A Different Kind Of Sleepover

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I've always enjoyed my friendship with my best pal Jeremy. We became real good chums ever since we were classmates in school. Jeremy was one good-looking dude, with the cutest smile. He has a slender build, but as I watch him in gym, it was very obvious that all of his weight training worked.

We became so close that we always would rotate spending nights each other's houses. Last weekend was his turn to stay at my house. Normally our times together were fun, but uneventful. We did the usual guy stuff. But I had such a crush on this guy I was determined to make this sleepover different than any of the others.

He had dinner with us and we spent several hours watching TV until finally it was time to head up to my bedroom. Once we got there, we did the bathroom thing and started to strip down to our jockeys. I didn't want to be too noticeable, but out of the corner of my eye, I made sure that I watched this hunk undress. When he took off his shirt he revealed a smooth and wonderfully muscled chest. He unzipped his jeans, pulled them down and stepped out of them. I just had to take a quick peek at his crotch. I could tell he really filed those jockeys and my dick was starting to stir at the sight. I figured I better turn away quick because I didn't want Jeremy to notice what was going on in my pants. I took off my clothes and
got down to my jockeys and walked over to turn out the lights, while Jeremy climbed into his bed. I got to check out his cute, well-rounded butt that was stretching the fabric of his shorts. I just had to have this guy as my cock now became fully erect. I hurried up and got into my bed and pulled up the covers.

In the dark we talked about so many different things that were going on in both of our lives. I always loved taking to Jeremy and confiding in him and him in me, but tonight I wanted him to get to sleep, and fast. You see I had this idea in my head that once Jeremy fell asleep I could get to do some exploring. Unfortunately, Jeremy was a real motor mouth tonight and I thought he would never shut up. I waited and waited for him to fall asleep but he kept going with that excessive yacking. Finally, I said, "Jer, I am
so tired, I need to go to sleep". With that we both said good night and I rolled over, pretending to go to sleep.

I laid there for a long time just waiting for Jeremy to fall asleep, even pretended to snore a bit. Finally, after about 15 minutes, I could tell by his breathing that he finally was in dreamland. Little did he know what would be in store for him. As quietly as possible I slid the covers off and sat up on the edge of my bed. I could tell by my stomach that I was really starting to get nervous about what I was about to do, but I was on a mission and it had to be completed. Even though the room was pitch black I knew my bedroom well enough to figure out where his bed was. Slowly, I
eased off my bed and got down on my hands and knees on the floor. I
quietly crawled over until I felt the side of the mattress on Jeremy's bed. My dick had gotten so hard in anticipation of what I was about to do.

I moved my fingers to the top of the mattress and, being a small bed, I knew that Jeremy was not that far away. My heart was beating like crazy as I knew that the time had come. I thought to myself, "Don't wake up, Jer, don't wake up". Bravely, I found the thin sheet that was covering him up. I listened carefully to his breathing. Damn, even he was cute when he did that!!! It was now time for action. I had to touch his cock. With one hand I began to slowly pull down the sheet that covered his sleeping body. I kept my other hand busy rubbing my hard dick through the cotton front of
my jockeys and they were really starting to get wet. Because I was afraid I would shoot my load right then and there, I decided to stop playing with myself so that my mission wouldn't end abruptly and be a failure.

My hand found Jeremy's hip and it gently brushed the side of his
underpants. I could tell now that he was lying on his back. I cautiously moved my hand to the top of his briefs. I could feel the warmth and smoothness of his lower stomach, as it moved up and down with his breathing. I then got the nerve to slide my hand down over the buldge in his shorts. I could now feel the outline of my best friends cock. Slowly, I moved my fingers up and down his thick shaft through his underpants. I needed to feel his naked cock so I just had to try and slip off his jockeys. If I could, I would also like to give his tip a good licking without him knowing it. I guess that would be asking too much. I continued to feel him up through his shorts, moving down to his balls and back up his shaft. All of the sudden, I notice that Jeremy's cock was getting harder!!! Yes, he definitely was getting rock hard!!!! I quickly removed my hand.

I listened for his breathing and didn't hear anything. I think I have now been caught. Yet Jeremy was still quiet. Maybe he is still sleeping, but at this point I could have cared less, I had to feel his naked dick whether he was awake or not. I started again to explore his hard cock through the thin cotton of his underpants. I could feel the heat that it was giving off and I knew that it had reached a full erection. Was he asleep, or wasn't he? If he was awake he certainly wasn't doing anything to make me stop. It's time now for phase two. I worked my way down to the bottom of his bed and pulled the sheet all the way down. I got up the nerve to lift
the waistband of his jockeys and slide them down a little to reveal his naked rock hard cock. It was really throbbing as I touched it. I lightly ran my fingertips over the surface and then grasped him firmly. I slowly started pumping him up and down and his hot dick felt so good in my hands. Still, Jeremy did not say a word. I can't believe that he could be sleeping through all this. I was really going hot and heavy, I wanted to stop because I was afraid that I would lose Jeremy's friendship, but I was so horny and hard, I had to keep going. My pumping on his cock continued until finally I got my answer about whether Jeremy was asleep or not. I felt a hand reach the top of my head, lightly rubbing my hair and a voice
whispering "Robby, suck me, please!!!!"

Needless to say I was totally startled. "You asshole" I shouted, "You areawake!" "Yep", said Jeremy, "and I have been awake the whole time". "Your hand felt so good on my dick I didn't want you to stop". "So, you gonna suck me or not?" "Oh yeah", I said, I want to do that more than anything, but next time you will have to blow me!" "It's a deal," said Jeremy. "Wait just a sec", I said. I wanted to make sure I saw what I was doing so I got off the bed and went over to turn the light on, but dimly.

I returned to the bed and saw my gorgeous hunk of a best friend lying there with just his jockey shorts and his boner sticking up from where I had pulled them down. I removed his shorts and tossed them aside and climbed back into bed with him. Seeing his dick with the light on, it was everything I had imagined it to be and even more!!! I used both of my hands to explore his smooth body from top to bottom. I got down in between his legs and started to tongue his balls which were so large, but smooth. He quietly whispered "Oh yes, Robby, give it to me". I continued to give his balls a great tongue job moving from one then to the other, planting wet sloppy kisses on both of them. Jeremy's moaning continued and got louder and louder until he finally shouted "Suck me, SUCK ME!!!!! The front of my underpants were really tenting out from my hard on and they
were really getting soaked with my pre cum.

A low groan came from my throat as I began to tongue the base of his cock. I began sucking the side of his prick like it was my favorite flavor lollipop. I worked my mouth to the tip of his hard rod. Jeremy was all boy, or should I say man, judging by the size of his dick. I rolled my tongue around tasting his tangy pre cum, which was the first I had ever tasted other than my own. He began to move his hips as I went up and down the head of his cock. While doing that I reached my hand under his hips to grab his ass cheeks and give them a good massage. Jeremy moaned even louder. "QUIET", I said, we don't want to wake up the family, do we?" I continued to suck his dick and massage his ass and I thought my cock was going to explode from the excitement.

I swallowed Jeremy's pounding cock deeper than ever. I was really
surprised that I could take so much of it down my throat. While giving my best friend my first blowjob, I could feel his cock start to pulse. Then it happened, he started to shoot his cum into my mouth, and it tasted great. He shot again, again, and AGAIN. Would this boy ever stop? It must have been days since he jacked off last because of the amount of cum I was taking in. I was really enjoying it so much I hoped he wouldn't stop. I sucked and tongued and swallowed every blast of his sweet cream. I never wanted this to end, and I knew for sure that my hot, sexy, Jeremy didn't.
But all good things must end, unfortunately. The flow of his cum finally stopped as his prick began to soften in my mouth. Finally I shot load after load of my own cum into my already wet jockeys.

Both of us collapsed against the bed and moaned softly. I glanced at
Jeremy's body one more time. It was perfect and his soft cock was now curled to one side, probably wondering exactly what had taken place. I put my arm around Jeremy's shoulder and drew his body close to mine. "That was fantastic, wasn't it dude?" I said to my new lover. "Oh, yeah, I will never forget tonight," said Jer. "Well, it's late, we better get to bed" I said as I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then before leaving his bed, I grabbed Jeremy's hand and put it on my cum soaked jockeys. "Don't forget your promise, Jer, next time you do me" "I'm already thinking
about it, Rob, can't wait" With that I got back up and turned out the
light, went back to my bed and Jeremy laid down in his. "Nite, Rob".
"Goodnight, Jer".

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