21st birthday party : Part 5

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It took some time for Carina Tam to recover from the gang bang on the yacht, hurting in every part of her lovely body. The actress was bruised from head to toe, and her pussy and ass were very sore from so much cock. She couldn't put on a bra because of her bitten nipples and had to wear loose fitting frocks. Taking on 18 yearsung studs had been hard enough, but being handed over to the crew afterwards was a nightmare. The rough sailors had brutally worked off their lust on her body. It wasen't every day they got high class skirt and they made the most of their opportunity.

Carina was shattered by the experience of being reduced to a whore. The humiliation was made worse by the fact that she knew this would not be the last time. The gang bang had changed her status and from now on she would no longer be at the top of the tree. Bedding Carina had always cost a HK$100,000 a night. Now she would be less exclusive.

The man who ran the Hongkong show business scene - Gary Leung - was already planning her future. Nearly all the actresses in local films relied on him for parts and knew what it meant to cross him. When he told them to drop their knickers they obeyed. Even the most well known opened their legs when told. He was closely connected to the ruthless triad gangs who controlled thousands of women from the streets to the most expensive call girls.

Leung often supplied them with an actress when they needed to entertain someone important who was involved in one of their corrupt operations - such as leading mainland officials, businessmen or overseas gangster bosses visiting Hongkong to negotiate some criminal enterprise. He also called on their services if one of his actresses or singers refused to obey his orders. Several had been gang raped by thugs to warn others against causing trouble.

Supplying Carina for the gang bang had given Leung the idea of making her available for rich men who would pay well for the pleasure of gang banging such a well known woman. At 40, she was a fading beauty but still had a great body and her fame would ensure there would be no shortage of customers. The gang bang with the tycoon's son and his friends had earned her HK$500,000. In future, Leung and his associates would be be making large sums from selling her ass.

Marketing Carina would be no problem. He would enlist triad help to run her and use her films as advertising. Lately she'd being getting smaller roles as she aged. Her image had always been sexy but refined. No nudity or soft porn. Now that was going to change with her career relaunched.

Fist there would be a centre fold spread in the Hongkong chinese edition of Penthouse. She'd be among the oldest to pose but not the first to show off her wares at 40. Then it would be a couple of steamy movies with her naked and doing hot sex scenes followed by a series of gang bangs in Hongkong and overseas. Only those with big money would be able to afford her. Leung believed she had a year or two before she'd get too old for it from the wear and tear. Plenty of time to make lots of money.

He made the arrangements, then summoned Carina. It was two weeks since her gang bang and she had just about recovered. She was still pissed off and what Leung said didn't improve her mood. "I don't do porn movies," she protested. "You do now." He handed her an envelope. Carina pulled out the photos inside. They showed her being fucked and sucking cock on the yacht in various positions. Close up shots of her giving blow jobs and with several men surrounding her. "There's also a video," said Leung. Carina stared at him, pale faced.

"Now be sensible. I'm offering you a new career and lots of money. You're not young any more but you are still famous. You can take advantage of that," he said. Carina knew what lay ahead without him spelling it out. She had no choice. "Right, the Penthouse photos are next week. It'll be at a house on the Peak they use. Afterwards, there'll be a small party for some important invited guests. You will be their present for the evening."

Carina realised it meant another gang bang and then full time whoring. Leung smiled. "Good. Mandy Tse will look after you." The madam who'd supervised her gang bang was a bitch but Carina had no choice but to accept her orders when they met the next day. "OK. Got to get you smartened up for your centrefold," she said. "You look dowdy. Don't worry you don't have to entertain the hired help this time."

Carina underwent facials and body massages, a hair restyling and saunas to take off weight. The madam put her through her paces and by the time she reached the Peak mansion hired by Penthouse for the shoot, she looked in very good shape. The photographer was an American, Dan Wright, who much preferred young chicks. Carina was aging but with good make up and lighting she could be made to look ten years younger. And she still had a greaT figure.

She'd done plenty of fashion shoots and posed for sexy snaps but never nude. Dan had her strip out of a tight red dress, slowly exposing her body. Pulling up the hem to sit open legged showing her stocking tops, bending over to adjust a suspender, undoing the top to reveal her bra. All the tease shots in her luxury lingerie, teasing the camera. Then topless, hands on hips in just a garter belt, stockings and high heels. Finally. naked showing off her tight ass while bending over and her shaven pussy as she posed open legged. It took several hours under the hot lights, with the make up girl constantly retouching the wet-look red lipstick, rouge and mascara, and wiping off the sweat with towels.

Unknown to Carina, 12 men were watching behind the two-way mirror, who'd been invited by Penthouse and Leung. All men that the film boss wanted to cultivate and all Chinese. "So she still has a good ass," said one. "Yes. Bit old to be selling it but I won't say no." They sipped champagne and awaited their blow jobs. " Magazine should sell well with her in it." "Yes, they're doing a large run next month," said Leung.

At last it was over. Carina was quite tired but her day was not over. Mandy had her shower, sprayed on expensive perfurme, and then redid her make-up and hair. "OK. Just your garter belt and stockings - no panties - and six inch heels," she said. The men were waiting in anticipation as Carina was shown into a room with a large chair in the middle. Accompanying her were Mandy and a maid with a tray of towels and washes. All had seen her in movies but never like this exposing her breasts and shaved pussy.

Carina felt weak legged despite her previous experiences. "Gentlemen, Miss Carina Tse," said Leung. She gave a weak smile. The men had already drawn for their turns. The first went to the chair where the maid unzipped him and then washed his cock which was already erect. "Oh that stings," he laughed as the woman cleaned him.

Carina walked to him. He reached out and ran his hands over her breasts and then down her belly to explore her cunt and tight buttocks. "Always wanted to do that," he said. Carina knelt and took his cock in her hand before licking his balls and stem, then slipping it into her mouth as he groaned.

"Heard she does a great BJ," said one of the men. "Going to find out soon." Carina slid her lips up and down on the cock , leaving a trail of lipstick, taking him deep into her mouth. Like the others, he been worked up by the photo shoot and it didn't take long for him to drop his load. He tried to prolong the experience but being sucked expertly by a hot actress meant he didn't last long as the tongue and lips did their work. He cried out and shot his hot sperm down Carina's throat. She spat into a bucket and gargled before Mandy redid her make-up.

Then it was the next one. Carina worked like a pro - trying to think of something else - as she emptied 12 cocks of all sizes and shapes into her mouth. None lasted very long. Leung watched on. "Like a pro," he thought as she brought another excited man to climax. Carina had done many blow jobs and knew exactly how to speed up the process but her jaws were still aching when she finally finished.

Now it was fuck time. The men would take their turns in a bedroom upstairs, having decided they wanted time alone with her, rather than going on the floor one after the other. The plush bedroom had a big bed with a thick carpet and rich furnishings. Like a high class brothel, thought Carina. Despite mouth washes and cleaning her teeth she could taste them as she prepared for the queue of men.

None were very young - ranging in age from 40 to 60 - and after the blow jobs it took some of them a long time to come when they were inside her. She was wet from all the stimulation and lubricant and the friction did make her come despite herself. Three times she orgasmed while a man thrust into her, crying out and bucking against them. Close up the men could see that behind the thick paint she was no longer young, but that didn't put them off. Having their dicks inside her and sucking the famous tits was something they'd all dreamed of doing while watching her films. It was the ultimate fantasy fulfilled.

They came to her one after the other over a number of hours. Carina lost count as they used her body, just getting a pussy wash and rub down from the maid between each. Just like a busy prostitute in a Kowloon whorehouse. This time it was not so punishing as the gang bang on the yacht, but still tiring. These men were not brutal, although several insisted on sodomising her. It hurt, but not as much because her butt hole had been enlarged when she was ripped apart by the previous sodomising.

Downstairs the men spoke between themselves about her, joking about fucking a movie star. "At this rate she'll end up in a Mongkong knocking shop," said one. "Only difference between whores is their price," replied another. "She's getting a good price for her age. Might get a discount in a year or so when she's done more mileage."

Leung certainly had his plans for Carina. A film would be made in the next month. It had not been difficult to find backers. The money men knew they would get good returns from the first Carina Tam porn movie. They'd also have her for several gang bangs, which would be a lot harder for her than this one. Several upmarket clubs in Hongkong had been booked where she'd be fucked over the bar or on the floor. After her centrefold, there'd be no shortage of men wanting to take part, whatever the cost. Carina's pussy would be seeing a lot of action.

To be continued.

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