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That's My Little Girl

(Part 1 from 3)

Of all the stories you have heard or read about, you have never heard this one. Yeah you might be thinking they are all the same, but the thing is, this one is special and makes it different than all the others. Don’t get wise with me, just read it. Send me an email if you like it and give me your comments or whatever. Enjoy. It begins on a Sunday morning...

Her name is Katie, 21 years old, 36C, a body so perfect it would make you want to put your hands all over. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, captain of the cheerleading squad, she was a very smart girl too. Still living with her parents however, but until this day, things began to go out of hand. Her parents would be fighting for personal reasons, and soon she overheard them talking about divorce. She did not want her parents to divorce, and who doesn’t if they love them so much. Unfortunately, the parents got divorced but she Katie continued to live with her father. Coming back form college in the afternoon, she would see him just too depressed to say hi. He would usually greet his little girl with a hug or a kiss and they would talk about how was college. Not today, he just stood there sitting up straight on the couch, like if there was no worry to him whatsoever. She could tell he was sad. So she tried to go up to him and talk to him.

Katie: “Father, are you okay?”

She did not get an answer from him, and she just gave him a kiss and went on about her business. She decided to go take a shower and get herself cleaned up. Still however, her father was very well depressed from this divorce. The days kept passing by and he would go to work, but as soon as it was over, he would go back home and just think why? Katie did not want to see her father like this and she knew that he did not need any type of counseling, just the usual talk that they use to have. So one day, she decided that she would do whatever it takes to get him back to the way he was. That special someone who would be there for her every step of the way and be waiting for her when she would get home to be greeted with a hug and a kiss. The following day, Katie decides to go up to her father as she sits next to him and gives him a kiss to his cheek as she then places her arms around him and gives him a tight hug and holds him. Heh-heh-ha....

Katie: “Father, are you thinking about mother? You know, it has been so long now, she has already found someone else? It really is pretty stupid of her to do some shit like that.”

- “I still love her however.”
He says as he gives his daughter a hug.

Katie: “You don’t need mother? There are plenty of girls out there just waiting to have a guy like you. Let’s see, you are successful, you have a very good paying job, we live in a mansion for sakes, and you have had everything you ever wanted. So why are you so uptight about this.”

- “I just can’t stand being like this. I use to have someone and now I have no one.”
Katie: “Don’t say that father?”
She says as she inclines her head on his shoulder.

Katie: “You still have me, right, I am here with you?”

- “I know, I know.”

Katie: “Well, what are you so worried about then? You have always made me happy, so why not keep making me happy like you use to.”

- “Katie sweety, I love you so much. I thought that after this divorce that you would probably go with your mother and move away and I wouldn’t see you anymore.”

Katie: “How could you say that? I love you more than I love mother. You are always there for me, you buy me things, but I love you because you spend more time with me and you hear everything I have to say. Unlike mother who says I don’t have time, you even after all the work you go through and tiredness you come back from, you still find the time to make sure your daughter is happy and well.”

- “Yeah.”

Katie: “So what happened to that outrageous and extravagant guy who made me smile?”

- “I guess that person went away when I kissed your mother and she slapped me.”

Katie: “How mean of her to do such a thing?”

- “Just closing my eyes brings back that vision in my head.”

Katie: “Poor father, can I give you kiss and make it feel all better.”

- “Sure. Why not?”

So Katie then gets up as she then sits on his lap while facing him as she places her arms around him and gives him a very good kiss to his lips. He does kisses her back, but his sadness level is still at low.

Katie: “You see, unlike mother I am not going to slap you or treat you bad. I will be here for you just as you are here for me.”

- “(sighs)”

Katie: “Besides, you don’t need mother. You got me, and I am your daughter, which makes me officially yours.”

- “Where are you going with this?”

Katie: “I want you father, to give me kiss.”

- “Why.”

Katie: “Kiss me and you will find out.”

So he then gives her a kiss as she then continues to lead him on as they share more kisses. A couple of moments later, they then stop and he realizes that his hands are on the sides of her waist. She smiles as she licks his lips.

- “Katie, what are you doing?”

Katie: “Look at me father, I am younger, ten times hotter than mother, I am a sexy girl don’t you think? So if mother couldn’t make you happy, then I will. My style.”

- “Wow, Katie sweety, your my daughter, I can’t do this?”

Katie: “Why not all the more better since I am a virgin?”

- “What? I thought by this age you would have already lost it? So what about when you go out with your girlfriends on the weekends to parties and clubs?”

Katie: “Oh we go have fun, but we mostly dance with ourselves. Of course guys come up to us, but we have more fun with ourselves?”

- “Katie, you are irresistibly gorgeous, but...”

Soon, she then interrupts him as she gives him a kiss to his lips. He doesn’t feel like it, but all of a sudden, a feeling deep down inside makes him give in to her kisses.

Katie: “You are kissing me back? That’s good. Don’t stop.”

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