8th grader at Borisovo's pond : Chapter 1

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Spring arrived early in Moscow this year and everyone was happy to leave -30 C temperatures in the past. Warm days of spring bring a surge of activity to the city. The malls fill with shoppers looking for goods. The beach at Borisovo Pond fills with teenagers ditching school on the prowl for sex.

This day in spring was particularly hot in Moscow and it seemed like only a few dozen high school teens had sense enough to enjoy it - despite the fact it meant they had to cut class. Everyone else stayed behind closed doors, at the mall, at work, at home, or at school. In Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow is the place where high school kids hang out.
It's just the kind of day that gets kids to skip school and hang out at that region's only beach - a large pond. If you've ever experienced a Russian winter you'd understand that it's almost a need to get your body out in the sun when it comes.

By noon, Borisovo's pond was crowded with hormone-enraged teen boys and girls, getting high, drinking American beer and looking to hook-up. You'd never ever see anyone older than 30 at the pond. In fact, you'd rarely see anyone in their 20's. Capitalism brought the rush for riches that kept most of the city busy, except those too young to care.

Mike and Serge were exceptions, as they were most of their lives. They were both successful in their careers, had money, but hung out at the pond whenever they got the urge.
On this day at 1 o'clock a brand new sports car appeared. There were 2 guys in their mid-twenties, Serge and Mike, in it. They were very cool and rough guys.
Serge was over 6" tall, with short cut hair and a rippled torso. A tribal tattoo of black curved lines encircled his right forearm. He liked clubbing, and he could afford it, because he worked as a top-manager of some famous international company of his father, the sponsor.

Mike's appearance had much in common with Serge. They had been best friends since childhood. Japanese hieroglyphs were tattooed on his back. He worked as a surgeon general's assistant and therefore had full access to any drugs he wanted and he often used his position.

In short, both were about the same height, weight and age, handsome, muscled (they went to the gym every free minute), rough and well-off guys who could get everything or everyone they wanted. Their motto in life was "You can get everything for money and if it can't be bought it means that it's a fake and you shouldn't waste anything, money or time, on that."

When their car had stopped at the spot they liked, and everyone, especially girls, noticed them, the parking spot became immediately vacant because no one wanted to be in trouble with these rich or extremely popular guys. Mike got out of the car and stood erect, got bottles of strong drinks out of a cooler and began opening drinks while Serge got a blanket out of the car's trunk. Mike could put his hands on any drugs, so he had already spiked some of the bottles of beer to use for wasting stupid cunts.

So, the day went on and our guys switched between sunbathing, swimming and drinking. They usually checked out chicks that passed them by after diving. Perhaps they just wished to be invited, because many girls adored them and were afraid of them at the same time and guys preferred to make a detour around them so as not to get in their way. Soon they noticed a real knockout that wandered around them and it was clear she was hooked by them and was also somewhat drunk or stoned. They checked her out properly - she was about 5 feet tall and very slim with really nice perky tits with nipples protruding under her bikini and a tiny, tight ass. Her brown hair fell to her to shoulders framing her child-like sweet face so that you might think she still went to school, but her starring eyes attracted more attention than any other of her features. Watching her, Serge and Mike wolf-whistled over and over again.

She decided not to pay attention to their vulgar behavior, but she was eager to hang out with them because they were really great hunks. The girl started gathering her stuff together and this time the guys made up their minds to ask her to come over. They were already stoned and they were so excited, looking at all those almost naked bodies passing by. They had to relax and that chick was the most gorgeous girl they had ever seen, it didn't matter that she looked much younger than they did.

She went home exhausted with all her stuff under her arm as the guys directed their heads to her and asked in a very friendly tone,
"Hiya girl!" Serge was the first who attracted her attention.
"Hi boys! I'd say you're looking great! I like you so much!" she thought it was the only way to get in touch with them and she greatly wanted it in her current mood.
"Thank you!" Mike said, stressing the word "you". "You are so fucking great-looking that it gets us high and hard if you're old enough to get the point of what I say!" he said to her, grinning.

She thought she saw the devilish fires in his shining eyes and looked at his well-rippled chest, to his 6-pack stomach and finally down to his trunks. His cock was clearly outlined by the tight material.
Serge stared at the girl and knew by experience that she wasn't going to leave, because it was rare for her to be without scrubs. He noticed that her eyes stopped at his friend's trunks for a long time and his cock was getting harder from that. The girl thought it wasn't noticed; how mistaken she was!
"Like what you see, sweet face?" Serge asked, smiling to the shy girl.
"Very much, boys. Very much!" she would never have said it if she was sober.
"I'm sure Mike's fat cock is starting to leak just looking at you. What about joining us?" Serge shot out another question.
"Sure!" she replied simply.
"It should be noted that you are the first girl who attracted us and if you are not a blonde you can add two plus two!" Some hint was heard in his voice.
"Of course, I am not stupid and I have the whole day free!" the girl immediately became talkative. "Yeah, I'm so thirsty!"

After hearing her words the guys glanced at each other and put a different sense in those words. This time it was Mike who started leading the process of tempting.
"Sexy, maybe you wanna have a gulp of something stronger than Coca-Cola light?"
"Do you really wanna give some of your booze to a nice, naive girl who is under age like me?" she replied, flirting openly with the guys and they already knew she was on the hook.
"Are you really a pre-teen? You look too fucking sluttish to be underage, you fucking bitch! Your cunt is practically hanging out of your bikini. Get your fuckin' virgin butt outta here, cuz we only party with chicks who are able to suck dick at least!" Mike screamed in anger at her and his words upset her so much that she was ready to cry. She didn't want to fuck her acquaintance up. She had to do something and do it fast or her dream of being with those really nice guys would disappear.
"Hey guys," she pouted, "although I'm young, it doesn't mean I dislike the big dicks of mid-aged guys like you! Maybe you'll even get some cocksucking if you act properly to me, Okay?"
The guys glanced at each other and their strategy worked well again.
"Can I stay with you and party?" the girl smiled.

The guys understood then that they'd hooked up with a stupid cunt, and they looked forward to turning her into their fucktoy and a completely dick-stuffed cum dump. There was a pause and she already felt that she lost the battle as Serge exclaimed, "Well, here I'm staring at your sexy body and I think you have the right to be by my side!"
Those words immediately made her happy and she thanked God that HE gave her another chance. She stopped paying attention to their bad language, believing that it was due to their drunken condition and excitement.

"Remember to act like a grown-up with us; otherwise you can go fuck yourself. Is that clear, cunt?" Serge thought it was so crude talking that way, but it worked well with that juicing little twat.
"Yeah! You know you're such rough and tough guys, and I like that very much!" she was in heaven with happiness and began relaxing, being between two great hunks.
"Okay! What's our cunt's name?" Mike asked, searching for a drugged bottle beer to make that fucking pre-teen high.

While she erotically took off her tight white T-shirt and tight cut-off shorts revealing her fuckable pre-teen body dressed in a tiny bikini the little bitch replied, "I'm Kate, and by the way, I dislike being called a cunt! Slut is
prettier to hear. Okay? I hate it! Some of the boys in school call a girl a cunt. They think they can treat girls like sperm troughs. Slut is prettier to the ear. Okay?" and she looked at them in turn through piggy eyes, begging to remember her please.

"Okay! I'm Serge and this is my best friend Mike and my friend since my youth. You're right, and since you are both a slut and a cunt it's like 2 in 1," he did a pause and she stared at her expectedly. "How about putting your sexy little ass up against my fucking rock-hard, leaking prick to warm me up?"
"Of course, baby, and it's a pleasure to meet you guys," she giggled in a childish way and her eyes went down to my swimsuit. She also could see Serge's thick fat dick pushing out the front and leaving a spot of pre-fuck slime on the material. He was out of his mind with need to slam his fuckmeat into this very young hole.

When Kate undid her shorts, the guys agreed soundly that she was a real piece of ass ready to be stuffed, and she loved it that they paid her so much attention. Her bikini bottom left nothing to the imagination. She knelt down in front of Serge's face and got into doggy-style position with her ass toward him, spreading her legs and arching her back and asked, "Great ass, isn't it?"
Being drunk like Mike Serge quickly grabbed Kate's ass without saying a word to her, spread the tight small ass cheeks to the maximum and then he pressed the thumbs of his hands into her tight holes through the bikini bottom. The right thumb was forced into her asshole and the left one pushed into her pussy. She never thought that he would be so bold and started a confused panicking, "Hey-hey-hey! Guys! Don't be so fast!"

"She surely is ripe and ready to have her fuck holes rammed!" Serge moaned and sawed into her tiny baby girl cuntslit as well as her puckered pink asshole. Her bikini bottom didn't cover her holes with her cheeks being spread since the bottom was like a thin strap.
Kate was flushed and confused. She replied,
"I need to get to know you better before you do something like that!"
She smiled like an absolute fool.

"Okay," Serge answered and Kate laid on her right side closely to Serge, but tried not to touch his body, because he was excited a lot already and she didn't want him to cum in his swimsuit.
While that discussion was going on, Kate didn't notice that Mike opened a drugged bottle beer for her. When she stretched out her hand for the beer Mike told her, grinning,
"This bottle has its own cost - kissing."

She moved her lips over to his and started kissing. He slopped some spit from his tongue into her mouth and Kate certainly got relaxed. She felt his tongue moving around in her young mouth. He slopped more and more spit into her mouth, and it ran down her throat. Then she felt Serge's hands slide under her bikini top and he started squeezing her perky young tits, and she moaned. She had never allowed any guy to touch her so boldly and so fast on the first meeting, but he was something else, he was so mature and skillful.
When Mike finally stopped French-kissing her, she wiped the spit off her face and thanked him and asked,
"Have I deserved that beer, Mikey-boy?"
Mike opened his mouth to reply, but Serge was the first to speak,
"He told you to kiss, but he never told you to kiss him on his lips!"
"Oh no, guys! I don't know you well enough and you've kissed and felt me up already!"

Her nipples had grown hard in her bikini top after the men's rough fondling and both guys could see she had really full titty tips.
Mike retorted,
"It means you're a fucking cockteaser. We did warn you. Get the fuck outta here! We like to be with grown-up chicks!" and Serge slapped her ass to move her away with his opened palm.
Kate cursed herself for fucking the situation up again, but it was really their boldness and she didn't want anyone else. Kate who wanted to hang out with these guys, collected all her self-confidence together, bit her upper lip and, looking down, answered in a playful tone, believing it was her last stand,
"What about jerking off your cocks later and maybe more after that, huh?"
"Mike, I see our Kate is good enough for us after all! Give her the drink and I guess she'll pay for it later, because I just adore her tight ass with its nice deep crack!" Serge complemented her.

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