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Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman

(Part 1 from 4)

Author: Powerone and Nikki
Title: Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman
Part: Chapter 1
Summary: Daddy teaches his little girl to be a Woman. A story of incest between father and daughter.
Keywords: M+f, anal. oral, virg, incest, teen, bdsm

Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman

Copyright 2003 by Nikki and Powerone. Comments to the authors can be e-mailed to or

Note : This story is complete fictional!

Michael stood next to Tawny. He had ordered her to help him. She was to wear a skirt, no panties. As she stirred the food, she felt Daddy’s hand move down over the flat plain of her stomach, his hand had already crept up under her skirt, rubbing her bare skin. She began to blush, knowing that her mother was watching, although she did not know what Daddy was doing to her. His fingers moved over her pussy, almost bald, only a small amount of blonde hair outlining her pussy lips. 

Tawny’s legs began to tremble as she stirred the food in the pan on the stove. She was staring over the cooking island, her mother smiling at her as she sat in the chair, watching her husband and daughter cook her dinner. Michael said that they wanted to make her dinner because they had missed her. Ann had been on another frequent business trip, leaving Michael to care for Tawny and her brother Adam.

“Spread your legs,” he whispered in her ear. His hand sought out her pussy lips, spreading them apart as his finger began to run up and down her slit. “Are you going to get wet for Daddy?” He moved up to her clit and heard her gasp as he squeezed it. She continued to stir the food. “Spread you legs open more, I am going to put a finger in your pussy,” he ordered her. Another hand crept lower and pushed against her pussy and began to push in her tight, hot pussy

Tawny trembled as her pussy was speared by the finger, the other fingers twisting and pulling on her enlarged clit. It was only two weeks ago that Tawny was a virgin. Now she was standing here, half-naked, fingers abusing her body. Daddy had taken her virginity. He soon taught her to masturbate his cock and finally to take it in her virgin mouth until he filled it with his hot cum. He often stripped her and made her spread her body open for his inspection. He told her that her mother would be devastated if she found out that Tawny had fucked him and that it was her fault. She had flaunted her body around the house, teasing him with her young body, half-naked. He continued to abuse her every chance he got and with Ann frequently away, Tawny’s young body was often his.

The family was never a close knit family. Michael had an excellent job, but Ann was the ambitious one in the family. She traveled extensively, Michael learning early on in the marriage that her job was first and everything else was after that. Michael seemed to fall further and further down the list every year. Sex with Ann was now almost non-existent, Ann being too busy, not at home or just plain not interested. Adam was not his father’s son. Adam was in high school, handsome, a football player, muscular. The girls already chased him, unlike Michael when he was young. Adam was self sufficient, Ann’s absence having no effect on him. He just thought that was the way it always is.

Tawny was different. Tawny looked like her mother when she was young. She was just starting to bloom. She had small budding breasts, but with large nipples. They would soon be like her mother’s large breasts. Her hips were just starting to flare out, trying to catch up to her firm ass. Her legs were long like her mother’s and their hair blonde, natural blonde. Tawny’s pussy was almost bald, the fine blonde hair just barely visible. With her mother’s absence, she took more to her father, always trying to win his approval. Her sexuality was just beginning to form. That is what started it all.

It was only three weeks ago that Michael had begun to notice Tawny in a different light. Michael was in his mid-forties, ten years older than Ann. He still took good care of his body, a weekly routine at the gym providing for that. Michael had been attracted to Ann by her blonde hair and large, firm breasts. Her long legs accented a well-formed ass. Tawny’s body began to fill out and Michael had begun to notice it. In fact it was hard not to notice it, Tawny seem to flaunt it.

Ann was gone on another one of her business trip, Adam already left for school, having to leave early for a football meeting before school. Michael had already taken a shower and was dressed and going to go downstairs to make breakfast. Ann’s and his bedroom was at the end of the hall, Adam’s at the other end and Tawny’s in the middle. The second bathroom was located between his bedroom and Tawny’s. He was rushing to go downstairs when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Tawny rushed outside. There bodies crashed into each other, with Tawny pushed against the wall, almost falling to the floor. 

In the panic to prevent a fall she grabbed the table in the hallway, temporarily letting go of the towel that was wrapped around her body. The towel was already too short, just barely covering her pussy, but she had not expected to run into anyone. As her hands reached out for the table, the towel slipped from her body and fell onto a heap on the floor. She looked up, her face flushed as she saw her father looking at her, his eyes on her naked flesh. She bent down, quickly grabbing the towel and wrapping it around her, her eyes lowered to the floor, not wanting to see her fathers stare. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I just seem to be so clumsy lately,” rushing off into her bedroom, closing the door quickly behind her.

When Michael saw the towel slip from Tawny, his eyes were instantly drawn to her breasts. They seemed like only small bumps on her chest, but her nipples were already big, the areolas a dark brown on her pale skin, the nipples a lighter color. He watched as she bent down, her legs spreading wide to pick up the towel. Her pussy was almost bald. Like her mother, her blonde hair made it almost invisible. He could see the pink of her pussy as her pussy lips spread open slightly. She quickly threw the towel around her and rushed inside her door, but not before Michael caught a glimpse of her ass, the towel not quite covering everything in her haste to draw away rapidly from the embarrassing situation. Michael felt the familiar stirring in his loins, his cock beginning to harden. No, I shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts, quickly rushing downstairs.

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