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The Mistress and the Wife - Part I

(Part 1 from 1)

She was the mistress. She knew this well. In this affair she was nothing more then the woman that he fucked when he could, when he could find the space, the time and the energy. Did this total willingness to spread her legs wide for a married man make her a whore? In her eyes yes, sometimes she felt like nothing more. But strangely enough she almost didn’t care. This was her life after all, and maybe from a feminist point of view she would be looked down upon by the female population for simply accepting him for whatever friendship he had to offer, his blatant honesty and for those rare moments here and there where his beautiful body moved with hers to their own special rhythm. She had at least that much. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something. She never wanted him to leave his wife or his family. She never even considered that possibility! She liked that he was a husband and a father. That was attractive to her. She even liked his wife. She had met his wife randomly on a few different occasions and was very much taken by her. His wife was beautiful, but not in the traditional sense. There was much more about his wife that intrigued the mistress. His wife was strong, funny, concerned, sexy, and walked into a room owning it. She drew attention wherever she went. And no, it wasn’t just her long, thick blonde hair that hung down to her ass, it was her confidence, pride and inner beauty that made people look in curiosity. The mistress had looked at his wife with curiosity as well. The few times that she had met his wife she had carefully kept her distance and kept herself out of sight, like a good mistress she pretended that she was nothing more then a mere stranger to her lover, but she also took that time and distance to innocently watch his wife and wonder …

The husband and mistress had spent a bit of time discussing fantasies. Perhaps that is all they were to each other. A fantasy that was not anything more then what it was. Sex, comfort, closeness and heat. They really did have fun together when they had the time to spend. He made her laugh and she listened to him with deep ears. They would fuck and play for hours and then spend as much time as they could afterwards holding each other and talking. It wasn’t the most amazing of relationships. There was that fine line that they were careful to never cross, but it worked for now. It worked for today. One of the mistress’s fantasies involved his wife. And why wouldn’t it! His wife was beautiful, strong, explosive, and passionate. The mistress wanted to spend a night, just one night with the husband and wife. The mistress wanted to be there in the midst of their togetherness. She wanted to witness them. How they were together. She wanted to see the husband please the wife; she wanted to see the wife please the husband back. She wanted to see her lover moan and cry out as he came all over his wife’s body. She wanted to see her lovers cock disappear into his wife’s wide open mouth. When the mistress talked about this with the husband he would get rock hard and tell her to describe more as he would slip his solid cock into her deep wet pussy from behind and fuck her full out. This fantasy was obviously a turn on for the husband as well. “Let’s do it … please, try to talk to her.” The mistress whispered into the husband’s ear after he was spent and lying spread eagle on the motel bed. “I will try.” He whispered back. The mistress knew that he would.

She heard from him one day many weeks later. Sometimes he would disappear and not contact her. This used to worry her, but now she knew the routine. He had his life, and she had hers. He had talked to his wife. It had not gone well. He had basically put himself out there on many different levels and his wife put the smack down on him and pummeled his ego while she was at it. They fought for days. He slept at a motel and was miserable. He didn’t hear from his wife for days upon days and basically figured their relationship was over. He had gone through hell. The mistress listened with no judgment. He knew she was there, quietly hearing him as he shared his story. He told his mistress that things had hit rock bottom until one night when his wife showed up at the motel and they spent the whole night talking. The wife had questions and wanted answers. He told her everything. He loved his wife. He wanted to be as open as he could possibly be. He didn’t want to lose her and would do anything that she wanted. She told him that she had been furious! She had seen black for days! She wanted nothing to do with him or his stupid ideas. And who was this whore willing to do this with a married couple anyways?!? After a while of holding her head in her hands she looked up at him and told him something had happened to her that morning that had made her change her mind. She woke up in their bed with the sun shining brightly on her. She rolled over in their big bed and she missed him, and that is when it happened. She began to feel a warm, languid, erotic buzz in her pelvis. She felt a spinning warmth that started deep in her belly and spiraled around her reproductive organs and went gently into her pussy and eventually ended intensely on the tip of her swollen clit. She said it felt so good that she began to orgasm again and again without even touching herself. During each intense convulsion it became clear to the wife what she wanted to do. If she was to trust her husband and love him as the man she has chosen to spend her life with, well then she was willing to do this with him. She wanted to do this for herself and she wanted to do this for them. Life is short and this could be the only time in her lifetime that an opportunity like this could come around. She was willing to try it and went to the motel to tell her husband her conclusion. They looked at each other then and embraced and carefully made love with the lights on so they could look into each others eyes. There was a new closeness that hadn’t been there before. He knew that everything would be ok. The mistress nodded into the phone and they agreed on a date and time.

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The day of their meeting the mistress went through a ritual. A ritual that she used when she knew she would be meeting the husband for a few hours of togetherness. She showered slowly in the hottest water. She spent time shaving her legs and then shaving her bikini line with a fragrant natural lavender soap and as she was about to shave her armpits she stopped. There was something strong and defiant about her hairy armpits. The black hair twisted and curled in a feminine way that the mistress found appealing. She left them the way that they were. She needed some strength and originality for today. She needed something that would remind her that she was indeed her own person making her way with conviction and choices in this life. The mistress’s feminine hairy armpits seemed to be the answer; they would serve as her anchor to the earth, to gravity and wholeness. The wife and the husband had their ritual as well. They didn’t speak much that day but hugged, held hands and looked in each others eyes when they could. The anticipation was high.

The mistress showed up at their house on time. The sun was setting and her nerves were high. She chose to wear simple cotton panties and a simple cotton bra under her jeans and fitted black shirt. She didn’t want to be anything more then bare bones if she could help it. She walked up to the door and found it open so she stepped inside and there they were. Her lover and his wife. She smiled warmly at them both as she approached them. The husband and wife were holding hands and looking at her. “I know you … we have met before” the wife said to the mistress. “Yes, we have met before” the mistress offered. The wife looked the mistress up and down and nodded her approval and held out her hand to the mistress in acceptance. The mistress looked at the wife’s hand and then at her lover who nodded with a smile on his face. The mistress took his wife’s warm hand in hers. The wife turned and with both the mistress’s hands and her husbands hands in her own she walked them into the bedroom. The mistress looked at her lover and saw that familiar twinkle in his eye. He was enjoying this and that made her relax. He said everything was going to be fine and she believed him.

The bedroom was lovely. Candles burned and the lights were dimmed. They all faced each other in a triangle. The mistress’s hands were on fire. She always felt sexually aroused around her lover but with his wife there as well the mistress felt as though she was already panting. She put her hands on the wife’s thick blonde hair in a ponytail and pulled the rubber band out. The wife shook out her long hair. “Beautiful” the mistress whispered. The wife turned to face the mistress and picked up the bottom of her top and lifted it over the mistress’s head. The wife and the mistress looked at each other. The mistress took the bottom of the wife’s tee-shirt and lifted it over her head. The wife wasn’t wearing a bra and was smaller then the mistress. Her breasts fell out of the tee-shirt and stood pert with nipples hard to the world. The mistress closed her eyes and then opened them. She took a fingertip and licked it warm and wet and then placed her fingertip on the wife’s nipple and rubbed the wife’s nipple making it even harder. The mistress then reached out and surrounded both the wife’s nipples with her fingers and tugged and rolled and lightly pinched them until they were hard statues. The wife shuddered and let out a sigh. The mistress looked at her lover then and saw his eyelids heavy and his pants full out bulging in the crotch. He was rock hard and she couldn’t wait to see him in his full, naked, erect, huge cocked glory. The wife turned the mistress around and undid her bra and released the mistress’s huge tits out of their cotton confinement. They turned and looked at each other in the candle light. The husband couldn’t help but notice then the huge differences between the two women. Like night and day. His wife was light. Sunshine. Her blonde straight hair reflected the candle light. She was tall and strong and light skinned. She reminded him of the beach. California. Deserts. His mistress was dark. She had darker then night curly hair that was long but nothing close to his wife’s hair. His mistress was darker skinned. Almost Mediterranean looking. Like olive trees and craggy coast lines with stunted vegetation warmed with sunlight yet chilly and breezy in the evenings.

This was attractive. And honestly just the visual of these two women was almost enough to make the husband cream in his pants. He didn’t even know if he could be touched. Just the sensual electricity in the air was enough to make him feel thick and sensitive. Almost as if his cock was being sucked slowly by the air. The mistress and the wife looked at him in unison as if reading his thoughts. The mistress stepped up to the wife and while looking at the husband began to undo his wife’s pants. The wife while looking at the husband began to do the same to the mistress. Both pulled the others pants down and off. Now they were both standing almost naked in just their panties. Both of their hair was flowing down the arches of their backs and the candlelight played amazingly on the curves of their hips and their tits. Their nipples reflected huge shadows of taut pleasure on the cream colored walls. They both turned and walked the few steps towards him. It was his turn to get naked. “Oh my god” he thought to himself as they both wrapped themselves around him. He almost couldn’t believe when he had one hand on his wife’s ass and his other hand on his mistress and they were both rubbing on him and taking their time lifting up his shirt and undoing his pants and pulling off his underwear exposing his full, plump, rigid, luscious cock about ready to explode. Pre-cumm glistened on the tip of his prick. As the wife kissed her husband deeply the mistress leaned her beautiful body down and licked the pre-cumm with her warm tongue. He flinched as her tongue flicked his cock head again. “Oh my god … hold it … just hold it” he thought to himself.

To be continued...

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