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Taking sister's virginity

(Part 1 from 1)

After my first year in college, I came home and spend the summer with my family. I lived with my parents and two sisters. Karen was 12 and Cammie was 14 at the time (I was 18). Both of my parent worked so it was left to us to watch the house. 

On one summer day I saw Cammie and Karen sun bathing in our back yard, next to our family pool. I never noticed how my sisters have grown to become a fine looking young women, especial Cammie. She was sun bathing topless and her young breast gleamed with sun-tan lotion. It was perfect C-cup with her dark nipples still budding. Cammie was about 5'2", 110 pounds. Just looking at her young tits gave me a hard on and I found myself stroking my hard rod. I wanted to shoot my cum all over her firm tits. Than I noticed she was looking at me... I was so embareced as I got scared so I ran into the house.... hoping nothing will happen, like telling our parents.

When I was inside, the phone rang and it was one of my high school buddy. We decided to go out that night and we ended out conversation. I went into my parents bedroom to look at my dad's playboy.... but I couldn't find one.... I guess he moved it. I was pissed and couldn't stop thinking about Cammie.... and I fell sleep on my parents bed.

I woke up to the sound of Cammie's voice...
"Mark.... Mark... Get up"
I guess I was having a wet dream... beacause my dick was hard as a rock.
"What the hell do you want...?" I shouted
"Nothing.... I just wanted to see what you wanted for lunch" Cammie replied.
"I'm not hungry.... Where's Karen" trying to hide my hard on.
"She went to her friend's house... to meet some guys"
"I thougth you two wanted to get some sun...?"
"We did.... I think I'm getting sun burns, so I came in", kneeling over the bed, exposing her cleavage, noticing my buldge.
I noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her (my dream)tits peaking toward the earth. She was wearing only a white tee-shirt and a shorts, showing her long legs.

I couldn't help myself and my dick started to rise again. She saw what was happening and she started to smile....

"I think I got a pretty good tan... what do you think.....?" she lifted her shirt.... just below her tits .... showing off her firm stomach.... I turned to side to hide my hard on.... 
"Nice... I guess" I squirmed. She lied on her back, next to me.
"Look.... what do you think...?" I turned around to see but this time she moved her shorts a little to show her bikini line. I noticed she was wearing a sky blue panty and her skin looked so smooth.... 
"Your skin look really smooth...."
"Yahh.... it is... feel it.." My heart jumped out of my chest....
I didn't wanted to scare her so I just caressed her bikini line, gentley. For some reason she didn't reject.... so I began to caress harder, getting closer to her pussy...
"Mmmmm" closing her eyes
As time went by... I got bolder.... and started to kiss her bikini line.... 
"Mmmmmmmm" getting hold of my hair... she pushed my head toward the center. I moved her panty to side... exposing her unshaved, dark mound. I pushed her legs apart and began kissing her pussy.... She was wet as hell and her pussy smelled wonderful. I pushed one of my finger into her and her body jerked.... 
"Aaah" she replied. I didn't want to hurt so I took it out and saw my finger covered with her juice....
I lifted her to remove her panty.. and she pulled my pants down....
"I saw you jerking off earlier.... I want to see it."
My hard cock poked out..... Her eyes grew larger as my 7 inch cock stared at her.
I moved around to be between her legs...... I got on top of her and started to kiss her mouth.... our tongues began to dance.... I moved downward.... kissing her neck.... cupping her tits.... sucking her budding nipples..
"Ahhhhhh.... don't stop, it feels so good...." her breath became heave. I couldn't wait anymore.... I wanted to fuck her so bad.....
As I was about to enter her warn, wet pussy.... 
"No..... not that... I'm still a virgin.... just eat me"
"No, I can't... I need to feel you inside" I demanded
"No, please... I want to keep my virginity".... I didn't wanted to scare her off.
"Ok...." I started to kiss her again.... even more passionately.... rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy.... She was getting wetter and hornier.
"MMMmmmmmmm, Ahhhhh" Tasting her tongue..... She responded my move by spreading her legs apart futher.... So, I slowly entered the head of my pre-cummed cock into her.... She jerked her body.... but not rejecting it.....
"Ahhhh... wait... it hurts" she cried but I went in little deeper and deeper.... until my cock was fully inside of her tight pussy.
"Ahhhh.... fuck me.... please"
"Are you sure.... you want it now?"... hoping she would not object.
"You are already inside.... but do it slowly... and please, don't cum in me....? I don't want to get pregnant"..
I pumped her slowly at first
"Oh god.... Oh god... your cock feels so good... fuck me... fuck me"
Her tight virgin pussy hugged my hard cock... fitting like a glove.
I began pumping her faster and deeper. I could feel my balls building up.... want to shoot.
"Ahhh god, your pussy feels so good.... ahhhh"
"Yesssss, fuck me.... deeper.."
"Ahhh, Cammie.... I'm about to cum....."
"Yes..... cum....."
"Ahhhh, But.... you said.... to.... pulllll out...?"
"Mmmmmmm, no.... I don't care anymore... I want to feel you cummmmm, inside...." Ahhhh. As we moved in one motion.... my cock sliding in and out of her wet and tight hole.... She begged me to fill her pussy and woman-hood with my love juice...
"Ahhhh, yes... I'm cummming" pushing it deeper as I shot my load.... I must have cummed for eternity.... and her pussy gripped my cumming cock tighter... milking every drop into her....
"Ahhhhh.... yes... oh god.... oh baby...."
I lied on top of her, as we were both tired from out passionate fuck.... 

Suddenly it hit her....
"Oh god.... Oh no.... Oh no..." she got up and ran into the bathroom.
I lied on the bed.... my cock dripping with my and her cum.. Than I heard her crying... so I went in to the bathroom to check on her.
"Cammie, are you ok...?" scared shittless....
"You came in me.... oh god... oh... no, what if I get pregnant" tears running down her face.... 
"It not that bad.... "
"But look.." she stood up... and my cum started to drip out of her pussy and ran down her legs.
"You came too much.... I'm completely filled up...." crying "What if I get pregnant? mom and dad will kill me..... Mark, I'm only 14"
"I'm sorry Cammie.... I thought you wanted me to cum inside of you?"
"I did.... I thought I did.... I just want to know what it feels like... to.... oh, god, no..." she cried and cried for half an hour and I told her to take a shower..... After that we didn't talk for a week and I had to leave for college again. As I left to got on the plane.... she hugged me and whispered..."I'll call you... and let you know what happens"

While in school... she called evey day... but never mentioned anything about it and we never talked about it either. Than a month and half later, my mom called me and said that Cammie was pregnant, and she won't tell them who the father was. I was so scared, I just kept my mouth shut. Being a Catholic family.... abortion was out of the question.... so Cammie decided to have the baby. 

During the Christmas break... I went back home. The family was dissapointed with Cammie... My mom rarely spoke to Cammie and my father was always yelling at her.... When we were along one day, I asked her if she had sex with anyone since that day, hoping it might be some one else. 
"No... I never had sex with anyone other than you" she replied
"So, I guess than it's mine...?"
"Yah...... but don't worry... I won't tell mom and dad" replying saddly "They'll kill us even more".... and we became closer.

Nine month later, she had a baby boy. During her pregnancy, she became attached to the her unborn and decided to keep it... against my parents wishes and demands to give it up or adoption. So she became a 18 years old mother and I became a father, but no one knew. It's funny because the baby looked so much like me but no one questioned why... they just assumed that it was in the family DNA. 
She named the baby "Mark"

One night while I was playing with Mark... she came next to me and whispered.... "I love..... my babies" and kissed me passionately.

I graduated from college and law school in 6 years..... She couldn't stand my parents so we moved in together in LA. When she turned 20, she had her second child, a baby girl named Elizabeth. And it was my second child also.

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