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Wendy's New Pet

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a story. It is only a story and should remain only a story you should no more try this then you should try reinacting a cereal kill in a movie. Reality is never as good as fictions so don't ruin it for yourself.

Wendy's New Pet

It had been a month into summer vacation and Wendy, a cute thirteen-year-old red head who looked like a live action version of the Peter Pan character, was still on cloud nine from the events at the start of the summer. On the first day of break her mom, step-dad and aunt had allowed her into the bedroom with them for her first real fuck. Before that she had only gotten to masturbate while they had sex on the couch, ( see Wendy's New Life), but now she got to play along.
Every night her step dad Richard would give her an evening full of orgasms. She would start by sucking his dick, which was a very lager mouthful for the small girl. After his load was blown down her throat and all over her sweet little face her mom, Jena a glorious blond with firm tits and round tight ass, would get naked and they would lick each others pussys and ass until he recharged.

Then it was Wendy's time to get sodomized. Richard would lay her on her stomach and after giving her sweet round ass a few swats, would slide his dick in her butt and give her almost an hour long anal fuck. She loved him for it and if she was a good girl he would blow a load deep in her anus. If not she had to watch as her mom got to take it. Jena would usually give her daughters sore little hole a good tongue cleaning and they would finish off the night with a fun vaginal screw. Wendy was on birth control now so she could have the last load shot in her as well.

Wendy's Aunty Jamie would visit and often help fuck the cute 18 years old. Jamie gave Wendy her first vibrator and one or two other sex toys and pornos. Even with all this sex Wendy still masturbated a lot. She would get out of bed in the morning, she sleep naked, and put on her see through blue lace robe and nothing else, then put in a porno and eat cereal while vibrating her still tight little cunt and anus. She would often use two dildos at once.
The trouble was her fingers in her twat couldn't substitute the feeling of a live cock pumping and stuffing her full. The dildos, as a rule imposed by Richard, werenít that big. He didn't want his little girls cunt loosened. Which wasn't that likely, for some reasons even after all the attention Wendy had a tight little set of fuck holes, plus Aunty Jamie showed her a million exercises for just that. Each time she was entered it felt almost like the first.

Wendy wandered her way into the back yard as her mom dealt with a phone call, her mind still on the problem of not being able to fuck all day. Richard had to work at his dot com company or they would be poor, and her mom and aunt, while very good at licking little girl pussy lacked the tools to stuff it to its limits.
The back yard was surrounded by a ten foot wooden privacy fence so the family could enjoy fucking in the great outdoors. It had several deck chairs a small pool and a stone table. At the moment Wendy paused to grind her sweet little cunt against the table corner. After five minutes of furious rubbing she came leaving the corner of the table covered in girl cum. Then she sighed and laid back on the deck chair leaving her robe open showing everything she had. With one hand stroking her excitable pussy she fell asleep.

Wendy woke up with a start. She had heard something and quickly looked around to see what it was. At the far end of the yard she saw good sized brown mutt crawling in through a loose wood panel. The dog spooked Wendy and as she was about to go in the house it came over to her.
Wendy froze, she had never been around dogs in her life and now here was a big brown monster of a mutt, just inches from her. She lade quietly and the animal began to sniff her hands and face, then it moved its way down. Wendy was so scared her whole body was tight with fear and her heart beat loudly in her ears.
As the dog came to the trembling little 18 year olds pussy it stopped. Wendy watched and was confused as its long tongue swiped over her near bald pussy lips, covering from the bottom of the slit to the little red tuft of hair on the very top.

Wendy gave an involuntary moan at the contact and twisted her body into a better position. The dogs next lick went from her clinching anus up and poked into between he lips. Gradually Wendy relaxed and her cunt opened at the dogs now rougher licks. Its strong tongue shove its way in her wet hole lick it as if it was giving it a one sided french kiss. Wendy moaned louder and was now on edge as the dogs tongue tended her sweet little mound.
After a few minutes Wendy cried out in orgasm, her cunt tickled more as it spasm around the dogs tongue. She spent what felt lick hours in orgasm inducted by the dogs tongue. Her eyes where closed but came open in an instance at the sound of a cough.

Jena, dressed in a sexy tight shirt and lose gray sweats, watched her little 18 year old daughter, wiggling away from the dogs tongue. For a girl that masturbated at the diner table Wendy could still get embarrassed. "Seems your having fun," Jena said as she looked down at her nude daughter.
"Yeah, he's really Fun he licks better then Aunty Jamie even," Wendy said in her excitement. "But don't tell he I said that, okay,"
"Don't worry dear Jamie knows she's no match for a dogs tongue." Jamie sat down next her daughter and began petting the mutt. "You know honey you should really thank him for the nice cum," Jena said as she slipped her hand under the dog belly and worked down to his groin.
It had been a while since Jena had "played" with a dog. She had let one hump her and her dad caught her. He got so mad he spanked her red before putting a beer bottle in her ass. Then he had her suck him off all night. Jena had always hated that one restriction in her other wise sexually wild life. Well daddy wasn't here right now.
"How can i think him Mommy?" Wendy asked as her mom got the dog erect.
"Well you like sucking dicks don't you?" Jena got the dog on its back and for the first time Wendy could see the animalís massive cock. Her eyes got big and she had a sharp intact of breath. This from a girl that was used to Richardís sizable unit and to porno cocks.

"Thatís huge, Mommy, Can i really suck it." She asked in breathless wonder.
"If i don't suck him dry first," And Jena wet lips around the throbbing red branding iron of the dogs cock. Wendy was dazzled as her mom went down on the dog. She had seen her give head to Richard before and that was quite a sight but now she was really into it. She slide her mouth down the shaft until she couldn't get any more in, that left about two inches.

As she watched Wendy went over and straddled the dogs face letting it tongue her tender nether regions. Jena bobbed up and down on it as Wendy saw a thick knot swell. Jena pulled the cock from her mouth and the dog struggled in protest. "You had better hurry if you want some Wendy.
With out hesitation the girl leaned down and wrapped her sluty young lips around the animalís shaft. It tasted different but from Richards cock but still very good. She felt her mom begin to stroke her ass and then slipped a few fingers deep in her anus.

Wendy was caught by surprise as the dog started to cum. her mouth was flooded with animal sperm. She pulled back only to be hit in the face with a hot blast. In seconds it was all over her face and titties. She was next to cum as the dogs tongue and her motherís fingers turned her on and pleased her. A wave of orgasm as big as the first crashed through her and she rolled her eyes and moaned loudly.

" look so good covered in dog cum, baby girl," Jena said as she started liking the remains of Wendyís beastial blow job from her face. With her mouth full of cum Jena French kissed her daughter. "Not even old enough to drive and youíre already an expert cocksucker."
"Thank you. But I'm not as good as you." Still sticky Wendy hugged her mother. "What else can we do with our new doggy?" Wendy asked as she started to rub Jena's puffy cunt lips through the sweats and nuzzled her nibbles through the thin shirt.
"Well what do you usually do with a dick when you have on at hand?"
"I let it fuck my pussy, or my asshole, I like that to." Wendy said, "Can a doggy really fuck a girl?"

Jena caressed Wendy's little titties and pussy as she held her close. "Oh yes," she said and she started kissing her daughters neck and throught. Jena was also glad to hear that Wendy liked her ass fucked because when Richard was home on the weekends it seemed that he was always fucking her soft teen age ass cheeks.
The Jena stripped off and the mother daughter group sixty-nined until the brown dog came over and started licking again. "Come on Wendy do you want to have his big dog dick in you sweet little cunt."

"Umm... yes mommy," The girl replied in sluty wantonness.
"Alright then, bend over the chair," Wendy did as her mother said sticking her round bottom and ready cunt in the air. Jena couldn't help but give her daughters anus a few licks, Then she started stoking the dog and let him take over the liking.
In a minute the dog was rock hard and already trying to mount the 18 year old ass in front or him. Jena helped him keeping his paws from scraping Wendyís back as she had been her first time. Then the dog started humping his hip. Jena pressed the tip to her little girls ass and then her cunt, teasing the venerable teenager.

"Which one do you want?" Jena asked playfully.
"Both," Wendy cried in dismay, "but my cunny in burning." Jena finally guided the dogs cock into her daughters cunt and let it go.
Never had Wendy taken a cock so big and wide in her life, and never so hard. In less then two seconds the dog had slammed his shaft in the 18 year olds still tight cunt. It pistoned back and force and Wendy gasped for the shear force of the dog fuck. Then Jena slide down on the chair and moved so that her daughters face would be buried in her equally wet cunt. She felt Wendy lick and moan and Jena wanted to cum all over her daughters face so bad.
Wendy felt her pussy, already stretched to what she thought was its limit, was opened further as the knot she saw earlier was pushed into her . She screamed into her mothers cunt, a combination of pain and pleasure surpassing even her first anal fuck. Then Jena was cuming drowning her in a sea girl juice, then from the other end she felt the brown dog tease up fallowed by the first jet of hot cum deep into her womb.

Blast after blast of sperm was blown into her and then she herself was hit by the third orgasm of the day, cum began to run down her legs. She shook and almost blacked out from the intensity. They all laid their together for a few minutes then.

"He's still inside me Mommy," Wendy said not total disapproving.
"You hooked up with him, Wendy, you'll be hooked up for a little bet. It might not do it every time you fuck him?" Jena wasn't sure but she was locked every time she had done it.

"It's okay with me." Wendy said as she licked her mothers sensitive clit.

The rest of the day was great. Wendy was eaten out as Jena took a dog cock up the ass. When Richard got home he let agreed to let them keep the dog, it turned him on to see his wife and step daughter acting as little beast whore.
That night after fucking Richard as usual Wendy went exhaustedly to her bed. She lay there thinking of how to surprise Aunty Jamie with her new pet, Load, and finally filling full for the first time. She stroked her little pussy and fell to sleep.

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