A Connisseur's Feast

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One might consider me a connoisseur. I am a connoisseur of cock: hard cocks, soft cocks, cut cocks, uncut cocks, big cocks, little fat ones, straight cocks, arched or curved cocks, definitely thick cocks. They say, "Variety is the spice of life". When it comes to the male sex organs, I like life very spicy. I like to look at, feel, smell, and taste well formed, animated, responsive cock. When attracted, I will be solicitous, affectionate, and pandering toward the cock, balls, bush, and ass of any man who meets my fancy. In the following account, I will confess more about my narcotic predilection toward the most vital part of those of my own gender.

An uncle of mine convinced me to spend time at his ranch out west. I managed to schedule my local clients' work over the longer term. Negotiating with neighbors to tend and house sit my rural property, I hastily packed my small car for the cross-country trip. I had convinced myself I need the change of scenery. In the month or six weeks I would spend with my uncle, I agreed to organize his business data to be automated using a well-known accounting and small business software package in exchange for his hospitality. . Upon arrival, I found the wide open vista green sloping valleys surrounded by the rugged snow capped mountains a pleasing change from the close and cramped steep and deciduously dense hills, partitioned by the narrow "hollers", so typical of my Appalachian environs. I also noticed the diligent ranch hands were not unpleasant for my perusal. One in particular warranted a double take. He seemed to this easterner almost a stereotype of western outdoor masculinity and then some. His jeans were decidedly tighter than the others wore, flatteringly outlining outstanding definition in thighs, narrow hips, bubble butt, and front bulge. By mid day his western cut plaid flannel or denim shirt was unbuttoned half way down, revealing a breathtaking spread of chest hair up to a collar bone stretched to connect to strong broad shoulders.

The hair on his chest matched the close cropped dark brown head of hair, festooned with well-cropped sideburns. Piercing brown eyes set off by distinct high cheekbones characterized a perpetually sensuous expression. The incessant teasing he endured from his mostly older workmates triggered him to frequently break out in a sunny but rugged and toothsome smile. Arriving on the premises at dawn for a pancake breakfast, he would sport a Stetson that would seem at least one quarter size too large. His elaborately patterned freshly polished cowboy boots would always be dirty and scuffed by day's end. He would be accused of donning this impractical garb to suit the fancy and whims of his "lady". "Boy, you might take a lot of crap to get some pussy, but take it from some old ranch fuckers; you don't want to let yourself get whipped." The way they would feign real concern, mouthing this advice with their colloquial drawls, had an especially comic effect.

I was prepared to take risks to see more of this manly beauty. I would watch carefully to note where these "dudes" would take breaks to pee in the open. I hoped that I would be able to detect a distinct pattern in his urinating routine. I would be able to position myself seemingly innocently at a point in front of where he would thrillingly withdraw from his tight garments that concealed prize that would be the object of my focused study. In defeated frustration, I could discern no consistent movements to gratify my urgent curiosity. I had to resign myself to this frustration for unending weeks, settling for unsatisfying masturbatory fantasies in the shower. But I could be patient. When it comes to matters of the cock, I can be unyieldingly persistent.

With only a couple of weeks left in my sojourn in the late summer, I was hard at work at my uncle's computer when I thought I heard an especially noisy outburst of laughter and joyous frivolity coming from the horse corral. When I approached the scene of this frolicsome event, the oldest hand among them turned to me mustachioed, "oh Blondie, you're going to like this!", chortling and chuckling away. "Cowboy Bob here, that is, our 'stallion' Bob made camping reservations at the forest for two at the beginning of next week. It seems after several months later, he neglected to tell his lady friend about it until yesterday." This prompted another round of guffaws at the expense of the red-faced buck. "Of course, now she is pissed off meaner than a she-mule and tells him she has to work and he better find himself someone else to sleep with under the stars."

Before all settled down, one of the other workers spoke up, "Boy, don't you know you can't order your lady around like a pizza? Lord knows, it will be a long time before you get another delivery." Another round of snorts and belly laughs erupted with the announcement of this ribald metaphor. . The oldest piped up again. "Sheeiit! . . . A looker like you oughta go to town tonight and carouse up another lady to take with you on your love fest." To the thorough amusement of the others, the man with the mustache pursed his lips and blew mock kisses in the direction of the embarrassed younger.

Bob could only conjure up a weak retort to counter the impression of his lack of sophistication. None of this was being communicated the way he had planned. ""Merle, that's dumb! That would make Anne only angrier if she knew I planned to take another girl camping." The remark only increased the pace of jests and catcalls.

Another hand shouted out, "Well lookie here! . . . we've got ourselves a regular 'Dear Abby' in the affairs of the heart." I felt for this guy and his uncomfortable predicament. I knew when he left the ranch that night, he was sorry he ever arose that morning. How many days had I had like that myself?

I was sympathetic, but even more so, opportunistic. The next day I planned to have lunch with the hands. I would do this from time to time for my amusement and to gain some insights into the surrounding environs. On this day, I would exploit Bob's vacancy in his camping plans without further adding to his embarrassment. It was a delicate task, but we cock men have to be crafty. It was an unusually warm day for so late in the summer and some of the hands already had their shirts off as they approached the open air dining benches for lunch. Included among them was the one whom I pursued so fervently. For a minute I was unnerved, almost gasping at the sight of his glistening strong rounded shoulders topping off bulging biceps. A barrel chest of two broad round pecs served as ample foundation for the thick brown chest hair that covered them, a sumptuous dark line reclining from the foot of those sculptured mounds along six pack abs, to where a new graze of hair sprang up starting just above his navel. The furry dark line partitioned the lower meadow like an ominous fence extending below his belt only to be interrupted where a fertile imagination might conjure. If I was going to retain a cool disposition, I had to stave off the empty feeling in my abdomen and the increasingly intense tingling in my midsection. Taking a deep breath, I thought, "down boy." It would not do if my cravings were detected by any of the assembled by discernable body language. When we greeted each other, my eyes wandered about all the men and food so no one would notice the true focus of my attentions. Regaining my composure, my avaricious resolve was only intensified.

During the bean and cornbread meal, sure enough, the subject of Bob not having a camping mate arose. Even prior to discussion on this topic, I spoke of how much I was impressed with the countryside in the area and how I regretted that I had so little time to explore to suit my curiosity. The two topics of conversation intermingled smoothly but, at first, did not connect. Finally, one of the hands took the bait. "Hey Bob; why not take Blonde with you. You're always bragging about how you know the forest trails better than the rangers. Now you have a chance to show off all your familiar turf to someone who would really like to see it."

In my most modest and friendliest tone, I tried to pose a helpful resource. "I would be happy to split all the expenses with you, Bob."

My heart leapt, as I feared that the obnoxious oldest hand would derail my strategy. "Besides, you would score brownie points with the boss: Blonde's uncle", he quipped as he crudely rubbed his fist, thumb and forefinger against his nose. "Still, it wouldn't be the same as taking your lady with you, lover boy." Partially masticated food nearly dropped out of the mirthful mouths of the other hands in their enjoyment of the latest joke.

Bob seemed to resist the barbs of his tormenter and very civilly responded, "Thanks for the offer, Blonde. I will give it serious thought and let you know."

"Patience!" I counseled myself, "so far, so good." That night, I was rewarded when my uncle alerted me that I had a telephone call. Bob asked that I keep the arrangements confidential. Unbeknownst to the others, Bob had made reservations for a cabin. He asked me if I would still be prepared to pay half for the considerably more appreciable expense to be awarded to the National Park Service.

"They are really nice. They have working fireplaces and private baths." I readily agreed, excitedly realizing that I may be able to see more of my love interest than if we had just been tent mates. "You're all right Blonde. I got a sense that you are sort of an upright guy when I first met you."

If he only knew.


The Monday evening of our departure, I had restrained myself to not overstep my bounds and not build high expectations. The true path of success for any cock man in hot pursuit is to think with his brain and not with his dick. We drove away from the ranch loaded with more supplies than we would probably need. Driving his older model SUV well over the speed limit, my friend was quite loquacious, one on one. "It was a mistake anyone could make, Blonde. I was looking at the wrong month when I told Anne the dates for our trip. I didn't realize my error until last week and spoke up." I politely commiserated. "Try to explain that to those rubes, though. They oversimplify everything. That's why my uncle can get so fed up with them. They think I am so green because I am the youngest there. They're the ones who are ignorant. Hell, I have a college degree." I asked him if his degree was in agriculture or animal husbandry and why he was employed that way. "No, I majored in business administration. I had a job in town that paid good bucks but I couldn't cut working indoors all day. I thought about offering to help your uncle with his software before you arrived, but I was afraid he would trap me in his stuffy study all day." I acknowledged his point.

The wheels of my mind turning, I steered the subject back to his girlfriend and inquired as much about the intimacy of their relationship as I dared: the jocular confidences among guys sort of tone. "Hell, we were planning on having hot times. We both love to surf the porno sites on the Internet. I had hoped we could try out some of the positions that turned us both on. We even have a trade-off agreement. She will allow me to look at the lesbian pics if I allow her to surf some of the gay sites." I liked the turn this conversation was taking. "Rumors fly about gays getting it on in the forest. She was hoping maybe we might meet up with some and they would let her watch. I think that would have been a stretch but I have to admit, those dudes look like they're having a pretty good time in the pics on those sites."

"Easy, Blonde" I contemplated. I was especially encouraged by his inclination to not refer to gay sex in a derogatory manner. "You are near a kill", I thought. "Don't blow it now. Take great care in the choice of your words and body language." By now, my sex organs were buzzing and swollen. I had one leg horizontally crossed over the other to create the illusion that the tent in the front of my hiking shorts was propped by the way I was seated in the vehicle. I deemed it safe to take my boldest tack yet. "Jeez, for a good casual way to get your rocks knocked off, I never thought there was anything wrong with getting your dick sucked by another guy. I mean you know what they say, no one eats pussy like another woman and no one sucks cock like another guy. The folks who can do it best are the ones who know what they like for themselves."

"You know, I will be honest with you Blonde, what you say makes a lot of sense. It it weren't for the way tongues wag in these parts, I suppose I would no longer be a virgin in that sense. I mean where guys are concerned." I LOVED the way he expressed this confidence. The proposition had to be now or never.

My pulse was racing and I struggled to conduct myself in a nonchalant matter-of-fact disposition. "Oh that wouldn't be a problem. No one would ever know how you enjoyed yourself on this trip." By now, from the corner of my eye I had glimpsed the delectable long fat beast snaking down his right thigh concealed by his ever-present tight jeans. Despite my furtive glances, I could not make out where it ended.

For a couple of minutes, we said nothing. A broad grin spread over his face and his brown eyes twinkled with an excited fire. "Are you saying what I think you are Blonde? . . . Would you suck my cock?" . "JACKPOT!" I thought. I was home free from here. I said nothing but continued looking straight ahead while reaching over with my left hand to firmly feel the fleshy excitement writhing in its constriction. Applying affectionate squeezes with my experienced fingers, I could feel the intense warmth of my new conquest even in its concealment. He sighed and breathed heavily. After no more than a minute he good-naturedly in a breathy voice asked me to alter my conduct. . "Back off dude! You keep that up and I will be creamin' my jeans in a flash. We don't want to get in an accident before we even get there. Hey, we are going to be there in a few minutes. Then you can suck and feel your way to your heart's content."

I was fidgeting in my seat the rest of the way there. Under my breath I cravenly muttered, "Boy are you going to be in for a treat." He must have heard me for he flashed me a wink and a smile.

At the Park Service office a short distance from the entrance to the forest road, the car was stopped, so Bob could register and confirm our reservation. I smirked and giggled as I noticed he had a hard time straightening himself after exiting from the car door. Later, he practically bolted out of the cabin and back to the car. "Pretty soon you can do your work, pal."

"And good work you will know it to be!" I retorted with pronounced confidence. He drove following the signs that led us to the shade covered guest cabins. My head swimming with dizziness of intense lust, I was hardly aware of my surroundings as he nearly screeched the SUV to a halt, parking at the premises that would serve residence to our torrid affair. Without grabbing any supplies, we both sprinted to the locked door. He fumbled the keys almost laughing as he aimed the key to allow us entrance to our new paradise, my hands already clenching beneath his waist band or firmly kneading his splendid ass cheeks beneath the tight denim. The door gave way with a whoosh, its sudden release from barrier nearly knocking both of us over. The woodsy cabin revealed another door at the opposite end. Bob guessed right that this was the bedroom and he flung himself on his back on one of the two queen sized beds that would serve our carnal inclinations so comfortably.

"Come and get it!!!" he yelled out as if he were the ranch cook summoning the hungry hands for a 'chow down'. I was hungry for something else and with lightening speed I was between his spread-eagled legs hanging over the end of the bed. Suddenly, I was the cause of my favorite sound in my first encounter with any new intimate. Zzzzziiippp!!! .


Looking, I could see he was wearing boxers and I greedily reached in with limber fingers to feel and extract the reward for all my laborious cunning. My fingers and hand were treated to the most exquisite sensations. The velvety smooth base of a fleshy stick pulsing with vibrant warmth amongst a cleft of feathery curly hairs, all covering a warm crushed leather like pouch. Despite my earnest dexterous manipulations, it was apparent that I was not going to be able to free these treasures from their container of tight fabric in just this manner. Withdrawing my hand, I reach for his belt buckle, my fingers almost shaking with the fervent excitement of the moment. Lying back, he looked on as if helpless with a euphoric drugged like expression. The ornately western style buckle tinkled to my fumblings and I felt the flushed heat of his excitement ooze from his lower abdomen. At last I had broken the last barrier of Levi-Strauss in the guise of the tight pants button. All that remained was the firm grasp of my fingers on either side of the rugged waistband to give both his jeans and boxers together one good revelatory tug.

Words can not adequately describe for my readers the completely sensual exhilaration I experienced in consequence. A great round throbbing column of man meat sprang out to greet me, finally freed from its tight prison, flinging droplets of liquid lust in all directions. At the same instant my nostrils were overwhelmed by the sensational scent of intensely festering man musk. His incomparable straight as an arrow cut manhood must have stretched a meaty 8.5". At its base drooped a succulent silky wrinkled pouch wherein resided the large jewels that provide the important ingredient for the discharges that I would extract from him with such urgency. A dense thicket of dark fragrant masculine bush surrounded all this beauty. Both of us giddy with delirium, he leaned up as if intoxicated. "Well Blonde, do you like what you see?"

Eyes bulging and mouth slightly ajar, I reached for the fleshy pole that nearly singed my hand. I answered simply, "it's gorgeous!" My mouth opened with tongue tip extracted to greet my feed. I lapped the sweet liquids that already drenched his pliant strawberry. His ultra smooth animated cock flinched, throbbed, and bucked in my tightening grasp. I contemplated, "I am going to tame this horsey, yet", as my tongue began to make pressured sweeps up and down every centimeter of his smooth hot shaft, occasionally shifting to his pouched jewels, lapping up all the delicious tastes of aroused man sex.

He began his uninhibited vocalizations in response to my lascivious services. Low and throaty, "Ooooooooooooo, that's nice. . . ughh, ooo, keep licking like that Blonde." . When the entire length of his furnace like pleasure pole was saturated, I raised my head to meet his man head and this time positioned my warm wet tongue and mouth to envelope it. My tongue probed all around from pee hole to ridge like a whirling tornado locked in place. "Ahhh. . . .ahhh. . . .ooohhh, yesss! Oh that feels so great." I positioned myself to make it easier for me to slide that delicious staff deeper into my topside orifice while cradling his balls with my other hand. I was now sucking his magnificent man tool with the usual conviction of an enthusiastic cocksucker. "SUCK that cock you blonde horn dog!! Don't wimp out on me. Aaaaaahhhhh. . . . .oooooooooo. . . . . hhhhooooeeeee. . . . Yeeesss, don't let up." His hips were now thrusting with wild abandon. "I, I'm . . . I'm getting close . . . Yes that's right, suck hard. . . Oh, I am going to". I felt his orbs leap through his leathery pouch to his underside signaling the inevitable. "Ughhh", he moaned with the first spasm of his tense heated ejaculation. I felt the flexed tension about his upper thighs, crotch, and lower buttocks as he squirted out great shots of hot slippery visceral jism into the rear of my attending oral chasm at a pace quicker than I could respond with in swallows. I struggled to control the syrupy creme that filled my mouth. Some of it spilled on to my lips and the shaft that had been so keenly exercised. His last spasms were accompanied by a great shudder that was birthed in his groin and spread in both directions to the ends of his transfixed being. Just as quickly, flexed tension transformed to intense relaxation and I could see the muscles in his legs and midsection roll about to a melted contentment. I savored the sweet and spicy cum that still lingered in my mouth and I lapped up the drops that had spilled on to the shrinking gun from which they had been unleashed. . Soon, his flaccid glistening dick lay comparatively languid astride his right hip, still posing a striking presence. He moved his head back on the soft bed and raised his face toward the headboard basking in sensual relaxation. "Hhmmmm, that was incredible!"

"I am not finished with you yet." I spoke with an element of control. I sauntered into the adjoining bathroom and gathered up tissues. After cleaning him about his genitals and legs, I told him not to move from where he lay. I told him that I would retrieve just enough supplies from the car for our next session. On the way out, I noticed that in the haste to commence our escapades in eros, we had left both the front door of the cabin and the bedroom door open. We were lucky that no one had entered and caught us in our passion play.

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