A Camping Trip I won’t forget

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I went on a school camping trip recently, and it was a blast. It was a small group of friends and teachers and their family. We went on separate cars and was all to meet at the camp grounds. It was a nice little area with cabins mess hall etc. When we arrived we got settled into the cabins and went out to check out the camp grounds. I noticed from a far a beautiful young woman walking up to the camp. She was a small american woman with short brown eyes a tight slim body and a nice pair of breasts. I just looked at her wondering who she was and I saw her go inside our mess hall. I thought to myself who could she be with. My friend was standing by me and noticed me looking at her and he told me that was one of the teachers wife. I was shocked to find out that this hot sexy woman was married to one of my teachers.

So the night went on and we were all around the camp fire when I saw her again. She was wearing a small pair of jean shorts and a tight shirt, she had curves in all the right places. She sat on the opposite side of me near her husband and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I simply kept staring at her and after awhile I noticed her taking glimpses at me. When our eyes met I just smiled. While we were there at the camp fire telling stories I just started to imagine that sexy young teachers wife and how she was in the sack. I bet she was great I thought to myself and a real freak.

When people started to head to bed I decided to take a shower, there was a boy and girl shower right next to each other. When I got in the shower I turned it on and let the water run a little I took my clothes off and got in the shower. I closed my eyes and images of my sexy teachers wife popped into my mind again. God I thought to myself he is one lucky guy. So while I was showering I heard a shower turn on from the girls shower. I didn’t mind it any thinking it might have been one of the girls just taking a late shower. I sat there at the shower for a couple mins when I started hearing moaning noises from the girls shower. I got excited once I heard it and wanted to find out who it was. So I decided to sneak in and take a little peek. Knowing everyone was a asleep and it was probably one of the girls I flirt with all the time. So I left the water running so it wasn’t so suspicious took my towel wrapped it around my waist and started to walk towards the girls door. I opened it slowly and got inside so much steam was in the shower from the hot water I saw her clothes on the bench and I thought to myself it might have been Sarah cause it looked to be her clothes so I decided I wanted to jump in the shower and surprise her. So when I got right in front of the stall I opened the curtains and said “surprise!” And oh my god I sure as hell was the one surprised, it wasn’t Sarah it was the teachers wife, I immediately apologized to her saying sorry even though my eyes were stuck on her naked body and I felt my cock growing in my towel, I felt so embarrassed my face was almost getting red but yet I was still very hard, I closed the curtains and continued to apologize and she said “its okay” in a giggling type of voice, “I won’t say anything” she said. Then I had explained to her that I was taking a shower and heard moaning noises, I didn’t want to say it excited me but from the way she said “uh huh” I knew she knew I was hard for her. I never left the girls shower and I still couldn’t believe how embarrassed I was but yet horny from the sight I saw. She then said “I noticed the way you been looking at me” and I just gulped. “Do you think I’m pretty?” she said, and all I managed to get out was a squeaky “of course” from the shock of the questions she was asking. She then peeked her head through the curtain and asked, “did you like what you saw?” and I was just in complete shock, and I just nodded. She pulled the curtain shower aside and stepped out of the shower and gave me full view of this exquisite beautiful hot sexy woman standing in front of me. My jaw just dropped and my cock got hard as a rock and formed a little teepee in my towel. She looked down at my towel with a grin on her face and said “Wow you really do like me.” She walked up to me while I was sitting on the bench and pulled the towel off my waist, my cock was so hard it was just pointing straight up full 7 inches of it. Her eyes was glued to my now hard and thick cock and got on her knees and asked “May I?” And I just nodded. And once her beautiful lips touched the head of my cock I felt I was going to explode but I held it and made sure to savor this wonderful blowjob I was getting. Her tongue started to encircle the head of my cock and then went down on me and took the whole thing in her mouth. Slowly at first she started to bob up and down on my hard rod and I just placed a hand on the back of her head and started to help her go down on my cock, then my hips started to react and I started to fuck her face, she was moaning so loud while sucking my cock and saw her beginning to rub her clit while giving me a blowjob, her pace increased while she was blowing me and I felt I was about to explode in her mouth. I started to groan and yelled out I was about to cum and she just kept at it blowing me faster and sucking harder, I then grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her face hard as I erupted load after load of my cum into her greedy little throat.

After that wonderful blowjob she didn’t let go of my cock, it went limp in her mouth but she just got it rock hard after a few mins of playing with my balls and sucking my cock a little more. She then released my cock from her mouth when I was hard and stood up, I looked at those beautiful C cup breasts and her nice erect nipples and then looked down at her pretty shaved bush. She got back into the shower stall and laid her back to the wall, she placed her finger in her mouth then placed it into her dripping cunt, I stood up and walked towards her and got inside the stall, I closed the curtain behind us and placed my right hand on her inner thigh and the left on her breasts, I leaned in to give her a passionate kiss and our tongues just played with one anothers, She broke our kissing and moaned out “fuck me with your beautiful cock and give me your load” and with that I couldn’t let her down, so I took my right hand and lifted up her right thigh and held it up while she grabbed my cock and positioned it to the entrance of her hole, I started to slip the head in and noticed she didn’t want it slow at all and she wanted some rough animal sex so once the head of my cock was in her tight pussy I rammed the rest of my cock deep inside her dripping cunt, I held her thigh up and began licking her neck while I rammed my cock in and out of her dripping cunt, my cock was throbbing inside her tight cunt, she was moaning so loud I was a little afraid she would wake someone up, She dug her nails on my back and started scratching it this only made me fuck her harder against the wall. I lowered my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit her nipple she moaned louder and asked me to take a finger and ass fuck her at the same time, so I had her suck my finger then I wrapped my left arm behind her and stuck my finger inside her ass while I fucked her tight pussy, I started groaning again and she knew I was going to cum, she yelled out “Lets cum together baby” and with that I let my cum shoot deep inside her cunt and I could feel her cum showering my cock. We stood there after we were done and kissed and caressed each other for a little bit. “That was great” I said, she replied back and said “Oh yah your way better than my limp cock of a husband.” I grinned at her and I knew that wouldn’t be the end of our little fun at camp.

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