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Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes a Woman-Chapter 2

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Tawny sat on her father’s legs, facing him, his hard cock naked, her hand stroking the large member, her other hand milking his balls. She was half-naked, her father’s fingers tugging relentlessly on her swollen and red nipples, testifying to the abuse daddy had inflicted on them with his fingers and lips. It was only an hour ago that her mother had forced her to sit with her father in the living room before she left on her trip. Tawny remembered back how her own mother had delivered her into the sexual clutches of her father.

Ann was getting ready to leave for another trip. She was to be gone for two days and was waiting for a taxi, not wanting Michael to have to make the trip to the airport and back this late at night. They had already said their goodbyes and she was waiting by the door for the taxi. She looked into the living room and saw Michael sitting alone, watching the television. “Why don’t you have Tawny watch television with you? You both seem so distant lately, you alone watching television and Tawny holding out in her room or over at her friends house.”

“I hate to bother her,” Michael responding.

“I am sure she would love to, would you like me to call her for you? You both need to spend some time together,” Ann asked Michael.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Michael smiling, already his cock was beginning to get hard. Two days of Tawny, alone.

“Tawny,” Ann’s voice rang out in the hallway.

“Yes, Mom.” Tawny had opened the door when she heard her mother’s voice. “Are you getting ready to leave?” 

“Yes, I am, why don’t you come down her for a while, your father is watching the television by himself. Come down and keep him company.”

After her humiliating spanking experience, Tawny avoided being alone with her father as much as possible, but with her Mothers work taking her away from home so often, Tawny often found herself in her dad’s company. She tried to sleep over at her girlfriends houses whenever she knew her mother would not be there, but this proved difficult and now with her mother getting ready to leave, she found herself about to be alone with him.

Tawny came down the stairs, still in school clothes. She had been working hard at finishing up a paper for school and had not changed after dinner. She was still wearing the button down blouse and plaid skirt. She had shortened the skirt considerably, showing a long expanse of leg. Tawny at first cringed at the thought of staying in the living room with her Dad and watching television once her mother left. 

If Ann had only known what Michael had planned for his young daughter, she would have never forced the issue. But she did not know that she was giving Michael the perfect opportunity to force his perverted passions on their young daughter.

“Beep, beep,” the taxi’s horn sounded. “Give me a kiss, Tawny.” Ann kissed Tawny goodbye. “See you in two days, Michael,” picking up her luggage and heading for the door.

“Bye, honey, have a good trip,” Michael responded.

“Tawny, your father seems so lonely, go into the living room for a while and keep him company. Do it for your Mother, please, you’re a big girl now and you need to take care of your father when I am not home. Just be a good girl and do whatever your father tells you, don’t give him any trouble.” She pushed her way out of the door, walking fast towards the taxi. She did not see the troubled look on the face of her innocent daughter as she left.

Tawny went into the living room, her father sitting on the couch. She sat on the overstuffed chair, tucking one leg under her. “Hi, daddy, what are you watching?

“Law and Order, its just starting.” Michael looked over at Tawny, his cock already hard watching her walk into the room. Her skirt had ridden up high when she sat down, her naked legs showing. Her small breasts pushed against her blouse, he could almost make out the outline of her nipples pushing against the material.

“Come over here by your daddy,” Michael beckoned to his young daughter. She was looking particularly hot, he thought, still in her school clothes. Tawny instinctively went and sat by him, still in the habit of doing so, up until recently, this had seemed a normal thing to do. She sat by him, thinking maybe his interest in her body the other day had been a just an accident.

“Isn’t that better now, honey? It’s nice, mm? Just the two of us, no naggy mom around.” Tawny couldn’t help but agree as she smiled up at her father. Her mother had been really uptight lately, the atmosphere was noticeably more relaxed when she wasn’t around. Michael allowed his arm to drop off the back of the couch, and on to his daughter’s shoulders, she rested her head against his chest, his little girl again. Michael grinned; his cock began to stiffen as he thought of the night that lay ahead, and the thought of Tawny, his baby girl, and what he was going to do to her.

His fingers began to rub against her neck, massaging her skin, hearing her relaxed breathing as he continued. “Does that feel good, Tawny, is daddy making his little girl feel good?”

Tawny looked up at her father, trying to read his expression, but was met with his smiling eyes, no hint of the lecherous look he had given her the other day. She snuggled against him further, “yes that does feel good.” 

Michael continued to massage her neck, then moved down further onto her back. He pushed her sideways on the couch so her back was to him and her body was more available to his hands. He began to knead her shoulders and moved down to the center of her back. He felt her muscles begin to tighten as his fingers became more insistent. “Relax baby, daddy will take good care of you.”

Tawny began to regret her mother’s decision. Her mother had delivered her into the hands of her father and by the way his hands continued to rub over her body, she knew that they would not stop with her back. “Please, daddy, I have to finish my homework,” and she began to get up, hoping to escape the awkward situation. “Daddy, no, please!” she struggled, but Michael had an arm around her waist, and held on to her tight.

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