A Band Story

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The band was taking its semi-annual trip to Washington, DC, and after playing a concert in Harrisburg, PA, we were put up for the night in the local Holiday Inn. Carol and I, both flute players, were sharing a room on the 6th floor and the boys had been located safely away on the 8th floor. 

Laying awake talking about the boys in the band made us both pretty horny and we started to imagine. We had focused on two trumpeters, Eric (6'6, blonde and also a baskeball player) and Ray (5'9, more ordinary build but with a wicked sense of humor). Both guys were known to have had their way with other girls not on the trip with us, so we couldn't help but think about the possibilities for us. 

"Suzy, do you think about sex with Eric?" "I was thinking about it now." "What were you thinking?" Actually I was doing more than thinking but I wasn't about to say so. My hands were gently stroking my breasts and I could feel my pussy swelling inside. "Well, I imagined him finding me alone in the band room." "cute, Suzy. Go on." "Hey, don't make fun of me. I started to open my blouse for him. He comes over and opens it all the way." "OK OK" "Pushes up my bra. Lifts me up and starts sucking on my tits as I wrap my legs around his waist." I'm really squeezing my nipples now. "Anyone ever do that to you?" "No. Anyway he puts me back down and, still is sucking on my tits while he reaches under my skirt and takes off my panties." My hands are rubbing my thighs now. "Then he sits me down on the riser --I'm making this up as I go, Carol -- and takes my foot -- he's looking right at my pussy -- and kisses my leg." I'm already rubbing my pussy. "Good Good" "And he kisses his way up my leg 'til his head disappears in my skirt." My voice got hoarse as I told that part. "I feel his tongue on my pussy lips." A little moan as my fingers find my soaking wet slit. "Suzy?" "Yes?" "Are you, you know, uh, playing with yourself?" Embarrassed pause, then, "Uh Huh." I hear a whimper from Carol. "Carol?" "Yes?" "You too?" "Uh Huh" "So his tongue is playing with my clit --- ohhhhh" I plunge two fingers into my vagina. "Oh god, Oh God! And his two fingers go deep into me." "Suzy, you're not!" "I am!" I hear the rhythm of Carol's rump thrusting up and down on her bed and she starts to moan. "Carol, Are you fucking?" "Oh yes Oh yes." I'm fucking myself hard with my fingers now. Skipping a few steps, "His cock is in me now. Up UP inside me. Oh Oh OH." "It's a big cock. It reaches all the way in. He's slamming my cervix." I have four fingers inside me now. "Ohhhhhh" I let out loud enough to hear outside. I'm having a strong orgasm from this silly little story. Carol is too. "I've got my hand in me Carol." "Does it fit?" "Ohhhhhh. y y Yes" Carol's thrusting stops for a long moment. I hear a sort of slurpy sound. "Oh my god" "Carol, what?" "It fits --- ohhhhhhh. Oh Suzy it's so good. Oh Oh Oh." After a while our orgasms subside and I lay there breathing hard with two fingers still gently stroking me. I feel a big wet spot on my behind.

"Hey Suzy?" "Yes?" "Do you think they would let us in if we went up there now?" "Are you crazy?" "Come on. What do you think?" "Maybe they're asleep." "Suzy?" "Yes?" "Do you have any condoms?" "Three or four." "I've got three." "Carol!" "Yes?" "We'll be kicked out of band." "Come on. We won't get caught." "You're serious aren't you." Giggles. "They're staying in Room 823." "Carol!!"

With the lights off, I run to the bathroom to take a pee and clean up my pussy. Then I get dressed. Carol does too. "Get the key." We peek out the door by the light of the fire exit. All clear. Giggles. We scurry down the hall to the staircase and start to climb. Halfway there, I grab Carol and give her a big kiss and hug. "I love you for this, Carol." Then we are there, in front of their room. We can hear the TV, so they must be up. I am about to knock when Carol says, "Suzy -- take your clothes off." "What?" I say in a stage whisper that is half shout. She is already half undressed. "Oh god," and soon we are both standing a pile of clothes. I look over at Suzy and she looks very pretty that way in the red light of the exit sign, 5'6, black hair, large aveoli, maybe 34B, nice figure. I can't help but giggle, though.

Eric answers our knock. First you see the little peephole go dark. Then the door opens a crack and he sees it is us. Only when he opens the door wide does he realize he is staring at two naked ladies. "Holy shit." We grab the piles of clothes and scurry in, giggling out of control. "Hey Ray, get a load of this."

Eric is standing there in only his jockey shorts with his cock not yet aware of the possibilities. In fact, he is clearly at a loss for what you do with a naked lady who just happens to show up at your door. After a pregnant pause, I drop my clothes, hang on to my purse and run up to him. I put my arms around him, press myself against him and start kissing him passionately. He is still stunned. I reach down to confirm that he is getting the idea and his cock fills out even as I hold it. And it really is as big as I imagined.

I push him back on his bed, pull his jockeys down over his balls and start to kiss them, suck them, lick them. Then with my tongue, I lick slowly up and down the shaft and tease the little hole at the end. I then push my tits together (35D) and use them to stroke his cock some more. I see Carol sitting astride Ray's face moaning as he eats her and rubbing his naked cock with her hand behind her. I am hungry for Eric but first I take his cock in my mouth and turning my head from side to side, slide up and down until I think he can wait no longer. I slide one of the condoms on and climb over him. I lean back so he can watch and slowly take his cock into my vagina. Ohhhhhh yes it is just as wonderful as I imagined. I'm riding him now, faster, harder, deeper. Slamming him all the way in. He is stroking my clit with his finger and I am in ecstasy as I come come come. "Oh Eric Oh Eric." I lean so his cock is pressed forward in my vagina and my g-spot catches fire. Now I am moaning out loud and that added pressure makes it impossible for Eric to hang on any longer. "Oh yes Suzy. Oh yes." I've been hearing noises from the other bed and see Carol in 69 position with cum leaking out of her mouth and Ray's fingers burried deep in her pussy and her asshole. She is wracked with spasms.

I dismount from Eric and come around to 69 position myself. I slip the condom off and take is now waning cock in my mouth again. I love the taste of his cum and he sets me on fire with his tongue and fingers down below. Soon his wet fingers from my pussy are in my asshole and his tongue is in my pussy.His cock starts to rise again, and now, I am cumming continuously. Before long I taste and feel the hot sperm exploding in my mouth. I turn around and kiss him with it still in there and we share the taste of his and my sex. We both swallow. Another condom and I am in the fetal position on my side -- and how do I describe this -- he is kneeling across me so he is at right angles. His cock goes in sideways like that and he fucks me for maybe 20 minutes before he can come again. 

Carol meanwhile is sitting on the edge of the dresser with her legs apart and Ray standing in front of her. She puts her legs on his shoulders and I watch as Ray slides his cock in. Spasms rip through her abdomen and her juices run down onto the dresser. I am fascinated to see that cock slide in and out of another womans pussy, and if possible, even more turned on. They do this for a while and then Ray, without separating, puts her legs around his waist, picks her up and stands there still fucking. 

Seeing Carol get fucked exites me in ways I barely understand. As Erics thrusting cock makes me cum once again, I imagine holding Carol in my arms. 

Soon, both boys have a temporary condition of limp cock and Carol and I stand there looking at each other. To my surprise, Carol reaches out to me and soon we have embraced. Simultaneosly, our hands are carressing our tits and as Carols hand reaches down my belly, I find her bushy place, then two pussy lips and a very wet place between them. We sit side by side on the bed and are kissing as our fingers enter the mysterious domain of another woman for the first time. Such a wonderful feeling. Hot and wet like me but foreign. And we are so gentle with each other. The orgasm is coming on slow and deep. Then I want to taste her -- does she taste like me? And so we are soon laying on our sides licking each other's pussies, in love in a way we never imagined, only dimly aware that the two guys have started to masturbate during what they take to be a show. 

Soon, a cock, Ray's cock, appears in my face and the moment is over. Ray gets his blow job and fucks me from behind. Eric has Carol leaning against the bureau and he is fucking her from behind. We are out of condoms and morning is coming. We sneak back to our room, clothed this time after warning the boys that if this ever gets out, we will start a rumor that they are gay and both have HIV.

Carol and I spend the rest of the night, and when we are not fucking Ray and Eric, the rest of the week in the same bed.

Suzanne, as told to Margo, her new lover.

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