Sylvie's little sister

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Sylvie slumped down on the living room couch bored out of her mind. She hated staying home on Mondays. It just didn’t feel right after all the school she just graduated from, but now she was 18, and her college courses ran from Tuesday to Friday, and she had to get used to it whether she liked it or not. So usually, she would go out with her friends or work an extra day down at the waterslides, but today she stayed at home, bored to death until around 3 o’clock when her little sister came home. 

They had a great relationship and talked about everything. Her little sister Tia was only 18 years old in grade 6 and, like her, Tia had long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Sylvie could tell that she was developing into a gorgeous young woman. She already had the largest, roundest breasts in her class and a slim body on top of all that. Sylvie almost wished she could go back to being that young, and develop herself all over again. She even remembered the first time she got her period, before all the other girls. Tia would probably be the same way, if she hadn’t already had it, of course.

But 3 o’clock was still half an hour away. What would she do until then? She tapped her fingers on the edge of the couch. She didn’t even notice her other hand sitting in between her legs pressing right up against her crotch.

“That’s what I could do! I haven’t shaved myself in such a long time!” she thought. She hurried to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She flicked the light switch on and noticed her heart was already beating faster. She smiled at herself in the mirror. Sylvie was a beautiful girl. Her face was perfectly tanned and her smile was flawless. She pulled the elastic out of her hair, and stripped down to nothing. Her clothes were scattered over the bathroom floor when she turn the faucet on to wet her pussy. The water was warm and immediately made her clit expand and loosen up. She began to really relax, and put a thin layer of shaving cream over top of everything.

She was extremely careful, and took a long time to do anything. Every small square millimeter of her clit was shaven clean. It was as smooth as her cheek when she was done. But it had taken a long time to do, and in doing so, Sylvie had really turned herself on. And when she dried off and stood up to put on her clothes, she smiled at herself again. Soon after, her electric toothbrush didn’t take long to find its way into her vagina. She was breathing hard, and moved the wide end of the thing in and out of her pussy.

Her back was propped up against the bathtub, and her feet were pressed up high against the bathroom cupboards to push back the other way. She breathed harder and harder, and started to move her hips outward with every thrust of the vibrator. As her heart beat faster, she moved her waist out more and more every time. It curved up to meet the sweet feel of the toothbrush. Harder and harder she pushed out into the air, she was almost moaning now, trying not to make any noise, but she couldn’t help it any more. After a while she started to sweat, her body was getting tired as she moved towards her climax. Over and over she pounded, her other hand was rubbing the top of her clit vigorously. Her pussy was soaked in its own juice.

As she was coming, she closed her eyes. She had hit the G spot obviously, water gushed out of her like a geyser. She could feel it hitting her hands and running down her arm. It just kept coming. So much water, it lasted almost ten seconds. Then her waist dropped down to the cold tiled bathroom floor, and she exhaled finally. The electric toothbrush dropped out of her hand onto the floor. She opened her eyes. To her horror, her little sister was standing by the door, and had been watching for the very last part.<%PART%>

“Oh…. My…. God. Tia!” was all she could say. She scrambled for words.

“Sylvie? I’m sorry I shoulda knocked.” her little sister.

“Tia,” she grasped for a towel beside the bath, it wasn’t there “how much did you see?”

“I came in when you… started to pee.” Tia was frozen looking at her sister. Sylvie finally grabbed a towel that was lying on the toilet. She quickly covered herself and got up. She was completely red and totally embarrassed. She began to scoot Tia out of the room.

“Wait Vee, I… I wanna know how to do that… I know what you were really doing… And sometimes I do it. But I never have that much fun. I never pee at the end.” Sylvie threw her out of the room as she was saying this. She locked the door. Tia looked at the floor, obviously uncomfortable. She talked again through the door. “Please Vee, I… I won’t tell anyone! Not even mom! I just don’t wanna ask her.” Tia kicked her feet. There was a long pause. Tia just waited there, hoping her big sister would help with something she knew nothing about……….
“Alright.” Sylvie swallowed, this was weird. She didn’t even know where to start or what to say. This was insane. She unlocked the door. “How often do you do it?”
“I dunno, I just do it whenever I feel like it. I don’t keep track.”
“Okay,” she opened the door and let her in, “sit on the bathtub.” Sylvie still had the towel wrapped around her. “Do you take your clothes off?”
“No… I usually push waist into my bed for a while… then I get bored.” Tia swallowed. This conversation was slow and awkward.
“Okay…. try taking your clothes off next time. And instead of humping the bed, try using your fingers to rub your vagina.” Tia nodded, then started to take off her clothes. “Wait, wait. What are you doing? Not here.”
“But that’s what I meant Vee… pleeease!” 
She thought, perhaps it wasn’t so bad. Tia had already seen her. She sighed. “Alright” Tia pulled off her white t-shirt and threw it next to her sister’s. Sylvie watched Tia’s beautiful body show itself in front of someone else for the first time. Her large round breasts bounced down as she unhooked her bra. This was one lucky 12-year-old. Her thin waist and blonde hair made her look like a supermodel. She was a little version of her older sister.

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