sexual confession by Student's Mother Ms Zhang in Shandong

(Part 1 from 1)

part 2 of student mother ms zhang (2nd nite of trip in shandong)

when we returned to the motel 2nd nite, the staff had changed our room to a double queen size bed thinking we were married couples. no complaint from me and i noticed ms zhang seemed pleased too. after a long chat she suggested that i must be tired and she is most happy to reward me with a good massage. she was grateful that she can join me in the trip and had learnt alot from me. she said she had great respect for more educated people.

she commenced the massage therapy which she offered to do it for me weekly. she lamented her hubby is not educated and had not improved himself. soon she talked sex. she told me massage techniques are good for sex. she applied accupressure on the bottom of my testicles with both her thumbs and my penis erected fully in a swift moment. she said this is good and will generate more sperm.

i was pleasantly surprised with her now liberal sharing. next she move her four fingers to stroke the inner thigh-testicle joint around groin area. she confidently said this must be sexually relieving, i moan in agreement.

i suddenly remembered her firm breasts and didnt want to waste it. i moved up and motioned her to lie down and started sucking her breasts. she obliged and moan loudly to show her enjoyment. suddenly she said she cannot enjoy sex with her hubby cos' her vagina hole is now loose or big after two pregnancies. but she observed that i am good and experienced by fucking her at a slanted angle such that my penetration made her feel the tightness of a cock inside her and such a feeling was long lost for 18 years (her younger son is age 18).

she confessed that she think i can be trusted and she really feel safe and secure in having sex with me. she asked me to help her sexually. i suggested her talking to her hubby or even teach him but she declined saying her hubby is unable to give her sexual gratifications at all.

she wants me to help her twice a week. as we speak i proceeded to fuck her with the way she wanted. i fucked her at a 45 degree angle and used my hands to grab her thighs tightly. she moan louder and was very sexual orally and physically.

she asked me what i enjoyed most. i pointed her mouth and my penis. she said she had not done it before. i noticed many china ladies are unfamiliar with blowjobs. she said she is willing to try and learn. she motioned her to lick my balls, shaft and head of penis and she is certainly a good student and quick learner. she suck with great gentleness and was really trying her best to pleased my erect pole.

as i was getting intensed, she asked me to save my ejaculation to come inside her. i quickly mounted into her vagina again and continue the slant fucking. as she do sex talk and sex together, it became very arousing and i shot and unloaded inside her.

she pleaded me to help her in sexual favour and assured me that she needs the sex. for me actually i like the massage which is quite sensual and of course sexual. i relented and she further assure me it will be strictly discreet.

i enjoyed many sexual sessions with her and became proactive in experimenting how to fuck and makes her more aroused with greater sexual gratifications. i am happy to share and discuss with any ladies (email :

i am getting to love china housewives and willing to explore sexual liaisons now after being "liberated" by this seemingly conservative housewife.

Ms Z indeed transformed my sexual habits . . .

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