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The First Time

(Part 1 from 1)

I had the same dreams,a lthough not every night. For three months my fantasies haunted me. I'd abruptly awake and walk downstairs to get a glass of water while my desire for her pressed on my mind. I often wondered how much I could endure.

My eyes usually fixed on her curvatious ass as she scurried in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I thought about the situation many times, but could never let my lust for her get incredibly out-of -hand. When my daughter turned twelve years old,I suddenly wanted more in our relationship. Each day ticked on. Each month was like a tiny air bubble slowly rising. When would it burst,I often thought.

I'd slip into a daydream sometimes. I could clearly see her dark brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her crystlline green eyes could hypnotize you. A perfect clear,milky complexion,tender thin lips,and slim figure could make any man want her. She was stikingly desirable.

Her breasts were small,yet a mouthful. At times,I'd catch a glimpse of her nipples silhouetted through thin material. Her sleek legs,supple,shapely. She sent my mind into a sexual whirl.

The wind raised a steady whoooo! Thunder rumbled frequently. Each peal was louder than the time before. A slight chill in the air seeped through the window panes as lightning blazed the night sky.

I slipped a video into the vcr,then sat on the couch in my robe,naked underneath. Cara came downstairs and cuddled next to me. When she realized what I was watching,the expression on her face was nothing less than surprise. She didn't speak a word. She quietly looked on.

She wore a dark blue sweat-shirt that pulled upward when she sat down. I'd catch a peek once in a while of her smooth legs.My cock soon grew hard.I couldn't understand why she watched the x-rated video with me,but glad she did.

I'd fantasize about her and I at times as I watched the action on screen and cuaght her lookind at my bulge for a small moment.My cock swelled to its fullest and started to pulsate.My face moved closer. I kissed her forehead and jittered inside. A state of uncertainty flooded my mind.Sometimes life doesn't work the way you think it should. Nothing was more true than that night.

She surprised me when her tongue flashed into my mouth. Sexual heat climbed within me. Her legs spread. My hand slid up her thigh in a leisurely manner. Another surprise. She had no panties on. I hand-brushed her fur as she reached down and pulled my stiff cock from under my robe. Our tongues broke away. I began to kiss her ear.

"Oh,Cara.I want to do it with you so bad."

"Me too,daddy.I want to suck your cock,feel you inside of me.I want to do it all with you.'

I rose slowly,then walked over to the vcr to shut it off.I slipped out of my robe and walked toward her as she lifted her shirt off. My cock bounced. My balls swayed.We smiled at each other for a brief moment. She moved to the edge of the couch and we smiled at each other for a brief moment.

Her legs parted. I landed on my knees to bury my face in her muff. My tomgue pushed through her hair. I licked her walls,then roamed her clit.I could hear her soft moan shortly afterwards,tasting her sweet juice.It was the sweetest I ever had. She wrapped her warm hands around my thick shaft when I stood.

"You have a nice big one,daddy."

Seven inches of hard cock to satisfy you with,sweetheart."

No other words were spoken. She opened wide and took me in her wet mouth up to my balls. Her soft lips slid freely up and down my pole. The tips of my fingers fondled her pink nipples until they were hard.

"Ah,yeah. Sucking daddy's cock good,baby.You're going to be a good lover."

It wasn't long after when she pulled off. Her tongue searched my knob, my slit. Then she cupped my rocks in her palms and engulfed them. Her hands glided on my ass as I watched.She broke away moments later and looked up at me.

"What's daddy want now?"

"Daddy would love to fuck you now,honey."

She slid back,leaned against the cushion and opened her legs. Her cunt looked delicious.I went down on my knees,kissed her inner thighs,then moved upward to capture her nipple in my hungry mouth. From left to right,I suckled until she issued moans of pleasure.

My desire heightened. Our breathing beacme heavier. My cock throbbed wildly. She mastubated me while I enjoyed the taste of her young nipples. My finger skied upward,downward between her cunt-lips.

"Oh,daddy.You do that so good.I'll give you anything you want.I want to do it all with you."

She lifted off the couch about half an inch and slowly rotated her hips for less than a minute.My lips travled upward to kiss her ear.Then I spoke in a low tone.

"Baby ready for daddy's cock?"

"I was ready five minutes ago,daddy."

I wasted no time.I settled gently on top of her smooth body. Every inch slipped into her hole,lubricated from my tongue and her inner wetness.Her love-canal kept me snug inside of her.

"Oh,yes.Daddy finally has his cock into his little girl's pussy. Daddy's going to give you a good first fuck."

"Your cock fells good,daddy.Keep it up."

My thickness continued to slide in and out of what was only moments ago,her sweet virgin hole.My hands slid under her ass. I lightly squeezed her cheeks together and could feel her pussy muscules thighten around my cock even more.

Wildly,I started to ram my dick into her hairy twat. My balls slapped her cheeks everytime I thrusted.Excitement peaked. Her moans were more audible as she held me close to her.

Band! Bang! Bang! Every inch of cock went up her honey-hole. She moaned loud. Real loud. I couldn't stop if I had to.

"Oh,baby! Oh,honey! Daddy's going to fill your little pussy with hot cum,baby! Here it is! Here it comes!"

"C'mon,daddy! Do it! My clit is on fire!"

I went in deep for the last time. Deep,deep inside of her,I shot the biggest load I ever did with anyone.

"Oh,Cara! Oh,yes! Yes! Daddy's shooting his load into his baby's pussy! Fucking cunt feels so good!"

"Oh,oh,oh! Oh,daddy! Oh,God! I'm going to climax!"

Warm cum gushed up her hole for the very first time. Excitement rushed through my body. The thought alone of fucking my own daughter lended even more sexual excitement to the matter.

Heavy breathing calmed to normal. I slid my semi-hard cock out of her pussy. We kissed briefly.

"Daddy loves this cunt.You are so sweet."

"Mmmmmmm.You did it to me good,daddy.I love you."

"I love you too,baby."

Ever since that first time,we've been sleeping togehter in the same bed. Cara's thirteen now.She's sexually better than ever. What a sweet daughter I have.

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