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Tom's Sperm Test

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Elizabeth Blay was was anxious, because her 18 years old son, Tom, had pain in his bladder.
Fearing that it was an urinary tract infection, she wanted to take him to a doctor.
She was also worried for another problem. His son had a hospital- phobia. Even that medicine 
smell in the hospitals was enough to make him very uncomfortable and uneasy. Having all those 
thoughts in her mind, Elizabeth called the hospital to get an appointment for his son.

A day later she took Tom to the hospital to see Doctor Susan Heyes.
After completing the inspections and required tests Dr. Heyes said;
- "Mrs. Blay, we made all the tests and found nothing". 
I'm afraid we can't find why your son has pain."

- "What about the urine test"? Elizabeth asked.
- "Well the result of the urine test was negative. We could not find any infection" Doctor replied.
- "So..?"
- "In order to be sure I think we need a sperm-test too. Mrs. Blay, please don't worry,
if there is any kind of infection, we can treat easily with the right medication." 
Doctor Heyes said.

After the conversation with the doctor, Elizabeth went to the room where 
his son was waiting. He was sitting on the doctor's exam table. 
She looked at his son with anxiety. "Poor little thing" she thought to herself. 

- "Honey, doc told me that she wants to make a sperm test in order to make sure that 
you don't have any sort of infection. She gave me this container to give it to you. 
You have to fill it with your umm.. your sperm. I know that this is not easy for you, 
but you have to do it darling. After the sperm test, Dr. Heyes will give you 
some medicine to ease your pain. Now I'm gonna leave you alone. 
Well hon, I guess you know how to do it, right?" She winked him with 
a sweet smile on her face.

Feeling the strong hospital-phobia, Tom was not feeling good at all. 
Now his mother was telling that he has to jerk off in order to give 
sperm sample for the tests. It was extremely hard for him. His face looked pallid. 

Tom whispered at his mother's ears. "But mom, how can I do that?
You know I don't like hospitals very much and for that reason, I really don't feel 
very well right now. My pee-pee doesn't get big here." Now his face blushed with embarrassment.

Elizabeth said "But you have to masturbate, darling. Why don't you start
by taking off your shorts? Don't get embarrased."

She bent over and took off his shorts. She hesisated for a second then she 
grasped both sides of the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down with a quick movement.
She looked at his son's little dick. 

She laughed " Now dream about something erotic. For example fantazise that you are in a room full of 
beautiful naked women, you can play with your pee-pee as you imagine their body." She looked at his dick.
-"Hmmm it did not work, well now I want you to visulize that all the sexy nurses of this hospital take off
their clothes and come here." She laughed again. "Don't be shy, play with your dick while dreaming"
Then again she looked at his dick. But, there was no sign of an erection, not a bit.

- "I guess you are right Tom. Now that you have a problem with getting an erection,
we have to take care of Little Tom." She gave him a wink, "Okay. now I'm going out to 
buy you some erotic magazines." She was laughing when she was speaking. 
"Well, what kind of magazines you like best? I mean... what are you into about women?" 

Tom blushed. Then he suddenly found himself staring at his mother's huge breasts. 
Elizabeth's tremendous tits were her most remarkable feature. 
They look like two very large melons. And her tight fitted white blouse she was wearing that day
accentuated their size even more. 

After some hesitation, Tom whispered, without taking his eyes from her mother's bosom.
-"Breasts, I like breast-magazines. Would you please buy one for me mom?"

Elizabeth smiled. "What do you mean by breast magazine Tom?" Afterall all women 
reveal their tits on those magazines. Do you want me buy something like Playboy? "

Tom stammered. "Oh no! Sorry mom.. I mean ..ummm... I mean b.. biggg... big-breast magazines."

Elizabeth laughed. "Oh honey, I did not know that you like big breasts so much."
She pretented she was totally unaware, but she has caught him many times looking 
at her huge breasts. She know how her son likes to sneak a peek down her blouse 
everytime she bends over while doing the housework.

During that conversation she was standing in front of him. She slowly shifted herself 
into an upright posture, causing her breasts pushing against to her blouse. 
Under that blouse her tits looked like two very big melons
trying to escape from their confinement. She heard the slightly audible gasp of his son. 

She smiled sexily. "So you like big tits? But its perfectly natural sweetie." said Elizabeth,
"Now please wait for a moment, I'm going to buy those big-tit magazines for you.
Hopefully I can find the ones you like. "She turned back and walked to the door. 
She swayed her butt intentionally as she walked out. Tom could see the shape of her ass
through her tight skirt. And her high-heeled shoes accentuated the shape of her legs. 
Her mom was really a very sexy woman.

Just she was leaving the hospital in order to buy those mags, 
Doctor Heyes appeared.
- "Mrs. Blay, where are you going? she asked, "I thought your son was going to 
give some sperm samples for the testing."

Elizabeth told doctor that she was about to buy some big-breast magazines for
his son in order to help him to get an erection, telling her how his son admitted his 
fetish about big tits. She was laughing when speaking. 

Doctor Heyes looked at Elizabeth for a moment, then she, too, began 
to laugh loudly. She said, "I understand, but the nearest newsstand is really very far 
away from here. And unfortunately I must admit that I have appointments with my other patients.
I'm afraid I can't wait that long." She giggled, "Really sorry, but it seems that you
must find another solution."

Elizabeth asked. "What is your suggestion then? As I said earlier my son feels 
very uncomfortable in hospitals. I guess under this circumstances he can't even get hard, 
not to mention to have an ejaculation! How come he can give you sperm sample?"

Dr. Heyes sighed deeply thinking about the issue, then suddenly her eyes moved to
Elizabeth's huge pair of breasts. "Well. Mrs Bray. You said your son has a 
big-breast fetish right?" she was smiling. "Well.. I see that you are a well-endowed woman, 
I mean you are a busty woman just like the type your son likes. Why don't you give 
him a quick breast-show. Show him some of your female attraction. Boy penis'are very 
sensitive about this." She giggled.

Elizabeth blushed. Indeed she was a little bit angry with the doctor. "Oh my God, Dr. Heyes, 
he is my son, how can you suggest this"?

- "I know, I have a naughty son like yours, too. He always spies me to look 
at my breasts." she giggled.. "But I know that he enjoys looking so much",
what about Tom? Afterall he is a breast-lover boy."

Elizabeth laughed "Well, yeah. I know that he really likes to look at my breasts, too. 
Well what am I suppossed to do now? Something like a striptease? Ohh God!"

- "Mrs. Blay. I'm a straight woman. But I even look at your breasts. They are tremendous. 
Just imagine what will happen when your son takes a peek." She laughed. 
Why don't you start opening the front of your blouse? Don't forget that what you 
are going to do is for your son's health."

Seeing that Elizabeth was hesitating and did not want to act, Doctor Heyes herself
slowly started to undo the top buttons of Elizabeth's blouse. 
"Let me open it a little. Wow wow wow. Ohhh Mrs. Blay, what a nice cleavage?
Well I'm sure your son will like this very much."

After finishing the conversation with the doctor, Elizabeth went to the ladies room 
and looked at herself at the mirror. Her cleavage looks really sexy. She undid one more 
button before going to her son's room. Her gigantic breasts were swaying heavily when 
she was walking. With her blouse revaling a nice pair of big tits, showing a very generous 
cleavage, she entered into the room where his son was waiting. She found him sitting quietly
on the doctor's exam table, dangling his legs. Because her mother took off her shorts
and underwear, he was covering his dick with his hands.

- "Mom, you came so quicly" Tom said, "You didn't buy the magazines, did you?"

Elizabeth answered, "Sorry honey, I learned that there are no magazine shops around here."

Suddenly Tom spotted his mother's mesmerizing cleavage. Elizabeth caught his son 
staring her breasts. His mouth was open with these two feminine beauties. 
The situation maked Elizabeth excited, too.

-"Well honey now that we don't have any magazines you should try to masturbate without them"

- "But mommy you know how I hate hospitals. My pee-pee does not get big.
How can I fill that container with sperm? Tom asked.

-"Hmm.. take your hands from your little pee-pee darling. I want to see what can we do"

Tom looked at his mom and slowly took his hands covering his dick and balls.

Elizabeth bent over. Her deep cleavage looked irressitable.
She looked at Tom's little dick and prentended that she was talking with it.
- "Wake up sleepy head. Lift your head now, look two big ladies are here for you!"

Tom was ogling her mom's cleavage. 
Her tits looked magnificient.

Elizabeth looked at his son's eyes "Big-breast fetish Hmmm." She was laughing loudly. "Big-tits? 
You naughty boy!" She swayed her forefinger to him pointing at his semi erect cock
with her eyes.

Then Elizabeth looked right in his sons eyes. 
- "Allright, now that you like big-tits, tell me darling can you really resist these?.
Her hands went up to her blouse and she began to unbutton the rest of the buttons slowly. 
Then she took off her blouse completely. Her movements caused her lacy bra to sway sexily
from side to side because of the heavy burden of two huge breasts. 
Then she lowered her eyes to look at his son's penis to see the reaction of the cock 
to the sight of her large, shapely tits. Here it was, right in front of her eyes his son's fully erect cock. 

In order to tease him, she began to play with thin straps of her bra. She was smiling.
Then she made the straps fall down from her feminine shoulders. 
Her beautiful nipples appeared proudly. 
Tom gave an audible gasp. Elizabeth laughed softly when she heard it. She looked at his son's hard cock. 
- "Are you sure that you can't get hard in the hospitals? Little Tom does not say so. 
I see that he enjoys this tit-show very much. Tom, why don't you start jacking off right now, 
while watching your mommies big breasts?". She pointed out her tits with her forefinger.
But Tom was not looking at his mom's face. His eyes were glued to her big breasts.

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