was between mother and daughter.

Sarah’s clothes, which often were torn jean shorts that were filled with holes and VERY short and tight... were too slutty. She hardly ate at meals because she was full from eating “other crap.” She repeatedly missed her 4th period of school, which she said everyone did “because the teacher is so boring and his tests are ridiculously easy”. Blah, blah, blah... every day, there was something new for Mom to complain about and Sarah flew off in a rage.

“Mrs. W.” Tyrone said the following Thursday. “I’d like for you to meet some of my motorcycle buddies this weekend.”

Beth shook her head emphatically. “Oh no!” Blowing 3 or 4 black cocks in the confines of her own home when she was sure her husband was busy at work was one thing, but now Tyrone’s biking buddies??? “No way!”

“I got the videos,” he said.

She still shook her head. THIS was where she was drawing the line. But the next evening, when she and her daughter were the only one’s home because Keith was doing an evening service to remember a parishioner who’d died, she emerged from the laundry room to the living room to find Sarah on the couch watching... porn?

“Shit that off!” the mother screamed.

“No!” Sarah said. “I’m old enough.”

“No!” Beth yelled again. “I will NOT have pornography in my home.”

Sarah smiled snidely. “But Mom. This ISN’T porn.”


“It’s you. Look.” And Sarah pushed a button to freeze the frame. Beth stared blankly for a few seconds, and then focussed, and then sank down onto the couch, stunned. Looking back at her was... herself, surrounded by four cocks, her lips firmly wrapped around one of them.

“You look good, Mom,” Sarah added. And then she clicked the remote and the video was off and running again.

Beth sat there and watched in silent disbelief as the video on TV proceeded to show her sucking all these black cocks wearing at least six different outfits, and having her ass reamed and being fed her own shit while wearing two of them. There even was footage of Tyrone taking a piss into her mouth, and her dutifully swallowing four or five mouthfuls before he was finished.

“Cum, piss AND shit, huh Mom?” Sarah chided her.

What could she EVER say to Sarah now?

“I’ve got another DVD with you in it right here.” She pulled it out to show her mother. “Would you like to watch that one too?” Sarah asked sarcastically.

Beth just shook her head meekly.

“By the way,” Sarah said. “A guy named Tyrone handed me a note for you when he gave me the DVDs. I think he’s the one with the REALLY big cock.” And she handed it over to her mom. Luckily, it still was still in a sealed envelope. She opened it and read it:

“Mrs. W.: See you by the bike bridge at Cutter’s Park, tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. My buddies can’t wait to meat you.”

She chuckled nervously at the way he’d (mis)spelled ‘meet’.

“And oh,” Sarah said. “In case you’re wondering, I DID see you getting your mouth gang-fucked in the kitchen last week. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want the guys to stop.” And then she smiled.

The next morning, Beth put on the same baby blue blouse she’d worn that second day Tyrone and the others had started working (on her) and Sarah had walked in; but this time she wore it with her sleeves rolled up, and with army green shorts instead of pants (shorts that were short and tight) and white running shoes instead of heels. She told Keith that she was going out to the mall to look for birthday gift ideas for an old girl friend from high school who was turning 37 (like her).

Then she drove to the park nervously, having no idea what this would be like. Again, blowing and being ass-fucked by 3 or 4 guys was one thing. But what if there were 10 or 12 guys today? And what if shorts didn’t count as pants and a dozen guys wanted to fuck her ass in public? Maybe she should have worn her jeans. She considered going back to change... but glanced at the time and didn’t want to be late. She couldn’t AFFORD to be late.

She arrived in the park parking lot with seven minutes to spare. She sat in her car considering whether or not this was a good idea. Was there ANY way out of this? Answer: No. If Tyrone was willing to give several hours of video footage of her to her daughter, what would possibly stop him from dropping a similar ‘gift’ off to Keith? Or to the church? And she desperately never wanted to hurt Keith or his reputation. So, after a minute or two, she got out of the car, twisted to take a last look at her ass in the car window (these shorts definitely flattered her) and started walking.

She found Tyrone alone by the bridge, and gave a sigh of relief. Maybe things had fallen through.

“Everyone’s over here, Mrs. W.” Tyrone corrected her.

‘How does he always seem to know what I’m thinking?’ Beth thought to herself.

Tyrone led her just a short ways past the bridge, around a clump of trees, and into another clearing.

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