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Teaching Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

Dave came into the living room. His father was sitting on the sofa reading a paper.
"What's all the commotion with your mom," Ralph asked hearing the yelling behind his son.
"Mom found the nude magazines you gave me yesterday, so she freaked out."
His dad put the paper down and got up.
"It's time we had a talk with your mom about this."
Together they went into the kitchen where Linda was yelling herself out.
"So you let your son watch that stuff, do you?" she cried.
"Can't you keep quiet, he's a growing kid, he's got to learn about those things."
"If you want him to know something about sex you better teach him yourself."
"Well I think he'll be better off when you and I show him something."
"Why you son of a bitch."
"Look son, I'll show you your mother now."
Dave couldn't believe it. But at that moment Ralph took Linda's arm and pushed her to the living room. Dave followed. His father threw her on the sofa and said in a commanding tone, "Take your dress off."
Crying Linda took off her blouse. The two sat on either side of her and Ralph said, "See there are your mother's boobs. Good huh?"
With those words he took her bra off. Linda's face was red with shame.
"Come on Dave, touch her tits."
Dave reached out and touched his mother's breasts.
"Ok now, we want to see the rest of you Linda."
Trying best she could to keep her emotions Linda took off her pants and then her panties.
"So how's that pussy son?"
"Great dad."
"Linda dear, be a loving mother and dive your son a blowjob."
"Never!" she yelled.
"Linda if you don't do what I say I'm gonna ram something up your ass and you'll be sorry you were born."
"I'm not going to do it you son of a bitch."
"Well you asked for it."
With those words Ralph threw his wife on the floor. Then he exposed his dick and holding her up by her hips jammed the huge thing into her asshole. Dave took a closer look. He saw his father's dick going wildly in and out of his mother's butt. She was screaming and crying of pain.
"Hey son, try pushing your dick into her mouth."
Dave took his pants of and pointed his dick at his mother's mouth. She couldn't keep it closed because of the pain so Dave easily pushed in.
"Ah dad it's great!"
Dave went on pushing his dick in and his mother could only suck it. This didn't go on long because soon enough Ralph cummed and Linda fell helplessly to the floor.
"Well son, I've had enough. Why don't you turn her round and try to tame her."
Dave felt delighted. He picked his mother up and laid her down on the back. Ralph came closer and wiped his cummy dick over Linda's face.
"Ok son, go ahead. fuck your mother and I'll sit here and watch. I haven't seen something like this for a while."
With this words Ralph sat down in the armchair. Dave took a glance at his mother's pussy and put his dick to the slit. He threw a last look at his father and pushed in. it was the best feeling ever. His mother tried to struggle but in vain. Dave was fucking wildly, pushing his dick in as far as he could. Ralph held his dick masturbating.
"Fuck her hard son. Don't give in easily."
Dave went on feeling the end was near.
"Dad I can't hold it longer."
"All right son, fill that cunt."
Dave pushed down one last time and let it go. He felt his cum fill his mother. He got up with his dick throbbing.
"Go on son, cover her face."
Dave knelt down and touched his mothers face with his dick. She took out her tongue and licked it.
"Very good," Ralph said approvingly, "Your mom is getting to know who the boss around here is. What do you say we have a family event this night? I think your sister will like a treat from her dad."

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