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Tricking Mom into taking a daily sperm milkshake

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

My mother is only five feet tall, but she has the most luscious breasts, and sweetest ass. I just love to look at her as she walks around the house in her shorts and cut off tank top with no bra. My mother is a health nut, and follows what she reads in her health magazines to maintain her good looks. I came up with a evil plan to have my mother suck my cock on a daily basis. My plan was simply to write a story on the health benefits of sperm taken orally three times a day. The only way to fully achieve the desired results would be to get the sperm directly from the cock, and not let the air touch the sperm. In order to perform this task you would have to suck the cock and swallow the sperm at the moment of climax. Of course I used a lot of technical terms, and tried my hardest to make it sound like it truly came from a doctorís office. My friend is in the printing business and I took my phony article, and my motherís health magazine to have him insert this article. He did a marvelous job, and even rewrote the contents page and cover to make it complete. I took the revised magazine back home and left it with my motherís mail. I forgot to mention that my mother is a hair stylist and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I love her anyway.

My father left us when I was ten, and my mother has not dated once since then. She is truly fearful of sexual transmitted diseases, and I was banking on that fact. It was my intention to have my mother only suck my cock and no otherís. I waited as she read her magazine, and I hoped she would take that article seriously. I just finished working out and was wearing only a pair of shorts when my mother called me into the kitchen to talk. She had the magazine opened to the article and asked what I thought about it. I pretended to read it and played up all the so called health benefits that could be derived from following this program. My mother agreed with me but told me she did not have someone to try this program with. I just decided to help her out so without warning I took out my cock and presented it to my mother to suck on. My mother was taken aback and told me she could not do it since I was her son. I reassure her and told her I was the perfect choice, since I did not have any sexual diseaseís, and was available whenever she needed to take her medicine. All the while I was talking I kept waving my cock in my motherís face as she sat at the kitchen table. I did not wait for her reply and simply stepped forward and pushed my cock into her mouth. Mom pushed me back but I insisted that this was for her own good. My mother was not buying this and left the room. I thought my plan was a big waste of time until my mother hurt her back, and was laid up for a few days. Her medicine was not working, and I thought that I would once again bring to her attention this so called miracle cure.

I grabbed the article and read to her the healing properties of sperm if taken orally. I had a look of concern on my face, and told her I only wanted her to get better. I guess my mother was in some real pain because she decided to try this cure. Since she was bed ridden I carefully got on the bed and positioned myself above my motherís mouth. I took my cock out of my shorts and inserted into her sweet mouth. I had to help her finish the job. She sucked on my head like a real pro as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her mouth. I told her I was Cumming and kept my cock inside her mouth as she sucked all of my sperm out of my cock. I let her keep sucking as waves of pleasure went up my spine. When I came back to reality I got off the bed and kissed her on the cheek and left the room. I could not believe my plan worked like a charm. I believe it was the power of suggestion that made my mother think that my sperm healed her back, and I for one was not going to tell her different. I decided to lay it on thick and tell her that she looked radiant as well, and that she could pass for a younger woman if I did not know any better. That was all I needed to say. For now on she was going to follow the program to the letter. I was delighted at this and just took out my cock and grabbed a seat on the couch and motioned her to come over. Mom walked over to me with a smile on her face and dropped down between my legs and smiled. Looking into her lovely eyes and warm smile brought tears of joy to my face as I grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her lips. She got the hint and started sucking my cock with long deep strokes. I gently placed my hand on her head to help her suck my dick. I just laid back and watched as she sucked me off. I took my cock out of her mouth and told her to suck on my balls as I stroked my cock in front of her. She put each ball in turn into her mouth and twirled them in her mouth. I shot my load right down her throat, and told her to run her tongue on my piss slit while she squeezed my cock to get every last drop of cum. I slapped my cock head against her nose when I stood up and rubbed my dick on her lips before putting my cock away. Mom jumped up and kissed me on the cheek and said she would get dinner ready.

Mom never felt better in her whole life and she looked fantastic. Never underestimate the power of suggestion. My mother thought that her daily sperm milk shake was not only keeping her healthy but was making her look younger. I told my mother that in order to keep my sperm happy I had to walk around naked so my cock and balls could take the breeze. My mother totally agreed. I took it upon myself to stick my cock in my motherís mouth to make sure she got her medicine. While my mother was taking a bath I let myself in and just sat on the edge of the tub and waved my dick in her direction. I looked at her lovely body as she slowly sucked on my cock. I loved the way her ass moved in time with her head bobbing on my cock. I just decided to reach between her legs and play with her pussy. Mom immediately stopped sucking and looked horrified. I told her to relax and continue sucking. I just wanted to give her some pleasure as well to pay her back for all that she has given me. With that she relaxed and spread her legs allowing me full access to her pussy. I also started playing with her tits along with her pussy. About this time I just said fuck it and took my cock out of her mouth and stood up I grabbed my mother and lifted her out of the tub and planted her right on my hard cock. I just grabbed her ass and began to lift her up and down on my cock as my mother started to kiss and bite my ears and neck. I kept pumping into her pussy until I felt her cum all over my cock. I felt my own cum rising so I sat my mother in a kneeling position before me and had her suck my cum out of me. I loved watching her suck her own juices off my cock and watched with total delight as she swallowed my biggest load to date down her throat. I told her to again run her tongue over my piss slit as she milked the rest of my cum out of my cock. When she was finished I placed her back in the tub and washed her myself. I spent a great deal of time rubbing my hands all over my motherís curves, and I spent quite a lot of time washing her pussy, and did not stop until she came in my hand. When she did I told her to put one foot on the edge of the tub and position her pussy right in front of my mouth. I started licking her clit, and I inserted two fingers into her pussy and worked on her clit until she came again. I wanted to taste my motherís juices and I did not stop until I made her cum twice this way. When my mother calmed down I finished washing her and gave her a kiss full on the lips. I made her stand up in front of me as I dried her off. Once I was done I turned her around and pinched her behind. I had her put her hands on my shoulder as I sat on the toilet and I just rubbed my hands up and down her body spending a great deal of time at her pussy mound. I loved looking at her pubic hair and I had her lean back so that I could see her pussy lips. When I was finished admiring my mother I got up and kiss her one more time and left the room.

I donít know what came over me I just took control in the bathroom and fucked my mother. The best part of it was she let me do whatever I wanted. This opened the doors to my imagination even further, and I could not wait to explore my mother again and again. I guess I opened Pandoraís Box and I did not give a shit. I decided that I am going to love my mother like I was her man and let the devil be damned. When mom joined me in the den I could see a look of content on her beautiful face and I was so glad it was I who gave her such joy. I patted the sit next to me on the couch and when she sat next to me I just started to rub her shoulders and kiss her neck. My cock was once again hard and I took her hand and placed it on my cock as I continued to nibble on my motherís neck. I caressed her breasts and rubbed my hand on her panty covered pussy. I ripped off my motherís panties and placed her onto my cock so that her back was facing me, as I massaged her breasts I slowly fucked her pussy. I had mom lean forward so I could rub her back as I fucked her, and without warning I pulled her close to me and grabbed her legs and held them spread as I fucked her like a mad man. I told her to turn around without letting my cock slide out of her tight pussy. I wanted to suck on her tits as I fucked her, and kiss her sweet mouth as well. I just did not care anymore I loved my mother and I wanted to express that love by giving her pleasure. I laid back on the couch and grasped my motherís hands in my own as she rode my cock with her sweet pussy. The site of her breast swaying with the tempo of our fucking was driving my nuts, and I just smiled when I felt her cum rush down my cock and unto my legs. I wanted her to feel joy and to give her pleasure. It was like I had only one agenda in this world and that was to fuck my mother. I started to cum inside of my mother and she just jumped off of my cock and sucked on my still Cumming cock sending all kinds of pleasure up my spine. We laid in each otherís arms until we both caught our breaths, and I kissed her once on the lips and then on the forehead. I told her that I loved her, and that she was now my woman.

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