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Sweet Little Neighbor Girl part-2

(Part 1 from 2)

NOTE : This story is completely fictional (work of erotic fiction). Never try to do it in real live!!!

Part 2

Jennie would come over when ever she had the chance. It seemed as though she was becoming a nympho, she was always craving sex. After have sex she enjoyed licking my cock clean of our juices and I have to admit I enjoyed it to. One day after we had got done screwing we were laying there in bed when she asked me.

"Do you think my mom is pretty?"

"Yes, she’s a very attractive woman" I replied

"If you had a chance would you fuck her?" she then asked

"I suppose so, Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering,” she said

That Friday night I didn't feel like going out so I decided to just stayed home and watch TV. It was around nine o'clock when the phone rang; it was Jennie, "Hi, what are you doing?"

"Just watching TV" I said

"Can you come down for a minute?"

"I guess, is something wrong?"

"No, I just want you to come down" she replied

I went down to their apartment and knocked on the door. Jennie opened the door and as she did my jaw just about hit the floor. She stood there in a short white lace nittie; it was so sheer that you could make out every inch of her luscious body. She invited me in and as I stepped into the apartment she reached up and put her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss.

"Careful, your mom might see us,” I said pushing her back

"I don't think so,” she said taking my hand and leading me into the living room. 

As we entered the living room I looked down and saw her mom lying on the floor. She had on a short silk robe that barley covered her, and as I gazed upon her gorgeous legs I realized that she was asleep. Jennie stood next to me as I feasted my eyes on her mother. Then I felt Jennies hand on my crotch as she began rubbing the growing bulge in my pants.

"Do like what you see?" she asked, I nodded my head yes. 

"You said you'd love to fuck her if you had the chance, well here's your chance" she said with a wicked smile

"I can't do that she might wake up" I told her

"I don't think so, see she broke up with her boyfriend so she’s been drinking all day plus I slipped a couple of sleeping pills in her dinner so she’s out like a light" she said

"Yea but its wrong and I can't do that" I answered

"Yes you can, and your going to or else I'll tell her what you did to me when they went to Vegas"

"That’s blackmail"

"Yep, now take your clothes off and fuck her" she ordered

What could I say or do? I was being blackmailed by a 13-year-old. Jennie knelt down beside her mom and watched as I started to take my clothes off. As I took my bikini briefs off Jennie reached over and untied her moms robe and opened it revealing her mothers beautiful naked body.

Her breasts were average size but were firm with big nipples and her mound was covered with long black hair. Jennie just sat there and watched as I knelt down and ran my hands up her thighs spreading them at the same time revealing her pussy to me. I was surprised to find that for a woman with such a big hairy bush her pussy lips were clean-.

I just sat there for a minute taking in her beauty, and then I bent over and kissed her mound. Her pussy hair was so soft against my face that I did want to stop rubbing my face in it. The sweet scent of her pussy filled the air and I couldn't resist any more as I lowered my face between her legs and started to lick her pussy.

The taste of her pussy was so sweet and as I licked it, her love juices began to flow. I ran my tongue up and down her slit allowing my tongue to linger at her clit for a moment, then I slid it back down and stuck it just as deep as I could into her pussy hole. I was so involved with licking her pussy that I had forgotten about Jennie sitting there. As I continued to eat her mother’s pussy I felt a warm wonderful sensation, 

I looked down and saw Jennie lying under me sucking the head of my cock as I knelt there between her mother’s legs. She licked all around the head, then I watched as it disappeared into her warm wet mouth. Her hand was wrapped around it as she sucked, while her other hand fondled my balls. By now my cock was rock hard and Jennie knew it was time for me to fuck her mom. 

Then Jennie got up and sat on the couch and told me to fuck her mom. I crawled up and slowly lowered myself down letting my cock slip between her pussy lips. I held it there for a minute then I pushed driving my cock all the way into her wet pussy. I began to fuck her slowly as I kissed her neck. The way we were laying on the floor allowed me to watch Jennie without her knowing.

Jennie was sitting there with her feet propped up on the edge of the couch, which gave me a view of her wet little pussy. She began to rub her pussy as she watched me screwing her mother. Her eyes were glued to us and her mouth was parted and she started to breathe heavier as she played with herself. I reached over and played with her mom’s nipple making it hard.

Not only was I enjoying fucking her mom but I was also enjoying watching Jennie play with her pussy. Then suddenly Jennie closed her eyes and tilted her head back and I heard her gasp then let out low moan as she had and orgasm. She just sat there with her eyes closed as her little body shook and trembled. Knowing she had just had and orgasm from watching me fuck her mother excited me and I almost exploded right then and there.

I turned my attention back to the pussy I was fucking, that’s when I felt her moms pussy contracting around my cock. I felt her mom’s leg spread wider and for a minute I thought she was waking up. Then I heard her let out a soft moan and I realized that she was about to have and orgasm even though she was asleep.

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