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The Repairman

(Part 2 from 3)

“You fixed it!! How wonderful!”
She was still in the robe, the sash loose around her waist, a towel in her hand. She approached him, and peered into the closet at the machine. He could smell her freshly washed body; some expensive, perfumed soap. She rubbed up against him accidentally, the contact sending shivers up his spine.
“Oh, thank you so much. You are such a nice young man, Nick. Would you like to stay for a drink?”
Nick felt his heart leap at this. He turned and looked at Mrs. Ashley. There was something funny about the look she was giving him. Her brown eyes seemed to look through him, totally devoid of any apprehension, her sexy mouth smiling at him. Her hand was softly caressing the sash of her robe.

A thought suddenly occurred to him.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was coming on to me.”
Nick found that his hands were shaking. He had never thought of himself as a “ladies man” type; he was always very shy around women, and kind of insecure about his appearance.
“Nick?” Mrs. Ashley asked.
“I’d like to show you something. Sit here on the couch, ok?”
Nick slowly closed his toolbox, and walked toward the couch, sliding down on it.

“Nick, do you realize that you are a very attractive young man?”
Nick felt a rush of warm blood in his face at these words. He blurted out his response, a little too loudly.
“Mrs. Ashley, I am a married man. I have a wife.”

“Nick, I’ve already figured that out about you. I saw your ring. I just want to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me honestly, ok?”
In one motion, Mrs. Ashley pulled the sash from her waist, and the loose robe fell open. She then dropped it from her shoulders, the garment falling to the floor. She was wearing only a very tiny, orange string bikini. Her breasts were medium sized, very taut and firm for a woman her age, and barely concealed by the thin bikini top. Her skin was lightly tanned, smooth, without blemishes. She was what some men would consider slightly overweight, but all in the right places; her thighs were free of cellulite, and she had retained the hourglass proportion of her youth. Her upper thighs were thick, as was her torso, and she looked very strong, as if she had been an athlete in her youth. She looked down at him, smiling, and struck a couple of poses, as if she were modeling for him.
Nick was silent, stunned.

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“Well, what do you think? Do I still have it?”
“Mrs, Ashley,ummm, I don’t know what to say.” He stammered.
She turned completely around, and showed him her backside. The bikini bottoms were the “thong” style, and her ass cheeks were completely exposed to him. She placed her hands on them, and jiggled them. Nick felt faint.
“Nick, I hope you don’t think poorly of me. I have to explain something to you, ok?
Her face became serious, and she moved to his side, taking a place on the couch.
“Nick, can I confide in you? Just for a moment, please? I desperately need someone to talk to.”
Nick looked at her, his nervousness barely concealed.

“Why, I guess so, Mrs. Ashley.”
She looked off into the room.
“It’s my husband, Nick. Have you ever met him? Charles Ashley?”
Nick had heard the name, but couldn’t place it.
“He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ektron Industries.”
Nick suddenly remembered. Ektron was the largest manufacturer of computer software in the state. He had read about Charles in “Time” magazine!
“Yes. I know the name, Mrs. Ashley. He’s a very important man.
She was silent for a moment, and then spoke softly.
“Yes, he is. We have been very happy, until recently, until it happened.”

Nick looked at her, not saying anything, waiting for her to continue, searching her attractive features.
“I guess I knew it would happen sooner or later. Women are constantly throwing themselves at him. I knew it would be just a matter of time.”
Nick suddenly understood. This man was having an affair. Straying from this beautiful woman. And she had found out. As he looked at her, and the full understanding came to him, he noticed the tears forming around her dark eyelids.
Afraid of saying the wrong thing, he chose his words carefully.

“How did you find out?”
“I have my sources. Lets just say that money can buy anything.”
Nick shook his head in agreement.
She turned her head to face him.
“Nick, do you think I’m attractive?”
“Yesss. Very. Too much so!”
He followed this with a nervous laugh.
He felt her hand touch his knee softly, then rest upon it, palm down.
He suddenly thought of his wife, waiting at home for him.
“Mrs. Ashley, I can’t.”
She placed her finger to his lips, moving closer to him on the couch, her lips close to his ear.

“Shhhhhhhh, Nick, don’t say anything. I can’t be alone right now. Please.”
She brushed her lips to his earlobe, ever so gently, her warm breath filling his ear faintly. Her hand had begun to caress his thigh, ever so slowly moving upward. Nick felt his resistance waning, the blood pounding in his ears, his cock starting to twitch with arousal. He turned his head, and his lips met hers, pressing against them softly. They were so soft and warm, and she was so beautiful. The kiss lingered, and he felt her hand sliding up his leg to his crotch, then resting on his cock, her palm cupping it, rubbing softly up and down. He felt his cock growing hard at her touch, and he turned into her, taking her upper arms in his hands, caressing them softly. Her skin was so soft, this beautiful woman; she wanted him, and he couldn’t resist.

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