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The Bath Towel

(Part 1 from 2)

Kimberly was sprawled on the couch watching a show on the television. Mark, who didn't care for the show, was in the den playing
a video game he had bought earlier that day.

Natalie entered from the kitchen and crossed to the couch. Trying not to block her daughter's view, she replied, "I'm going to take a
shower. Could you keep an eye on dinner for me?"
"Sure, mom."
Natalie looked about the room. "Where's your brother?"
"Oh, he's in the den. Playing some stupid video game, I suppose."
"You shouldn't be that way, Kim." Natalie crossed to the den. As
she entered the open door she could see her son sitting on the floor
with a game controller clutched tightly in his hands. "Mark, I'm going to take a shower."

Pausing the game he turned to look at her. "What?"
"I said I'm going to take a shower. So that's where I'll be. Okay?"
"Yeah, okay, mom."

She left the room as he returned to shooting the villains and went upstairs. She adjusted the temperature on the water faucets and, as
she began to get undressed, she hummed a little tune. Within minutes she stepped under the warm water.

Mark was getting good at killing the villains. Suddenly he remembered what his mother had said. She was going to take a shower.
Gee, he thought to himself, he had never seen a naked girl before. Could he be brazen enough to walk in on his own mother? Could he get a chance to, at least, see her nude? But, in order to accomplish his little plan, he had to be crafty. He had to think of way that she wouldn't construe as deliberate. "Hey, sis!"
"What!?" She stood at the door of the den with slight agitation in her tone.

Mark paused the game and turned around. "Hi, sis," he said as he
looked at her. Since the lights in the living room were brighter than
in the den he could plainly see what she was wearing. Her outfit was
really hot with a short white knit top that clung to her like a glove 
a few inches past the bumps on her chest. He could see some of her belly and that cute little belly button of her. And, gee he thought, her crotch hugging shorts were really tight and worn very low, barely hugging her hips.
"Well, what do you want anyway? I can't stand here all night, you

As he looked at her he could plainly see the shape of a little breasts pressing against the white top. He might not get the chance to see a nude girl but maybe, just maybe, he could touch his sister.
Though he had to be crafty, even sly, about it. "I gotta see mom."
"Well, silly, you can't. She's in the shower." She watched as he got up from the floor. Gee, she thought, his jeans were awfully tight. She could plainly see the bump in his pants as he came over to her.

"But, Kim, it's really important. It really is." He came closer to her. If she stayed in the doorway and turned just right he'd have an open shot. As he came over to the door she turned sideways. All
right, he thought, she left herself wide open.

"Well, I guess it'd be okay." She stayed in the doorway.
As Mark slowly slipped by her a hand glanced against her left breast, squeezing it, while his other hand nudged against her crotch
groping into it. "Sorry," he apologized, "that was an accident!"
"Yeah, okay," she replied as he slipped past her. "You wait on the
couch while I check with mom." She left him sitting patiently on the couch as she went upstairs. "Hi, mom."
"Hi yourself. What's up?"
"Oh, it's just Mark. He's gotta see you."
"Well, now is not a good time. Can't it wait?"
"He said it was important. Like it was life and death."
"Yeah, sure. It's always life and death with him." Thinking a few minutes, she replied, "Well, okay, if it's that important. Tell him he can come up."

Kim returned to the living room and relayed the information to her
brother. As Mark made his way upstairs, she commented, "Tell mom to leave the water on. I want to take one, too."
"Okay, Kim." Disappearing down the hall he could see his mother's
shadowy silouette against the frosted glass. Entering the bathroom he made out more detail of her shadow. "Hi, mom."
Sliding the front panel open she peeked around with her head. 

"What was do damn inmportant, hon?"
"I was just wondering what was for dinner." He could plainly see
her dark shape. Her breasts were hanging down. Oh, please he fantacized, come out a little more.
"Shit, Mark, is that all!? Hell, that could've waited."
"Yeah, I know, but I was wondering."
"Well, if it's that important to you, it's chicken. Is that okay?"
"Yeah, that's fine, mom."
"Good, I'm glad you approve. Now leave me alone." As Mark turned to exit, she added, "Oh, be a dear and close the door. I'm getting out in a little bit."
Mark left the bathroom closing the door. As he sauntered down the hallway he could hear the door slide open and he knew she was getting out. Oh geez he forgot about what Kim had wanted. 

Returning to the closed door hoping, he muttered, "Hey, mom."
"What hon?" He muttered another reply. "Oh, damnit, Mark, I can't understand a word. Just open the door."
Oh wow, he realized, she asked him to open the door. Now might be
his chance to see a girl in the buff, even if it was his mother. He
opened the door and saw her standing there clutching a towel in front of her.

"Oh, Kim said to leave the water on."
"Okay, I can do that." She rubbed herself dry being very careful to avoid any exposure. She could see he was watching her intently and she felt a bit apprehensive about it. "Mark, since you're still here, be a dear and get my robe on the door."
"Sure, mom." He reached for her robe behind the door. "Here." 
She could see him glaring at her. She wondered why he was doing
that. Oh, hell, she knew. She could be rude and have him put her robe on the toilet. She thought about her dilema. She took the robe from him. Should she or shouldn't she? As she held the robe in one hand and clutched the towel with the other, she said, quite casually,
"Can you hang this up for me?"
Mark took the towel from her. Hanging it up he turned back around.

She hadn't put the robe on yet and was standing only two feet away from him, completely nude. He looked at every inch admiring his mother's body. Her breasts were somewhat bigger than his sister's were that was obvious and her nipples stuck out more. They sure weren't pouty like his sister's were. Scoping her out his eyes glued to her blond triagle. As light as it was he could see every fold and
crease. "Gee, mom," he blurted out, "you're pretty."
"Oh, that's," dropping the robe she came over to him and pecked him
on the cheek, "sweet, Mark."

He had his hands at his sides when she kissed him. As close as she
was gave him the chance to glance a hand against her mound. He plainly felt a bump. Hell, he thought, he thought girls were flat
down there but there was plainly a bump in her genitals. As his hand
glanced against it he could feel the prickiness of her hair. "Really
sorry, mom!"
Putting on her robe, she commented, "Oh forget it. It was nothing.
"You're not upset that I touched you there?"
"Why should I be? Afterall, I'm sure it wasn't intentional." She noticed his head shake negatively. "Any questions?"
"About what, mom?"
"About me, silly. Hell, you could see I'm different."
"Yeah, so?"
"Well, did you have any questions?" She looked him deep in the eyes. "You needn't be embarrassed about asking."
"Well, I was wondering, mom." He saw the questioning look in her
eyes and continued, "Those things on top are bigger than Kim's are."

"Sure they are, silly. Afterall, Kim's just a little girl afterall." Feeling a little on the frisky side she opened her robe.
"Would you like to see if they're bigger than your hand?" Noticing
his hesitation, she added, "Go ahead, see if they are."
Though he had touched his sister's little titty, even squeezed it,
he never dreamed he'd actually get to touch a bare one. He put his
hands against them his fingers touching her armpit. His hands were smaller and his palms didn't quite reach her nipples. He slipped his hands against her breasts and tweeked her nipples. He could feel them swell a little in his fingers gaining in hardness. As he let go he looked at them. They were plainly sticking out more prominant then when he first saw them.

"Got any other questions?"
"No, mom," he replied.
"Good. Then let's get downstairs." She banged into him in the doorway as he turned. "What now?"
He turned to face her. "Mom," he sheepishly replied, " I was wondering about that." He pointed to her crotch as his eyes skirted the floor.
"Oh, geez, Mark, you're being too evasive. What are you talking about?"
"That, down there."
She knew what he meant now. "What about it?"
"Well, I noticed a bare spot between your legs."
"What?" She asked not the least bit flustered by the comment.

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