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Wet cd dream for a girl part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Itís been a while since I submitted part one of my fiction story
Itís a warm sat after noon and im sitting in my room surfing the web
Its c at the door she is smiling funnily I notice she has a bit of paper behind her
I say hi and she sits in a near bye chair
Every bodyís out I tell her
Actually ive come to see you she says
I begin to get nervous because sheís never wanted to see me about any thing and her tight outfit is not helping matters
I wanted to show you something someone at my work showed me
She proceeds to show me a bit of paper, which I look at
Itís my story about her I glance at it
Hey its got my name at the top what a coincidence whatís it about
Itís a dirty story but thatís not the interesting part she hands me another piece of paper
Itís got the authors info
Thatís youíre e-mail address go on admit it you wrote that didnít you
I look at her nervously
She smiles she knows sheís got me
So I confess
She specks up ive thought of something since I read it ive tried to figure out who the other people in the story are l said the person in London is lr your pen friend
But if the other persons baised on someone real thereíd prob be someone you know close bye
I look at her nervously my trousers begin to tent which is the last thing I want to happen
I look at her who said I based it on someone I know
She looks at me
Thereís something about the way itís written itís a bit to personal
The only person I know that you know fits the bill is me but thatís silly
I speck through my drying mouth it could be some one you donít know
For all you know it might just be some one I saw in f**k**k and I donít even know them
Yeah thatís a good point after all who in their right mind would have dreams about me
Why thereís nothing wrong with you
Yeah but im not very attractive
You have a fine figure I tell her
You think so she tells me she stands up and gives me a twirl
I look at her skirt as she twirls
God is she hot
But I cant sheís off limits
She looks down at me from her vantage point and suddenly thereís a glimpse of shock from her
Oh my she tells me it is me
What are you talking about I ask her
What im talking about is that tent poll in your pants
Look at that bloody thing its huge.
Stand up she tells me.
I stand up reveling the full extent of my erection
You should be a shamed of youíre self after all im youíre
I cut her off im sorry
You should be what would youíre mother say
I look sheepishly at the ground
Youíre nothing but a horny little boy with a hard on
I repeat im sorry again
She says you want to know what I think of that
I look at her face as she grabs my shirt
And pulls me closer to her
Where she kisses me square on the lips
Thatís fine with me
Ive wanted to fuck you for years she adds
I look at her but youíre my
She kisses me again this time slipping her tongue in my mouth
When she stops
But youíre
She interrupts me again with a shorter kiss
Ok ill leave if you want me too but she looks at me
Ive locked the outside door and this is the only chance youíre ever going to have with me
I know what youíre dicks answer is now whatís youíre answer
I look at her for a moment and submit as I kiss her
Thereís a good boy
Know she tells me lets give youíre bad boy a bit of air
At this she UN zips my trousers and releases my hard member
Hmm not bad she says
As she gently strokes it
She steps back this will have to be quick she UN does her shirt reveling her breasts
And removes her pants from under her tight skirt which she has hoisted up above her waist she stands before me reveling her tits and pussy it is a dream com true
What do you think as she turns round reveling her ass
No time for the fun stuff she tells me lay down on the couch she tells me
I do as she commands
She knells be side me and takes my stiff member in my hand
Before licking it a few times before standing up and straddling my body before sliding on to my erection she smiles at me youíd never believe how many times ive dreamed of doing this with you
Not as many times as ive dreamed about you as she sits there my dick engorged in her warmth I put my hand up to her breasts as she slowly starts to move she smiles at me as she builds speed
She starts to quietly moan as beads of sweet glisten in the sunlight
Im trying everything in my power not to cum but its hard
Then she starts to make oo noises followed bye im close I think im gonna cum
Me to I reply as I cum deep inside her she shakes and climaxes just after me she lays down on top of me she smiles at me
We should have done that a long time ago
And she kisses me
Shame thereís no time for that other stuff I tell her
Yeah it would have been fun
We clean up before my mother arrives on cue
She looks at c who tells her she had come round to ask for my help
With a computer problem at work
She asks me will Wednesday be ok
I tell her yes
She leaves saying shell call when ive to come over and help
To be continued...

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