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Peggy was five months pregnant when she married an older man. He was divorced had two sons. His ex-wife didn't want them so now she was a young step mom. They were twelve and sixteen for christ sakes. Frank Pinelle worked as an over the road truck driver and was often gone for weeks at a time. He owned his rig and made a lot of money. He spent most of it on prostitutes on the road. Karl, his oldest boy looked just like his dad. She caught him sniffing her dirty panties. Earl was just as bad. He purposely walked into the bath room one day when she was taking a pee and watched her.

Peggy was flattered that these kids thought her pregnant body was desirable. The horny boys excited her. She purposely wore an open blouse without a bra and teased them. She knew her husband would not care. He was the one who suggested that she show his boys about sex.

One night Karl Close crept in her room totally naked when she was sleeping. She woke up to feel her breasts groped. She pulled him on the bed and smothered him with kisses.

"Do you want to fuck me Karl?" she whispered.

Karl fucked Peggy until she was exhausted.

"Go get you brother, you both can take turns with this" said Peggy.

Karl woke up his little brother. The boys took turns using Peggy's body for a sperm receptacle. Peggy climaxed so many times the bed was wet from her juices. She fell asleep and they were still fucking her. She woke up in the morning and found Karl sucking her breast. She kissed the boys and went to pee. They followed her and watched her. She went back to bed and got on her hands and knees with her ass stuck in the air. Karl and Earl took turns fucking her from behind. They filled Peggy with sperm until their balls ached.

Peggy cleaned their little pricks with her mouth and fixed them breakfast and sent them to school. They were so cute. Now she could use them to fill her lonely hours when her husband was gone. When the boys came home from school Peggy was waiting for them completely naked. Earl sat on beside her on the couch and finger fucked her pussy.

"Like that Earl?"

"OH yes" he said.

"Is there a girl in grade school you would like to do that too?" ask Peggy.

"Doris Thomas" he said.

"Ask Doris if she will come over this evening"

"I don't think she will" he said.

"Tell her you need help with your home work" said Peggy.

Earl called Doris's mom and ask her if her daughter could come over and help him with his school work. She reluctantly said ok. She told Earl that she would be there in an hour.

"You boys better get busy fucking me before she comes" said Peggy.

Earl and Karl banged Peggy's pregnant cunt for a half hour. Then they got dressed and waited for Doris.

Peggy was surprised at at Earl's choice of a girl friend. She was a fat dumpy girl with small growing boobs but she was excited about the prospect of sex with her. She seemed so sweet and innocent.

"Hi Mrs Pinelle, you want me to help Earl with his home work now?"

"Not yet honey, would you like a beer?"

"My mom wont let me drink until I'm twenty one" she sighed.

"We won't tell anyone honey"

"Really? I will try it then"

Peggy went to the ice box and got everyone a beer. She told Doris to drink it down fast and she would get her another one. Doris drank the large cans of beer.

"I think I am getting drunk" she said.

"Earl likes you Doris and told me he wants to kiss you"

Doris blushed and giggled.

"Ok" she said.

Earl sat beside Doris and kissed her on the lips. She put her arm around him and kissed him back. Earl slowly moved his hand under her dress.

"Don't do that Earl" said Doris.

"He does that because he wants to make love to you Doris"

"You approve? said the girl"

"Do you want to watch me and Karl make out?" said Peggy.

"But he is your step son" gasp Doris.

"I don't care" said Peggy.

Peggy opened her blouse showing her breasts. Karl grabbed one and sucked on it.

"I think I had better go home now" said Doris.

"You can't go yet, your mom will know you have been drinking" said Peggy.

Doris knew this to be true and sat there and watched Peggy make love to her step son. Peggy unzipped Karl's fly and pulled out his prick. Doris was fascinated with the sight. She had never seen a boys prick before. She watched Karl and Peggy undress. Peggy lay on the floor and spread her legs. Karl fucked his step mom until he pulled his prick out and spewed sperm over Peggy's pregnant belly. Earl pulled Doris's panties aside and finger fucked the little girls cunt. Doris wiggled and squirmed with pleasure and kissed him. She undressed and lay back on the couch and passively and let Earl do what he wanted.

Earl gently pushed his prick into her hole. She felt like her tunnel had a large invading snake in it. Earl pushed his dick all the way in until his balls pressed against her ass. It did not hurt. All those stories about the first time hurting must be not true. It felt wonderful. Earl fucked Doris until he was worn out and fell off her on the floor panting and gasping for air. Peggy sucked the cum out of the girls pussy.

"OOOOoohhhaa" she murmured when she climaxed.

Doris grabbed Peggy and kissed her and said.

"If I had known it felt that good I would have done it a long time ago" she giggled.

Peggy and the kids sat around drinking more beer talking about how good sex felt. It was time for Doris to go home. She let Earl fuck her for the last time. She was so happy that she now had a boy friend. She never thought she was attractive enough to have one.

Her mom was waiting for her.

"Did you help that boy with his home work?"

"Yes" she said glowing.

"I think you like him" said her mom.

"MOTHER" giggled Doris.

"Are you going back tomorrow evening to help"


Marie was delighted that her little girl had a boy friend. Life was sometimes cruel to a plump girl. When Doris got home from school she rushed upstairs and changed clothes. She put on nylons, a short skirt and high heels. She carefully applied lip stick. When her mom saw her she was going to protest but changed her mind. Her little girl was almost grown. Doris went to Earl's house. When Peggy opened the door she saw a girl that was changed. She was beautiful. Peggy could not help it. She french kissed Doris and felt the girls little breasts. Peggy released Doris and said.

"My god, you look good enough to eat"

"You ate me yesterday, now it's Earl's turn" she giggled.

"Earl your girl friend wants you to eat her pussy" Peggy shouted.

Earl came from his bed room. He saw Doris all dressed up.

"You really look pretty" he said.

Doris shed her clothes like a strip tease artist. She lay on the couch and spread her legs.

"Are you hungry for pussy Earl?"

Earl almost broke his arm getting undressed. He got between his girl friends legs and licked and sucked her pussy. Peggy sat beside Doris and stroked her hair. Doris climaxed over and over in Earl's face.

"You can fuck me now" she said in a weak voice.

Earl mounted the 18 year old and fucked her for at least twenty minuets. Peggy was proud of her step sons staying power. Peggy kneaded the girls fleshy breasts and made her climax again. Doris was at her peak and felt faint with intense pleasure. Earl pulled his prick out and Peggy sucked it. When it went off in her mouth she spit the sperm on Doris.

"Oh god I am in heaven" she said.

Peggy took her clothes off and lay on the floor. Karl mounted her and fucked her until he could fuck no more.

"Isn't this fun Doris?"

"It will be more fun if I can eat your pussy" said Doris.

Peggy squealed with delight and spread her legs.

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