A Chinese girl

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It's a story that happened to me when I was with my friends on a trip to China.

I'd always had a thing for feet, but not much luck before what happened in China. I kissed and smelled feet of only one girl before - my current girlfriend. The problem is, her feet are quite ugly and although she takes pretty good care of them, I'm not attracted to them. So my foot fetish is fulfilled only in my dreams. No wonder then that before I came to China I dreamt that maybe I'd have some luck this time with a chinese girl... I didn't plan on anything, I just dreamt about that.

But dreams sometimes come true.

We arrived in Canton. I had this idea that it's going to be really hot in there, as it is in subtropics, but it was winter, so to my dismay practically no girl wore sandals nor flipflops. I was even more dismayed seeing how pretty those girl are. I mean, faces is one thing, but practically all were incredibly slim and sexy. I spent more time looking at them and imagining that I could smell their feet than actually looking at the city itself.

And then the big day happened. We boarded the train to Shanghai. It's an overnight journey, so we took sleepers. The carriages are long and doorless, so the bunk beds are practically in the corridor, six beds in every compartment. I got the bed right under the ceiling, so I was rather uncomfortable and in the evening I spenT more time on a folded chair in the corridor than in the bed.

The carriage was full of chinese of both sexes and all ages. I was tired and I didn't really take much notice of the people around me. Then the lights were switched off and we went to sleep.

But with the ceiling right above me, air conditioning humming straight into my ear and the light from the passageway straight into my eyes, I could hardly sleep. Eventually, tired and angry I climbed down. It was about 4 or 5 AM. I sat down on the folded chair and was about to start thinking dark thoughts when suddenly I saw it.

I saw a foot.

Right in front of me, in the light from the passegeway a couple of metres away, on the bottom bed, I saw a small, shapely, deliciously pink-orange foot.

My heart started beating hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. This foot was right there, two feet - excuse the pun - away. I could see the cute, perfectly shaped toes, rounded ball of the foot, a high arch, slightly darker heel. This foot seemed there for me to worship, right there, right then...

I looked around. There was just one man sitting in the other end of the carriage, and I was not sure if he was looking. Apart from that, the carriage was soundly asleep.

It was totally possible for me to just bend forward and smell this wonder of a foot... I felt I had to do that before it's too late.

But whose was it?

Many Chinese woman who are not so pleasing facially have slender and shapely bodies. Their feet could also be misleadingly small. There was not enough light for me to be completely certain of the age. I didn't want to end up smelling a foot of some ugly, wrinkled-faced middle-aged unpleasant woman - and believe me, middle-age chinese women can be really unpleasant, with their shouting and general attitude.

I pulled myself together and started thinking. Who might be in this bed there? I tried to recreate in my mind what I saw before going to sleep. I looked around to revive my memory and then I remembered.

It was a girl, no doubt about that. When we got on the train, she was
already in bed, sitting with the quilt over her legs. I remember that she had long and curly hair, not exactly dark. That's quite unusual in China, where most women have dark straight hair, but young people seem to like experimenting with hair. Whether she was actually pretty, I couldn't remember, so she was probably rather average looking. If she was really pretty or ugly, I'd probably remember.

Averare-looking is good, especially when the foot is nice. I had no more doubts - and even if I had, my hard-on would persuade me. I made my choice.

I know it sounds as if I spent ages pondering this and that, but actually it was seconds.

I bent forward, pretending I was doing up my shoelaces, put my nose between these cute toes and smelled hard.

OMG, that was beyond words. For the first time in my life I actually smelled feet that attracted me. It was exactly the way I like - her feet were warm from sleep and clean and they had this subtle, bodily smell which I adore. I could spend hours just breathing in this smell, savouring it. I was in heaven that for so long I had only imagined myself in.

But then something stirred. No, not her. She didn't move an inch. But I heard passengers starting to wake up. We probably approached some station and the conductor would soon walk through the carriage waking people up. I moved my lips up to kiss her toes - they were pleasantly warm and smooth - and sat back as if nothing happened.

I could still smell her feet, so deeply had this smell burnt into my memory, but I felt it's not enough. There were still so many things I could do with these feet. I could satisfy my every fetish desire with this one small foot. Now, to be honest, I have always been most attracted to the smell and toe-kissing, but now, looking at those perfectly shaped toes I felt the sudden urge to suck on them as never before. I looked around. The carriage was still again so there was a chance.

I bent forward, open my mouth and put her big toe into my mouth.

My heart was beating like crazy. I felt her warm body in my mouth, I was tasting the saltiness on my tongue, I could feel her toenail against my palate. I AM SUCKING ON A CHINESE GIRL'S BIG TOE kept flashing in my mind. I did this. I was sucking on her toe, worshipping her foot...

It was even better than the smelling. I had no idea it could taste so
delicious. And I had no idea it would be so inspiring emotionally and
intelectually. There was a Chinese girl and me, a Western male, and I was sticking her big toe into my mouth...

But then the carriage stirred again. I sat back just in time, because the passengers started getting up. In less than a minute there were people in the corridor, moving aroung. My chance was gone.

But I still sat there, staring at the foot and imprinting the image into my mind forever. By the time my friends got up, she had already hid her foot under the quilt, but was still sleeping. And I had the image of her foot stored forever in my memory, alongside the smell, the touch and the taste.

Eventually, most of the carriage was up. She woke up, started moving under the quilt. I waited impatient and slightly nervous to see her face. Was she really an OK-looking girl? Maybe I made a mistake and sucked on some ugly old bat's foot instead?

It was still half dark in the carriage when she woke up. She raised her head. I saw the curly brownish hair and I knew I had been right. She sat up, still nor quite revealing her face, and started putting on grey socks. My hard-on, which was already full in force, managed to put up 10 percent more on the sight of this. I knew this was the last time I would see her feet. Then she put on black knee-high shoes and stood up, took something from the table and faced me.

My nuts could burst at this moment.

She wasn't ugly, that's for sure. She wasn't stunningly beautiful either, but she was really pretty. In her tightly fitting jeans and striped top she was also very sexy. She passed me with a toothbrush and went to the washroom. I looked at her walking and saw a figure so perfect that I almost died of the desire to embrace her from behind, kiss the back of her neck and take her...

When she was away I looked at her stuff. My arousal increased even further. I saw a school backpack on the table and some books. So she was a student, and judging by her looks, she must have been no more than eighteen.

She came back and went to bed again. I looked at her. She travelled from Canton to Shanghai, both sophisticated cities, and with her hair and clothes she seemed to belong to this section of Chinese youth who are open and modern thinking. She also didn't seem particularly struck seeing a bunch of foreigners, so she must have been growing up in an open society, had forein English teachers and so on.

I would go to jerk off in the toilet right away, but Chinese train toliets are incredibly offputting, so I had to wait until much later. We were supposed to get off at the next station. She wasn't packing up, so she was clearly going to Shanghai or around. When we were packing up, I cast her glances, to remember her better. I toyed with the idea of dropping a note into her backpack saying something like 'I kissed your feet, thank you', but it proved impossible with all the people around and her right at her things. So when we finally got off, I knew she would never know that a Westerner sucked on her toes
and in this way fulfilled his life long fantasy. I wonder what she would do knowing that. I know that the fact that - let me repeat - I sucked on a pretty Chinese teenage girl's big toe made me a happy man.

The consequences of what happened on this train were far reaching. I took much bigger interest than before in asian women's feet. And I decided that I have to find a girl/women - not necessarily Asian - whose feet I could worship. Life is too short not to fulfill one's desires.


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