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Tennis Moms Take On Family

(Part 1 from 2)

Linda and Stacy were both the same age--thirty-six--and looked great. But they were like night and day: Linda was a tall, six-foot platinum blonde, with small tits, and a runway model's body; Stacy was Italian, five-four, with huge breasts and long black hair. Her body was thin, but more curvacious. 

They just got finished with a morning of tennis, and now they were in the locker room. They only went there to dry themselves with towels, and rest a bit (neither of them liked to shower in public). Stacy looked over at Linda, watching as she slid the towel up and down her tanned legs, and said, "I don't know why you have to wear your socks pulled up that high for. That look went out in the eighties, and you're not a little schoolgirl, anymore."

Linda smiled, and turned her back to her best friend. She spread her legs wide, and bent over at the waist. Her short, white skirt rode up as she stroked the knee-high socks. Stacy could see the swell between her friend's thighs, and she thought she could actually see a wet-spot.

Stacy just licked her lips, and went over and goosed Linda's bulged-out cunt. "OOHH! You're a naughty girl today." Linda just stood up, and kissed Stacy deeply, their moist tongues entwining as they ground their bodies against each other. Hands were running over asses, squeezing breasts, and rubbing pussies, when they decided that they had better cool it off before they got caught.

Linda said, as they made their way to the car, "Why don't you come over to my house, and spend the night? Justin and Justine" (those were her eighteen-year-old twin son and daughter) "won't say anything; I think they already know mom likes the taco as well as the hot dog."
This made Stacy laugh--and a little wet, as she said she would.

Twenty minutes later, the two women pulled into the driveway. They exited the car, and made their way to the front door. Linda unlocked it, and they both walked in. They both saw the twins sitting on the couch watching TV. 
"Hi kids. What are you watching?" Linda walked over with her friend right behind her. They threw their bags down on the coffee table, and sat down on it in front of the twins.

Since it was still early in the morning, the kids were dressed in what they wore to bed: Justin in his sweats, and t-shirt, and Justine in very short, thin-fabricked shorts, and a baby-doll top. They were both good looking, both were popular with the opposite sex at school. They each inherited the best traits of each parent--Justine got her long, supple legs from mom, and Justin got his father's ten-inch-long dick.

"We were just watching the early news program. What's up?" He saw them both looking at him and his sister like they wanted to say something. His eyes lingered on both sets of legs for a second, then brought his gaze up to his mother's gorgeous face.

Linda said, "I need to talk to you both for a second. You know that since your father left, I have not been with a man." Both kids shifted uncomfortably, and Justine didn't notice that her shaven pussy was exposed to the two women in front of her. "But I have been having sex...with Stacy." Stacy blushed, and lowered her head. "Now I don't want you two to be uncomfortable, so I'll ask you: Is it alright with you if Stacy spends the night?"
Justin looked over at his sister, and he DID notice the lips of her cunt peeking out through the side of her shorts. His mind wanted him to focus on his sister's face, but his now-growing cock won the battle, and he just kept staring.

Justine didn't pay attention, and just said to the two older women, "Whatever makes you happy, mom. It's okay with us. Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, darling."
"What's it, uh, you know, eat her out?"
Having his sister ask that, and having just heard that his mother makes love to this sexy woman, made his cock grow to its full ten inches. He tried to hide it, but failed.

"Well, sweety, it's li--Wow, I see Justin doesn't mind! Look at his sweats."
All three female heads turned to see the pole in his sweatpants. Linda saw that her son was trying to hide it with his hands. "Don't hide it, honey. It's wonderful. Just like your father's." Then, as she forced her eyes from the swollen dick of her son, she turned to Stacy and winked. "Since you're both curious, why don't Stacy and I just show you...if that's okay?"

Justin showed that he didn't mind by letting his cock bob back and forth. Stacy just nodded. 
All four entered Linda's bedroom. Linda instructed her twins to sit on the loveseat across from the foot of the bed. Linda and Stacy sat in front of them on the bed. Stacy ,immediately, was getting into this. The thought of her eating her friend's cunt in front of her kids was making her pussy leak fluid. She reached down, and pulled her sweater off, all the while watching the cock tented on Justin, and the beautiful legs of his sister. Her tits were enormous as they fought against being spilled out of the white bra.

Linda ran her tongue down Stacy's neck. "Oooh, you know I love that," Stacy whispered. Then Linda's tongue licked the cleavage, she could smell the female scent on her friend as neither of them took a shower yet. Linda removed her head from those big tits, and looked over at her kids. "By the looks of it, you better release that huge dick, son. And Justine, feel free to explore your own body as well. I want all of us to enjoy each other today."
Without further word, Justin yanked his sweats down and off, and started rubbing the plum-sized head of his cock. There was a stream of pre-cum glistening down the side, going over the large, pulsing veins. "I've never wanted a dick so bad in my life; it's been so long," Stacy said as she saw the monster.
As Linda layed down next to her friend with her own sweater removed, she said low, "Don't worry baby, we're ALL going to get that pecker today." 

Stacy spun her head around fast. "You mean...? Have you ever...?"
"That's what I mean, and no I have never. But I want it today so let's put on a show for them. Maybe they'll play with each other, too. Now, take off that bra, and come over here and sixty-nine me. I want to suck on that juicy pussy of yours."

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