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Note from the author: If you read my stories, you know I usually write in 1st person. Of course, they can't all be me. Most of my stories are "true" stories adapted from something someone told me about in a chat room or admitted by one of my girl friends. Like this one ...


I don't know. I'm in my 30s now and it seems my craving for sex is worse than ever. My husband loves this and we often spend whole evenings romping in bed. Trouble is, he is gone so often on business. He knows I use toys when he is gone and, in fact, he sometimes uses them on me himself, driving me over the top with a vibrator between his arousals.

It's just, well, well, a dildo is just not the same, though I'm using a big blue vibrating cock right now as I relate what happened recently.

Oh god it's good.


OK I'll calm down and tell you.

I had seen mention of a site that caters to married folks looking for affairs. You know there are several. So I signed up and started to read the "matches" from my area. Of course as soon as you try to communicate with someone the page asking for your credit card comes up. I didn't want to see anything like that on our bill so I put the idea aside for the longest time. Then I thought, what if I get a gift card and use that. It worked! I listed myself as Attached Female Looking for Males.

The search picked up a lot of married and single men from my area. I was reading their profiles, when I came across one named 4wheeldrive. I opened it expecting to find someone who wanted to have sex in his SUV. Boy was I surprised. It was 4 guys who were hoping to find a woman they could share. I was momentarily intrigued but continued reading the listings.

But over the next few days my thoughts and dildo fantasies kept coming back to that posting. I was imagining what it would be like to have four men lined up to take their turns with me. Would they each want a lot of foreplay or would it go pretty quick - bang, bang, bang, bang. In my fantasy, there were no condoms but i knew the real thing would require them. One night I used all three of my dildos and a beer bottle to try to realize that fantasy.

I had to get back to them and I did. We exchanged emails (I'd made a secret address when I signed up)and exchanged pictures. I did something I never thought I would do and sent a picture of my bare breasts. It was also apparent from the emails that they all had penises. Finally, we arranged to meet on an evening when my husband was away.

The day arrived and I came home early from work. In the shower, my skin was tingling and I took great pleasure washing every corner of my body. I sat on the toilet lid and put polish on my toenails and fingernails. With my free hand, I massaged my aroused nipples and stimulated myself 'til I almost came.

I pulled on a black thong and low-cut bra my husband loves and a garter belt and stockings. Then I wriggled into a slightly too tight mini-skirt and a silky white blouse that had a low neck line and allowed colors to show through. I dropped my rings into my dresser drawer, stepped into my highest heels, slipped on a coat and headed for a drug store near their apartment. I didn't want to take a chance they wouldn't have condoms, though we had already agreed to use them.

I was very nervous walking up the steps to their apartment, but I had to go ahead with it. I was about to knock when the door opened anyway.

"Donna!" It was Carl, I knew from the pictures. I stepped inside. I was struck dumb. The others were standing there more or less in a circle. There was an awkward moment. I don't think anybody knew what to do. Carl took my coat.

"Thank you, Carl." More silence.

"Uh. Do you want me to take my clothes off." Nods.

I set my purse on the end table and unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it out of my waist, and handed it to Carl. Suddenly Michael came around behind me and ran his hands over my half-covered breasts. Then he unclipped my bra and I let it fall to the floor. He was fondling my nipples when Carl sprang to life again and started unhooking my stockings. His hand made a few passes at my already soaked thong. I decided to unzip my skirt and, with some effort, let it drop as I stepped out of my heels.

Jose and Charlie started ripping off their own clothes. They were fully aroused and I assume the other two were as well. Carl was licking my thong and Michael was kissing my neck and still fondling me. Carl slid my thong down over my stockings and placed his hand on my pussy, while he struggled with his belt with the other hand.

Someone said, "Oh we forgot, we have some wine."

"No, no, that's OK," I said, barely able to speak.

Mind you I was still only five feet from the door. Finally, they decided to lead me, in only stockings, garter belt and purse, into one of the bedrooms where there was a double bed. Michael and Carl managed to undress on the way. They laid me down near the edge of the bed. I was still wondering who would go first.

It was Carl who crawled between my legs and started fingering me and licking me. Michael stood near my head, his cock waving about. It dawned on me what he wanted and I took it in my mouth. As I started to cum, I felt Carl pulling off my garter belt and mounting me. Carl's cock pushed up inside me. Both men were thrusting me when Jose laid across the bed and started to fondle and suck on my nipples. Charlie was rubbing my clit even as Carl fucked me. My whole body was shaking violently as I responded to Carl's thrusts. My vagina was accepting every inch of him.

Soon Michael's seed was erupting in my mouth. Then I felt Carl's spasms and the tingle of his sperm shooting inside me. "Oh no," I thought, the condoms. My vagina was now teeming with both our juices. I didn't care. I tightened my muscles and squeezed every bit out of him as I swallowed most of what Michael had offered.

When Carl and Michael pulled out I pushed Jose over on his back and held his cock upright as I climbed over it. Carl's seed was leaking out of me as I slid down over Jose's impressive cock. I was treating myself to using it in different parts of my vagina when Charlie gently pushed me down so I was laying on Jose. I felt his cock try to enter my rear, but it wasn't working.

"KY. In my purse. Please."

He slid in easily. I'd only done that once before, years ago in college. It's a weird but intense feeling, two cocks doing their thing and soon my body shook with another orgasm. Eventually, Jose and Charlie finished as well.

I lay there on my back, in my stockings, sperm leaking out of me and dried on my cheek, catching my breath.

"I'll take that wine now." I knew the evening was just beginning.

"And Charlie, you better wash that off if you intend to put it anywhere else, tonight."

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