12 Fire Fighters and little old me

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My name is Gemma, I am 30 years old and this is the start of a very hot and wild journey that started of as nothing more than a few flirty emails.

About a year ago I decided to post a few topless photos of me on a website just for fun. The emails and comments steadily started flowing in giving me compliments on my body etc which I really enjoyed reading.

One day I checked my emails and found one addressed from a group of Fire fighters from New York. Now like most women on this planet one of my fantasies would be a room full of Firemen with little old me letting them do whatever they want to me.

The email they sent me introduced themselves as 12 horny fire fighters that love my pictures that I uploaded to this website. My heart skipped a beat and without realising what I was doing I had clicked reply and wrote them a few saucy email back.

These emails went back and forth between me and the Fire Fighters, with each email I found myself becoming more and more flirtatious. What I would give to meet these guys for just one night and live out my all time fantasy.

Well what started as a dream soon turned to reality. The Company I work for wanted me to travel overseas to America for some business and lucky for me it was New York City. I jumped at the chance and arranged a date which would be in a couple of weeks time.

I knew it was very wrong but I emailed my Fire Fighters to tell them the news and they told me the address of their Fire Station if I needed some light relief from my work trip. I knew what they had in mind and I knew there was no way I would travel to New York without paying them a visit.

The day arrived and soon I was flying across the Atlantic Ocean on my way to New York. I had a couple of meetings to attend when I arrived and then the rest of the day was mine to do whatever I wanted with.

The meetings were long and boring, my mind was only thinking of one thing, or should I say 12 things. My eyes were fixed on the clock as finally my meetings were over for the day. I jumped in a Taxi and made my way to there Fire Station.

I was greeted at the gates by a few of the guys. They looked even better in real life than the photos they had sent me. We made some small talk before they walked me through to the Kitchen area to meet the rest of the guys.

I instantly felt relaxed and they made me feel at home, each of them giving me a kiss on the cheek. They took my coat and hung it on the door. I was wearing my Business outfit which was a shortish skirt with black Tights and a white blouse.

Before long the drinks were flowing as we all sat around the Kitchen table in the centre of the room, we were all on the way to feeling tipsy and a few of the guys wanted to know if I would join them for some drinking games. After a few innocent games things started hotting up. They could sense that they turned me on and the more I drunk the more I flirted.

One of the guys asked me if I wanted to play a game that involved me being blindfolded. Without even thinking about it I replied.

“Yes.” With a very big smile on my face.

One of the guys asks me to kneel on the floor while another guy puts the blindfolded over my eyes. My pussy is already moist at the thought of this. I could sense all the other guys now standing around me. The guy who put the blindfold on me whispers in my ear that I have to guess the size of there cocks just by feeling them with my hands.

Without hesitating I put my hands out in front of me and slowly feel one of the guys cocks through there pants. My god he was massive and with every stroke I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger. It was not long before I had felt each and every one of there cocks. My head was spinning, even at this point I didn't know how far I would go with this 12 guys. Up until this point I had only had 4 lovers in my entire life..

I hear one of the guys say.

“Ok, now it's our turn.”

I feel two guys either side of me lift me off the floor and carry me to the Kitchen table. They lay me down still with my blindfolded on and slowly I feel their hands moving over my body. I tell them not to stop as more and more hands cover my body. I feel hands on each of my legs moving up my skirt and at the same time my blouse is being undone and my tits being stroked by what must be at least 4 of the guys. One of the them shouts out.

“Take hold of her ankles.”

And with that I feel two hands grip my ankles tight and slowly they pull my legs apart. I remember at this point that whenever I wear Tights I never wear underwear. I hear an almighty cheer as the rest of the guys realise this too.

“Fucking hell, she's got no panties on.” They shout.

As they get the first look at my pussy through my Tights. The guys hands continue to caress and touch every inch of my body, my nipples are being sucked hard by two men as my pussy is rubbed through my Tights by a sea of hands.

The two guys holding my ankles slip my shoes off my feet and start to caress every inch of my toes. Each of them sucking and biting and nibbling, the feeling almost sends me to my first Orgasm.

I can take no more and pull the blindfold from my eyes, I look down between my spread legs and see that one of the guys is just about to bury his head into my pussy, I let out a scream as he starts to munch away on my Pantyhosed covered cunt. One by one the guys take it in turns between my legs eating my pussy, the guys holding my ankles have them gripped firm and have my legs pulled apart as far as they would go. I am in ecstasy as finally one of them guys bites through my Tights with his teeth and sticks his Tongue deep inside me. My whole body shakes as another Orgasm takes over my body.

Finally after being eaten alive by the guys they put the blindfold back on me and tell me to slowly count to 60.

I hear the room go silent as I start to count. As I lay on the Kitchen table trying to recover from what they have just done to me I have no idea what is in store for me next.

As I finally reach the count of 60 I sit up on the table and remove the blindfold, the room is empty, I look down and rearrange my clothes before getting off the table to find out where they have gone.
I call out to see if they can hear me but I get no reply.

I find pinned to the notice board in front of me a note saying make you way to the room at the bottom of the corridor. As I make my way out of the Kitchen I see a door about 10 feet in front of me. With no idea what they plan next I slowly push the door open and find 4 of the guys standing completely naked with these massive cocks swinging between there legs, they tell me to come in and lay on the bed.

One of the guys tells me that in this room my pussy is all theirs to fuck and without wasting any time the 4 guys join me on the bed. Hands are again finding their way into my top and up my skirt, my tits are cupped out of my bra and sucked hard by 2 guys either side of my as the other 2 guys decide who is going to fuck me first.

With my skirt up round my waist one of the guys tells me to open my legs, I am still wearing my Tights and as I spread my legs he gets between them and rips a bigger hole in the gusset so my pussy is more exposed. He positions his huge erection towards my pussy and I let out a scream as his helmet starts to go inside me. I look down between my legs and see the shaft of his cock disappear in my pussy. I cum almost instantly and he starts to pump in and out of me. Each thrust he is using longer and harder strokes, the other guys stand around the bed and cheer him on to fuck me harder.

I wrap my legs tight around his waist as he trusts speed up, by now I am moaning louder and louder and with every thrust the bed is banging against the wall. With his cock deep inside me he tells the guys to grab my ankles, I feel two hands unwrap me legs from around his waist and open my legs up wide as he continues his onslaught.

After 10 minutes or so of being pounded hard he finally pulls his cock out of my pussy, after giving me one of the best fucks of my life he is replaced by another guy ready to fuck me. I am rolled over onto all fours and the second guy puts his hands on my waist and buries his long cock into my pussy. My pussy is so wet it goes in easier then I thought it would.

By now my blouse has been removed and this guy has grabbed me by my bra straps and is almost riding me like a Jockey would ride a Horse. It's not long before I cum hard and my entire body starts to shake. I am rolled back over and as my orgasm is still taking over my body the next guy has already put his cock inside me. This guy has put my legs over his shoulders and is fucking my with very long slow strokes, I can feel every inch of his cock going in and out of me, this goes on for another 10 minutes or so before he is replaced by the last guy.

This guy is a giant of a black man with a cock to match. As I lay on the bed completely exhausted 2 of the guys lay either side of me and spread my legs. This guys cock is easily 10 inches long and I feel every inch of it as he puts it inside me. The 2 guys hold my legs in the air as the giant of a man begins to slowly fuck me. With every thrust he is getting faster and faster, my toes curl up tight as he finds his rhythm and by now I am making very loud screams and cries. My pussy is red raw but I find myself egging this man on the fuck me harder and harder. The other 3 guys start cheering as he begins to pound the living daylights out of me. This is my first black cock and I am loving every minute. I cum again and again and as the guys release my legs I wrap my legs and arms around his body trying to hold on for dear life.

My fuck with these four guys is finally over, god only knows what is in store for me next. After a few minutes to recover they tell me to walk to the room across the hall for my next surprise. My pussy is wrecked so I have no idea what they have planned for me. I climb off the bed still wearing my now cum soaked Tights, I pull down my skirt from around my waist and walk to the next room.

With my legs still shaking from my Orgasms I slowly approach the next room. The door opens and 4 more guys are waiting for me. One of them explains that in this room my Arse is theirs to fuck. I have only tried anal sex a few times before so I look slightly worried but on the other hand I am not sure my pussy is up for another pounding at the moment.

Again these guys waste no time and I am shown to the bed in the centre of the room. Theirs hands are all over me and this time they remove my skirt, blouse and bra. The decide they want to keep my Tights on me and bend me over the bed to touch and caress my arse.

I notice one of the guys walking towards me with a tube of KY Jelly, he tells me to climb on the bed and to go on all fours. I have 2 guys either side of me cupping my tits and at the same time holding my ankles in place as the guy gets behind me and inserts the nozzle of the KY Jelly tube into my bum hole. I let out a moan as I feel the cold jelly shooting up my arse. The guy behind starts to slowly rub the entrance to my bum with his finger, I grab onto the Headboard in front of me as he slowly inserts his finger into my arse.

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