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Two Sisters

(Part 1 from 1)

Clarence had a young girlfriend. He was old enough to be her father. Lee Anna was a new mother and loved the fact that Clarence did not ask who the father was of her baby.

Lee Anna had a little sister called Lucy who had just turned thirteen. Her little sister loved to watch as Lee Anna changed the babies diapers. She often reached over and played with the boys small prick. When the baby pooped her little sister would play with it rolling it in her fingers. She once saw Lucy eating it. She did not stop her. She ask her how it tasted.

"I love it sis" she said.

"Especially when it comes from him!

Lee Anna kissed her sister and tasted her boys poop in her sisters mouth.

"It is good" she said.

Lee Anna's tits were leaking milk and she pulled out her huge breasts out for her little sister to suck.

Clarence came home from a bar. He was drunk as usual. He saw what was going on and smiled. He loved these two girls.

"Get up to the bedroom and get on your hands and knees you milk filled cow."

"I am going to fuck you from behind' he growled.

Lee Anna and lucy went upstairs. They were only too happy to comply. Lee Anna got on her hands and knees with her heavy breasts hanging down. Clarence rammed his prick in her cunt.

"Milk your sisters teats until she squirts all over."

Lucy got on the bed and grabbed a nipple with each hand. She jerked and yanked them spaying milk on the sheets.



When Lucy heard that she almost tore the nipples of her sisters breasts. Lee Anna loved to be hurt and had a powerful climax. Clarence shot his load in her cunt hole and collapsed on the bed.

"Fuck me in my butt hole" said Lucy.

"Why not in your pussy?" asked Clarence.

"Because I don't want to get pregnant you ninny."

Lee Anna took his prick and squirted her breast milk all over it. Clarence mounted the girl pulling her legs high over her head and rammed his prick into her asshole.

"UN - UNH - GOD THAT HURTS!" she screamed.

When clarence heard that he was hurting her he fucked her asshole like a madman. He shot his sperm into her bowels and pulled out his shit covered prick. Lucy grabbed it and cleaned it up licking her shit off of it. They all kissed each other and drifted off to sleep.

Lucy woke up when she heard the baby crying. She went to his crib. She took off his diapers and watched as his little prick got hard and peed. Lucy squealed with delight and kissed him on the mouth. She poked he tit in his mouth and he sucked it briefly. He cried because he did no get any milk.

Lucy took him to his sleeping mother and stuck Lee Anna's tit in his mouth. He cooed and sucked until he fell asleep.

They had frequent sex orgies in front of the baby and were happy. One night Clarence did not come home. He got drunk and ran over a pedestrian. He was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and sent to prison.

Lee Anna was caught selling her son for sex. Men paid her a lot of money to her. They wanted to see her suck her sons prick. She was caught and sent to prison for child molesting. Lucy was arrested for watching the act and sent to juvenile hall.

Lucy had sex with the female inmates. She especially liked to suck their cunts when they were in their bloody period. She was released from jail when she finished her sentence. The women hated to see he go.

Lucy was smarter now. She sold her ass and made a lot of money. She wanted to get pregnant and have a baby boy so she could molest him. Lucy got pregnant and moved to Canada. She got in contact with her sister. Lee Anna snuck over the Canadian border. They eventually were reunited and lived together. They were determined to beat the system this time. She and her sister would never go to jail again.

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