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A mothers confession

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction

i sat on the sofa watching television when the door open my mom walk in wearing her best outfit.
every time i saw her with those clothes they always gave me a hard on. it was a black vinyl mini skirt with black pantyhose dark high heeled boots with a light gray blouse only closed halfway due to her dd breast that made it kind of hard to close.

i had been spying on her for a while now watching her when she would
take a shower or every time she would enter the bathroom i had found a hole in the wall that was kind of hidden but had a great view of the bathroom i could see every part of the bathroom. the only problem was that it was on my moms room and i always had to run fast so she wont find me in her room. if she ever found me there i would have to come up with a excuse of why i was there in her room.

it all had started by mistake one day i got home early because i had been fire from my job. she did not expected me to be early i always got off kind of late. as i got home the house was all empty dirty clothes every where the kitchen was full of dirty dishes. some how it all felt kind of bad it was never like this the house use to be all ways clean a well maintained home but since my dad left her she has been kind of down. i feel like i have to do something help her in any way i just couldn't find any way. as i walk to my room i wondered where she was as i got to my room i heard her in her room i decided to tel here what had happened as i stand in front of her door i didn't want her to worry but i decided to tel her any way. when i open the door i could her slowly moaning when i poked my head in i saw her naked body on the bed as she finger fucked her self. i could here her slowly moaning her panties where on the floor her room was a mess a dildo next to her her tits bounce as her finger's penetrate her thankfully her eyes where closed. after that when ever she leaves to work i go inside her room and get her dirty panties and jack off while smelling them. when i looked for more dirty stuff in her closet i found a hole that looked directly into the bathroom it was cover by some boxes and from there on i always spy on her from there.

as she passed me my cock got stiffer i could not take my eyes off her hoping to see her kneel down and seeing her panties and pussy. she sits down on the sofa next to me.
how was your day?. i asked her
"okay i guess i mean i have better days".
and you how was your day?.
"it was good i took the exam to enter college and i think that i did good on it".
what are you going going to study?.
"I"m not sure yet I"m going to take the required classes first".
so your going to leaf your mom alone to she said in a soft smile.
well i gotta get prepare to make my life.
"good for you" she said as she puts her hands on my legs she pulls her self up she began walking to her room as the door closed i could feel my cock getting bigger i thought i wasn't going to be able to control my cock when she was there thankfully she left early. i turn off the television and walk to my room to jack off. that was the only way i could make my cock get relieve or else i would have a hard on all day. as the door shut i unbutton my cock so hot and stiff the. as i got out off my pants i began walking to my closet i had a hidden box with one of my mom used panties with a little of her pussy juice on it i began jacking off while smelling her panties. my mind began thinking that she was there with me naked her hands rubbing her breast's she moaning.
fuck me baby!!!! she's said
ill fuck you mom ill fuck the shit out of you.
i could feel my cum coming out. i let a soft breath out as my cum began coming out the cum filled her panties.
"shit i said I"m going to have to trow this away".
after having watched her masturbate that day i always imagine her in every fantasy i had. every time she told me how much of a whore she was i love fantasying about that but at the end i always hated when i knew it was just a fantasy.
i heard the bathroom door i knew i had to see her get off those clothes and hopefully get to see her fuck herself again i slowly began to walk up to her room trying not to make a much noise as i could. i went in a hurry that i didn't even put on my pants i opened her room slowly as i walk on my finger tips. the room was a mess but i didn't care how it was i opened her closet as a box fell.
"fuck"!! i thought i got to be more care full as i got on my knees "shit"!! i hope she didn't hear that.
the box wall full of naughty toy's like dildos and vibrator.
"what the hell are you doing "!!!!
i heard a sharp voice on my back.
"what are you doing".
i slowly turn around with my cock aging out a dildo on my hand.
well i said "what are you doing naked on my room".
well you see i was looking for. for. for. i couldn't come up a excuse shit i threw the dildo on the floor as i walked to the door.
and "where do you think your going".
"my room". i replied.
you haven't told me what you where doing here naked.
i knew that the only thing i could say was the truth and apologize.
I"m sorry mom. there's a hole in the wall and i have been watching you from there for a while. even my heart was beating like never i felt like i was going to have a heart attack after i told her that.
some how yet my cock seemed to began to get stiffer i was getting sow embarrassed i had to get out of there i could not let my mom seeing my cock getting bigger.
"i have to go".i said with my cock fully erected.
"you know why there is a hole in the wall".
i heard her said i stop in front of her door as she turn around and began walking up to me.
"well do you know?".
did it know seemed strange to you that there was a hole in your Mommy's room.
"well not really i never really thought about it ".
well want to find out why baby she said.
"you know i hate being called baby mom I"m already 19".
i could not turn and see her to her eyes.
wen i felt her soft hands rubbing my back her hands where so soft.
i never had felt any soft hand's like those of here's so soft like almost silk of the finest quality.
my cock seemed to enjoy it as it was getting stiffer.
i felt her tong sliding throw my neck her worm saliva going down my back making me have goosebumps.
her hands where rubbing my body my chest my stomach as it made it way down to my cock. her tong was licking my neck her soft lips began to kiss my back it was so erotic her finger's began running throw my naked body.
"come with me she softly whispered".
she grab me by my hand and took me into her room.
"lie on the bed baby".
my heart began to slowdown.
i love that dress mom the one that you have one it makes you look so good and sexy.
"so u have fantasies about your mom" then she said.
"yes"!!. i replied.
"and what do i do in your fantasies".
well "your always naked and finger fucking yourself".
the truth is i saw you a while back when you where finger fucking yourself and i always imagine that.
"oh baby you make mommy so horny when you say that".
she began walking towards me "well if you love mommy on this out fit then you don't mind taking it off me".
i slowly began unzipping her mini skirt revealing her panties and pantyhose as i unzipped her blouse her tits burs teed out.
as i began licking her tits "slow down baby".
she said "i want to make this a erotic night".
"now lied down".
i could feel her mouth running throw my body slowly licking my body while slowly she confessed me the truth.
"when your father left me do you know what he said he was going to miss most".
my "pussy".
"why the fuck would he say that"!! i replied mad.
because "he always said that it didn't matter the size of the cock i fucked my pussy always seemed like that of a virgin so tight he said that he felt that he was always fucking a tight virgin".
"really"!!!.i replied.
yeah baby.
you sure have a nice big cock your is much bigger than your dad's
her hands wrapped around my cock while her mouth kiss my stomach.
her hands softly massage my cock while her mouth made it's way up to my chest.
"like it baby".
"i love it".
her mouth made it to my lips her wet tong licked my lips as it went inside my mouth.
our tong's collided in our mouth as she got it out our mixed saliva came out our lips where together by the string of saliva coming from my mouth to her mouth.
her tong began licking my face again.
her legs spread around my cock.
"and so why is the hole in the wall?". i asked
"well i wanted to see you naked and i saw you many times jack off.
i always wanted you since your father left i have been lonely i never had a cock since and i knew you had to jack off so i made it and saw you how much cum you trow every time you jack off".
"since then i have fantasies what i would do to you if i ever had you
and i knew i wanted to kiss you body and kiss it and many more".
"so tell me me the truth baby what do you really fantasies about me"?.
"the truth"? i asked.
"you will get mad".i said.
"i won't i promise".
well "you always told me how much of a whore you where and you always beg for my cock while you fucked yourself with a couple of finger's.
and you just always wanted me to know how much of a whore you where."
"i love it". she said
"well the truth i always felt kind of a whore i just love feeling a cock inside me and i just want to fuck it like there's no tomorrow
and for you baby I"m willing to become the dirties horniest and naughtiest whore you want".
"well what the fuck are you waiting for bitch suck me ".
"oh yeah I"m going to be calling you daddy from now on".
"you can call me baby if u want daddy."
"shut the fuck up and suck me".
"anything you want daddy."
i could feel her warm mouth sucking my cock.her saliva made my cock feel much better so wet and warm. her mouth knew how to take care of my cock my hand's grab her her and began pulling it in her mouth almost chocking on my cock i could feel so good.the best blow job ever.
i took her head out.
"what do you want daddy".
i got up and turn her around.
"oh you want to fuck me daddy".
yes "baby".
as i took her panties off. my cock was dripping with her saliva.
"where do you keep the condom's i ask".
"fuck me daddy without any condom i wanna feel all your cock inside me i wanna feel every vain as it ram's my pussy".
"ill make you feel my cock all inside you".
yeah " fuck your mommy good and hard".
as i open her legs i could smell her pussy juices coming out her pussy.
her panties where so wet and moist i grab them i began licking them.
"like my pussy juices".
"fuck yeah its the best".
"open your pussy baby".
her hand's slowly rub her ass as it made there way down with a couple of finger's she opened her pussy i could see it so tight and pink dripping with pussy juices all over the bed.
my cock made it slowly inside her i could hear her soft moans as it slowly penetrate her my heart was beating as fast as before.
"yeah daddy you know how to fuck".
my hands rub her tits as they moved to the same rhythm my cock.
"so good i can feel it growing daddy how big do you really have it."
i never really have measure it.
"turn around i wanna see your face as i fuck you and your tits i wanna suck on them."
yes!!!!! she screamed as she my cock rammed her tight pussy
her legs going up her tits revealing as she lied on her back.
she cried as she felt my cock inside of her.
"its so big i don't know if ill handle it all daddy"
"you will."
"my pussy is going to rip daddy"
"ill make sure it doesn't"
the sweat was coming down our bodies the screams filled the house as she could barely handle my cock inside her pussy.
the smell was in the room of sweat pussy and cock.
my mouth sucked her tits her mouth screamed every time my cock went all inside her.
her hand's where all around my body.
i just felt as if i needed to kiss her mouth.
our mouths once aging meet as passionate as ever.
we began by swapping saliva with our mouth's i love the taste of her saliva.
i could feel the adrenaline going all over my body and some how it made my cock bigger even she could feel it getting bigger.
her nails rip throw my back scratching my skin which made it even more erotic.
I"m about to cum she said.
me to.
where do you want it i said as i was going out.
fuck it her legs got me in a lock so i could get out.
"i wanna feel your warm cum going inside me daddy and make me cum to."
i could feel the cum going throw my cock all he way up as she screamed as she felt her orgasm at the same time.
i grab her hips as i pulled her in and she pulled me closer with her leg's as i tilted my head up and she pulled her chest up as we both screamed as we cum at the same time.
my cum went ill inside.
"so hot you cum is so hot it's almost burning me inside she finally let go as i took my cock out cover with both cum mines and her's.
as i got it out my cock was dripping and so was her pussy all my cum was coming out as we could barely move she seemed to want to suck the cum on my cock.little by little she sucked it as if it was a straw she made it cum just a little more. while with her finger's she got some from her pussy.
"i love eating when there's to cum's yours and mine it's so good".
she said as she licked her finger's her leg's went on top of mine her right hand on my chest i could feel her tits on the side of my chest.
her head was next to mine.
"i love you " she said in a low voiced and "and I"m glad i had you"
" me to i love you".
"I'm going to stay with you"
"well have a family" i said
she looked at me and said.
"well fuck every day till i get pregnant and i would love to bare your child."
"ill never leave you".
once again our lip's meet again.

the end

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