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Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes a Woman-Chapter 2

(Part 3 from 4)

“Oh, please, daddy, that hurts, your fingers are hurting my nipples,” Tawny cried, his fingers bringing tears to her eyes. She shook her breasts, trying to free them from his fingers but only succeeded in further stimulating her father as he watched her breasts move about under her blouse, his fingers still grabbing the nipples tightly. She felt him push up underneath her, pushing his hard cock against her tight ass.

Tawny thought she would die from the humiliation of what her daddy was doing to her, and making her do. Her mothers voice echoed in her head “do what daddy tells you…” ha, Tawny thought, if only Ann could see her husband now. His daughter astride his lap, squirming and weeping as he molested her breasts and allowed his hard cock to push against her ass so lewdly. Tawny swallowed and closed her eyes tightly, wishing the situation away. Michael’s voice broke into her fantasy:

“Let’s take off your blouse, Tawny, daddy wants to get his little girls breasts naked for his pleasure. Are you going to be a good little girl and let daddy have his way, or is daddy going to have to punish you again?”

“No, don’t do that, please don’t spank me again, I will obey you, daddy,” Tawny cried, her fingers moving to the front of her blouse, slowly unbuttoning the buttons, attempting to delay the inevitable, when her breasts would be naked and unprotected from his searching fingers. 

His fingers left her breasts, allowing for the removal of her bra. Tawny pulled the blouse from her skirt and felt her daddy pull it backwards, off of her shoulders and down her arms. He became more insistent, wanting to get back to molesting her breasts again. His fingers returned to her near naked top, moving over her bare stomach, up until he reached her bra, his fingers moving over the silky material as they began to grab her tit flesh again. He grabbed her breasts, hard, his fingers tightening on the young flesh as she groaned in pain again. He slipped one hand into her bra, he caressed her young breast for a while, getting hornier by the second. 

Her nipple hardened under his touch and Tawny gasped as her father squeezed. She felt the fingers on her naked breasts, the first time they were ever touched by a male before, her shame showing on her face as her father molested her tender flesh. It was not suppose to be like this. It was not what she had dreamed about. She squirmed on his lap, his cocking digging into her ass, his fingers grabbing her naked flesh, her nipples now pinched tightly by his fingers, digging into the erect flesh.

“I want to see your naked tits,” his fingers moving out of her bra but moving behind her back. His fingers unsnapped her bra, his hands slipping the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms.

Tawny’s hands moved up, covering her breasts as her father pulled the bra off of her body. She was now naked from the waist up, his cock twitching underneath her. She felt his hands on her arms.

“Turn around on my lap,” he ordered her. He turned her around on him, this time facing him, her legs on either side of his. She felt his cock hard, pushing between her legs. The bulge in his pants felt huge against her body. He looked in her eyes. “Put your hands down, daddy wants to see your tits, baby, obey now, be a good girl.”

Tawny slowly lowered her hands, her nipples hardening in the cool air as she watched her father’s eyes, staring at her naked breasts. It felt like slow motion as she saw his big hands move up her naked stomach until they reached her naked breasts. She shivered as his fingers touched the underside of her breasts and move up until they came to her nipples. They were over an inch long, seemingly begging to be grabbed and fondled.

Michael’s fingers touched the hard nipples and ran over the aureole, it was a dark brown, contrasting sharply with the pale skin of her breasts and the pinkness of her nipples. He saw little goose bumps begin to pop out as his fingers gently ran over the delicate tissue. He put his fingers in her mouth. “Get them wet,” he ordered. He saw her obey, her mouth sucking the two fingers deep inside, her tongue bathing the digits. He pulled them out, glistening in the light. He reached back again and touched her nipples.

Tawny gasped as his wet fingers touched her super sensitive nipples, her body shuddering as it felt like her nipples were going to bust open. “No, please, no daddy,” she cried, but arched her back, pushing her immature breasts forward onto the wet fingers searching for them.

Michael watched the expression on her face, saw her surrender to her own passion. His fingers grabbed the large nipples, grasping them and pulling them out, watching as they stretched. Her body arched up, attempting to relieve some of the pressure, only succeeding in forcing her father to pinch tighter to keep the nipples securely in his grasp. His hands moulded her breasts, his fingers milking her nipples as she squirmed on his lap, his cock massaged by her tight ass. 

Tawny watched her father as his head slowly lowered to her chest. She knew that any second now, his lips would make contact with her super sensitive nipples. Her hands reached out to her daddy’s head, holding it on the side, not sure whether she was trying to stop him or pushing him down. “No, daddy, please, this isn’t right, what would mommy say?” She felt his hot breath on her nipples as he spoke.

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