4-Way Sex Game

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"Why are you still a virgin Alyssa." Amber blurted out. Me and my 3 friends were sat around a rectangular table, Amber was a black haired woman with green eyes. She had normal sized, perky breasts, she had a flat ass. She sat right next to me. Diagonal from me was Tyler, he was a blonde with blue eyes. He was skinny. Alyssa was sat across from me, she was the smart version of a blind, she had blue eyes and slightly larger breasts than Amber and had a slightly large, perky ass. My name is Trevor, I have brown hair and brown eyes. I had a four pack and was slightly bulky.

We were all in my apartment I had just bought, it was small and in a bad neighborhood, but I only got it to get away from my parents. We were all 18, and we were drinking soda. It was spring in Michigan.

Alyssa's face turned red at the question. "Maybe we should be talking about something else." I said. Alyssa looked at me and nodded. "It's just not normal for an 18 year old Alyssa." Amber said. The reason she was a virgin was obviously because she wanted to be. She was so hot that she could get a man to sex up in 10 minutes.

"I'm so bored." Tyler said. He looked at the closet next to the kitchen. "Why is that locked Trevor?" He asked. "Actually, I've never checked that closet." I said. Tyler got up and jiggled the handle, it opened up immediately.

Tyler pulled out a box. "What is 'GroupCum the board game'" He said. Amber got up and walked over. "Wow, it's a groupsex game." She said. "Who wants to play?" Tyler said. I snickered. "You don't really want us to play this game." Tyler pulled out the manual.

"It could be fun, me and Tyler both want to play." Amber said. I looked up at them, "Maybe read the rules, then I might play." I said. Alyssa had a scared look on her face. "What, are you scared to get a little pleasure Alyssa?" Amber said. Alyssa looked over to her, obviously irritated.

"Fine, I might play." Alyssa said. Tyler started to read the rules. "Ok, it says that you roll the die and move the amount of spaces, you land on a color and pick that number card, it is easy to bend what the card says though, the farther the color is up in the color code, the harder it is to change. The order goes green, yellow, orange, red, purple. You spin the spinner to know who you have to do the card action too." Tyler said. "Final rule says that the person who gets to the end first gets to choose what everyone does until cumming."

Amber said "I definitely wanna play this game." "I'll play this." I said. Alyssa looked at everyone. "You know what, I'm gonna be bold, let's play." Alyssa said. Everyone cheered and walked to the living room. Everyone sat in a circle. Tyler was sitting across from me and Alyssa was sitting to my left, Amber was to my right.

"I'll go first." Amber said, "We'll go clockwise," Amber rolled the die. She got a 2. She moved her piece to a green spot. She picked up the card. "Rub any part of the body for 3 minutes." She read out loud. She spun the spinner and it landed on me.

I shrugged. "Here we go, ima touch some abs." She crawled over to me and rubbed her palm on my stomach through my shirt. My dick went up a little in my kaki shorts, but I pushed it down. I had thought no one noticed.

"Trying to hide something Trevor?" Amber said. She put her palm on my dick through my shorts for the last 10 seconds. I moaned softly. When the timer went off she crawled back, showing her ass through her skinny jeans.

It was my turn, so I rolled the die. I got a six and landed on a purple. I picked up a purple card. "Grab any sensual part of the persons body for 2 minutes." I read aloud. I spun and it landed on Alyssa. She looked at me. "Ok, which should I choose?" I asked.

I crawled up close and grabbed her tits slowly. She gasped. I started moving her tits around, fondling them. I now had a severe bulge in my pants. She tilted her head back and moaned. "You like that?" I asked. " Yes, please." She said. The timer went off and I crawled back.

She was a little startled when she looked up and everyone was staring at her. She rolled the die. She got a 3. It landed on red and she spun the spinner. It landed on Amber. "Stick any part of your body in any orfice for 1 minute."

Alyssa looked at Amber. "Ok, I'm only gonna do this." Alyssa crawled over to Amber and slowly stuck her finger in Ambers mouth. Amber started to suck on the finger. She got carried away and started to move her mouth around the finger like it was a cock. Now my dick was throbbing.

The timer buzzed and Alyssa pulled her finger out, she stared at Amber. Amber winked back at Alyssa and Alyssa scowled back. Tyler rolled the die and got a 4. He landed on orange and picked up the card. He spun the spinner and it landed on Alyssa. "Lick any part of the body for 5 minutes."

He said out loud. "Fine, I'll make the first sexual move." He said. He crawled to Alyssa and spread her legs. He unzipped her pants in one quick motion and buried his face in her panties. "Wait, what are you-- mmmmm, oh please... shit." Alyssa said.

She spread her own legs more and layed back. I looked over at Amber, and you could clearly see that she was dripping wet through her sweatpants. She stared at the scene and started to rub her clitoris through her soaking sweatpants.

"Oh Tyler, it feels so good!" Alyssa yelled. "I think I'm gonna cum!" Alyssa screamed out, she squirted into Tyler's face right when the timer went off. Her juices were dripping off his face as he crawled back to his spot.

Alyssa pulled off her pants and panties, she had a waxed pussy, and it looked so tight. Amber smiled. "It's my turn." She rolled the die and got a 5. "Red, awesome." She said. She spun the spinner and it landed on Tyler. "Stick a part of the body in your mouth." Amber repeated. She smirked.

She crawled to Tyler and pulled down his shorts. It revealed his 7 inch cock. Amber started to suck on the head. Amber stuck the whole thing in her mouth. Tyler started fucking her face in and out.

"Shit, you suck cock so good." Tyler said. The timer went off. Amber pulled her mouth off his cock. She crawled back to her spot. I rolled and got a 1. It landed on purple. I spun the spinner and it landed on Amber. "Stick a finger in any hole for 6 minutes." I crawled to her.

"Get ready for this." I said. She smiled. I pulled her soaking sweatpants down. She pulled her panties off and pulled off her top and bra, leaving her as the only completely naked person in the room.

She spread her legs wide. I stuck my middle finger slowly into her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh." She moaned as I started thrusting it in and out as fast as I could.

"Fuck fuck... OH SHIT!" Amber had her eyes closed and she was mindlessly fucking my finger. She was so wet that it was making bubbly noises. The timer noised and Amber gasped.

Alyssa rolled the die and got a 2, she landed on green and spun the spinner. She pulled off her shirt and bra, now she was only wearing socks. The spinner landed on me. "Rub any part of the body for 3 minutes." Alyssa said.

Alyssa crawled towards me, rubbing her pussy lips while she crawled. Tyler was taking off his shirt behind us. Alyssa pulled off my shirt and pulled off my shorts and boxers. Alyssa grabbed my cock and started to push it into the whole she had made with her hand. "Fuck... Alyssa." I moaned.

She started to moved so fast that I came close to cumming. The timer went off and she climbed back to her spot. Everyone was naked now. Tyler looked at everyone.

Tyler rolled the die and got a 3. He landed on a purple. "Suck on a nipple for 2 minutes." He repeated. He spun the spinner and it landed on Amber. Tyler quickly crawled over to her and started moving his tongue all around her nipple.

"Oh my god Tyler, oh..." She laid her head back and moaned. The timer went off. Tyler crawled back and Amber was breathing hard.

Amber rolled a 6. She moved her piece to the end. "Yeah, I get to choose what everyone does!" Amber cheered. "Alyssa and Trevor, get in doggy style position." She instructed.

"Alyssa, you're gonna suck on my pussy, while I suck Tyler." Amber said. Alyssa got in front of me and bent over. "Don't go too fast, I'm a virgin remember." Alyssa said back at me. I stuck the head of my 8 inch dick into her pussy.

Amber sat back against the floor. Alyssa buried her face in her pussy. Tyler stuck his dick into Amber's mouth. I pushed my dick into Alyssa's tight pussy. I felt a barrier.

I pushed through and Alyssa screamed in pain. "Shit! Ow, does this get better?" She asked. I pushed my cock deeper and she moaned in pleasure. She started to moan into Amber's pussy.

I started to fuck deeper and faster. Alyssa started rubbing her tongue back and forth on Amber's pussy. I heard Tyler yell "Fuck!" Amber's face got covered in white cum. Amber whipped it up in her finger and pushed her finger in Alyssa's mouth.

Alyssa swallowed. Tyler collapsed at the side. Amber started to yell "Oh fuck, yeah bitch! You love eating my sweaty wet pussy, YES!" Amber started rubbing her clitoris. I felt Alyssa's tight pussy start to squeeze around my cock, she was close.

"IM CUMMING!!! SHIT, OH FUCK IM CUMMING!!!!!!" Amber screamed, she sent a spray of liquid into Alyssa's face. I started mindlessly fucking her pussy. "Shit, Trevor, it's so fucking long. Oh fuck, I'm CUMMING!" Alyssa sprayed liquid around my cock, making me cum straight into her pussy.

We both collapsed onto the ground. My cum was oozing out of Alyssa's throbbing pussy. "You know what this means right?" I said. Alyssa turned towards me. "What?" She said, breathing heavily. "Your not a virgin anymore." She smiled.

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